A Communication Guide That Can Help You Eliminate Communication Problems

In the book “People skills” by Robert Bolton it talks about enhancing one’s ability to communicate with others, the book is divided into listening, asserting, and conflict management. The processes for communicating in these ways more effectively than is usually done are listed, then discussed in depth. It is a communication handbook that can help you eliminate communication problems Robert Bolton describes the twelve most common communication barriers, “roadblocks” damage relationships by increasing defensiveness, aggressiveness, or dependency. He explains how to acquire the ability to listen, assert yourself, resolve conflicts, and work out problems with others.

Being able to obtain the right skills will help you communicate effectively, and express yourself without getting mad even in stressful emotionally charged situations Robert Bolton discusses the effective and ineffective ways that human beings do to communicate.

One issue that is very common in society that makes communication ineffecLive is technology, which creates a gap when people are in certain circumstances. It has become hard for people to People skills was all about communication techniques and conflict resolution.

the basic layout was how to listen, how to assert, how to combine those skills two skills to resolve conflict. It was written with more personal examples than work relationships examples, but I think the main idea was that the skills could nad should he used regularly. The book certainly conversate, according to the author Robert Bolton “people often find it hard to communicate face-to-face,” Communicating face-to-face sends a message before you say a word, People will not only hear what you are saying, they will perceive greater meaning of your tone, voice inflection, emotion and body language.

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How this book relates to what I’ve learned in class is when my professor talks about the issues with face-to-face communication and how it affects people when they actually meet.

One thing that affects you is a technology which she mentioned that in the time we are in now we are using what the call “FaceTime” which is something that used to see people face to face but only through your phone and it isn’t good for you to communicate like that because in person you get that person’s full attention and you can make eye contact which over the phone you can’t Face-to-face communication also means real-time communication. When you are face to face, you can see and respond to people‘s reactions like facial expressions as well as their tone of voice. This book also relates to what I’ve learned in class because my professor has talked about “perception checking” which is to help you understand others accurately instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming that your first interpretation is the correct one and in the book it talks about how we should “To try to change one’s style of communication, so the argument goes, is impossible.

Or it leads to phoniness” The book was very thorough and instructive, While Bolton rightly recommends that you should integrate these methods with routine and structure, I felt that by simply reading the book cover to cover it opened up a general understanding of the principles and was enough to help me see communication in a different light. It you want to explore the different aspects of having good people skills, this book will deliver on that. It provides an understandable overview on interpersonal skills, assertiveness, active listening, and problem-solving skills. People Skills Will show you How to get your needs met using simple assertion techniques, how body language often speaks louder than words and How to use silence as a valuable communication tool.

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