Technical Writing Aims to Educate, Persuade and Inform Readers

In this course there are policies which govern the submission of the semester’s work. All students are required to hand in their completed work on time failure to which they would be penalized. However, there are grounds in which the students may submit their assignments late. The instructor may only accept late papers in case of medical emergencies whenever a student is faced with such situations, he or she must notify the instructor who would grant him an extension for a specific period of time It is important for a student to provide a documentation to prove his or her claim.

Students who present their work late would be given zero points. The total points that are available this semester are 875 points These points include various assignments in which all the students must undertake. However, there are factors that affect students from attaining these points one of the reasons is submission dates.

In the case where a student has submitted his or her work late without reason, he or she would be awarded zero points.

Also, misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors would costs students points. This course has various assignments which are due at the final Sunday of the semester. Some of the major assignments include project work which contributes to a significant number of total points to be earned by students this semester. All the students are required to submit their work before midnight at the required date. Also, the students are required to complete at least two units every week it is beyond the students to plan themselves so that they can complete and submit their work before due date.

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Students who submit their work on Lime would get some credits for their assignment. Also, the students who submit their work late would be penalized in accordance to institutions policy on late submission.

This semester‘s course has one module the module is technical writing whereby the students are expected to do a lot of assignments and a project. The students are required to submit several assignments which include an analysis paper, Intercultural Assignment and Ethics Assignment, Resume and cover letter, instructional manual, email letter, proposal assignment, peer editing, and oral presentation assignment. Aside from these assignments, the students are required to do some exams and present a project at the end of the semester. In additional to writing assignments, the students are required to sit for some exams which include mid-term and end term exams. Also, the students are supposed to submit project proposal, rough draft, and final project. Doing projects is a continuous process whereby students are supposed to report their progress to the instructor and submit their drafts for assessments.

The students also are expected to give and oral presentations on their assignments and projects each work has specific points which are accumulated at the end of the semester. The course instructor name is Jack Kennedy students usually interact with the instructor via email which is the major form of communication. Other contacts of the instructor are readily available at institutions portal. The use of email has eased the way students communicate with the instructor, it is the most flexible way of communicating which guarantees instance response. However, the institution internet has become slow and unreliable which has contributed to a lot of delays in the submission of assignments and projects. The course assignments are submitted in soft copy format. The students are required to submit their work via the internet instead of hardcopy format. Therefore, the students are supposed to type their assignments and projects and make necessary corrections before submissions.

The time provided before submissions is adequate for the students to ensure that their work is free from errors which would costs them points at the end of the semester. Technical writing is more different than any other forms of writing. Aside from technical writing, there are other types of writing which includes literary and new writing. Technical writing is aimed at educating, persuading and informing the readers, in technical, the authors apply some specific skills to make a story to be interesting to the readers. This makes it different from literary style of writing whereby the authors uses metaphors and symbolism. This style hides some of the meanings in the story which are usually interpreted differently by the users, technical writing differs with other styles mainly based on the length of the story.

For instance, news style is usually short and it is characterized by use of simple language. On the other hand, technical writing uses direct and simple words which the readers can easily understand. It also involves a lot of creativity which makes a story to be interesting the readers. There are a lot of things which I have learned this semester which are beyond whatl expected what I really hope to learn this semester is how I would apply technical writing in my dream career, I intend to become a journalist after the completion of my course and I believe technical writing would come in handy.

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