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Why It Is Necessary To Make Changes To Vehicles
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The beginning of Katz's article begins with the source of his analysis which is a memo written in 1942 to the superior of the author, Just. This memo is set during the time of the Holocaust, so the purpose of this memo is to explain to Just’s superior why changes need to be made to the gassing vehicles they transport people in so the “job”, exterminating these people, can be done more efficiently. Through his technical writing, he gives a…...
Technical Communication
Security and Alarm Systems
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I am writing this cover letter replying to your job posting on February 8th at I am eager to speak with you about the position of “Smart Home and Automation Sales Consultant-Houston.” My experience at Galvatec, Inc., engaging various levels of customers and businesses to establish client relations and generate sales; My time off work recommending PC-related technologies to friends and family, using their merits, features, and conveniences as the selling point, and my education at Lone Star College,…...
Technical Communication
Information and Communication Technology: A Tool for Disaster Management
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ABSTRACT The Disaster can be caused by natural or men-made, but when it occurs it’s tough to recover. Its known fact that it can be affected both developed and developing countries, causing huge destruction and creating human sufferings which impacts on national economy. Thus, disaster management is a emergency multi-layered plans which are aimed to address adhoc issues like floods, hurricanes, fires, and even mass failure of utilities or the rapid spread of disease to protect maximum number of lives…...
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BOLDFlash Project Milestone Three
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7-2 BOLDFlash Milestone Three: TrainingAlexander O. DiStefanoIT-520 Technical Communications7/8/2019Doctor KwameSouthern New Hampshire UniversityPart 1: The TrainingThe Training: Target AudienceThe primary target audience for the revised internal business processes is the management team of BOLDFLASH’s Mobile Division, with the overall employee body of the division being the secondary audience. The management staff is ultimately responsible for making strategic and business decisions, and deciding upon effective processes that allow their division to meet its goals. Thus, their choices and actions directly affect…...
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Why It Is Necessary To Make Changes To Vehicles
...In conclusion, Katz wraps up his article by questioning if ethics should be a part of writing courses at all. He challenges the reader, allowing us to question ourselves on the ethics behind technical writing, how we should approach it ourselves, and...
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