Bilingual Education Should Be Considered in Public Schools

Bilingual education, which teaches school subjects in two different languages, leads to the ability to speak two languages defined as bilingualism. However, the possibility to get access to bilingual education is mainly restricted either to private schools or the richest areas of our country where people have higher incomes. Therefore, public schools in the province of Buenos Aires should give students the opportunity to experience the advantages of learning the English language at an early age. One of the reasons to consider bilingual education in public schools is that, since one of the requirements to get a better job is to have a good level of English, the ability to speak English is most certainly a skill for achieving success.

Thus, early bilingual education can be considered an advantage for increasing fluency in later years since it takes about five to seven years to be proficient in a second language. Moreover, according to Matthew Lynch (2014) “children who were introduced to English at an early age, describe themselves as strong English speakers” and will have better job opportunities in the future.

The second reason to consider bilingual education in public schools is that bilingual schools in Argentina are mostly private and therefore very expensive. Consequently, not all children can have the same opportunity to learn English as a second language in order to become bilingual speakers. If bilingual education was provided in public schools, everyone would have the chance to learn a second language.

However, some parents do not want their children to attend bilingual schools because kids may fail in the acquisition of a second language and confuse words and grammatical structures in both languages.

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For instance, the children might end up speaking a mixture of Spanish and English known as “Spanglish”. However, parents can be educated in the fact that, this possible confusion is only temporary and may only persist until kids learn to manage both languages at the same time. Finally, bilingual education offers great opportunities to become proficient in two languages. Since the advantages of being able to speak one or more languages admit no dissent, this is why public schools should consider providing bilingual education, starting at an early age in primary schools.

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