The Characteristics of Technical Communication and Good Technical Documents

Technical communication is a broad term, which can be looked at in two separate ways. You can view technical communication as the process of making and sharing ideas, as well as information in the workplace, or you can view it as a set of applications; or documents that you create in the workplace. No matter your definition of it, technical communication is everywhere in the modern workplace. Writing an email to your colleague, speaking to your boss about policies, and even just sitting in meetings, are all forms of technical communication.

  All technical communication documents are meant to help people learn, unlike other forms of writing, which can be for general entertainment or other reasons that aren’t informational.

Other than that, there are two differences that separate general writing and technical writing. One of those differences is the subject who your report is written for. Instead of the audience being your teacher or professor, your audience in an environment where technical writing would be needed would be people such as your peers, supervisors, as well as people outside of your company.

Another difference between the two writing methods is that the purpose of technical writing differsi In technical report writing, your purpose can be a few things. You could reinforce or change someone’s ideas, motivate them, or help them to carry out work related issues. A good technical document has 6 characteristics you have to assure your document addresses particular readers, helps readers solve problems, reflects the organization’s goals and culture, is produced collaboratively, uses design to increase readability, and consists of words, images, or both.

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Keeping all of these things in mind will help get your message across more concisely, with much more clarity, as well as making it much more difficult for people to misunderstand you. In the workplace, a misunderstanding could end with someone getting hurt, and you or your company losing money. To further improve your report, one should remain honest throughout, keep your wording Clear and accurate. It’s important to assure that it’s comprehensible, as well as concise and accessible to all of your potential readersl keep the appearance of your report professional, and above all, make sure the report you‘re giving to your boss is correct.

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