A Description of a Communication System as Any Type of Communication

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A communication system is any type of communication involving a message, sender, channel, and a receiver. Communication systems have evolved since past systems. Changes include computerization, miniaturization, digestion, and integration. Many people are using home computers as well. The Internet has given people the ability to communicate across the globe with the click of a button. Many things involving communication have changed the world. Like the invention of morse code, the telephone, radio, TV, and more advanced things like the fax, cell-phone, pager, and Internet.

Every thing we do involves some form of. The effects the mass media has on us is huge. Things like T.V., radio, newspapers, and magazines are a big part of our lives. Things we see and hear in the media influence what we wear, what we eat, and how we think without things like global communication our economy would be very different We wouldn’t be able to buy cars from japan or sell crops to foreign countries.

Government communicate using global technology. Mass meetings are held using video conferencing and speaker phones. Massive oversea trade deals are made overseas with the aids of phones, fax, and the Internet. Without these forms of communication we would have to take a plane across the ocean just to talk to someone on the other side of the pond.

Types Of Communication Systems

A data communication system involves the use of computers in processing information. These systems are a part of any technical communication process. Data communication systems have evolved from the abacus.

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To the high-tech computer chips of today. The only thing similar about the two things is what they are used for; processing information. Calculators and computers have three basic functions: input, process, and output. The input is the information that is entered into the computer. The process is the computer processing the information. It calculates the data and gives an answer. The answer is the output.

A technical design system is any drafting, mechanical drawing or engineering design. They are used in buildings, designing parts, or houses. Architects and engineers use computer programs to design their new products. Programs like Auto Cad and Design Cad are used all over the world to design and manufacture new products and buildings. These drafts and designs are compatible all over the world because there is a international standard. Standards are rules that say what symbols and letters can be used on drawings.

The American National Standards Institute sets the standards for the U.S. so that any trained professional can follow a design. Technical designs are a big part of everything. There are used to bring an idea to life. Without the technical design process buildings would not be built and cars wouldn’t be manufactured.

Optic systems use light to record an image or other type of information. To have an optic system you need a light source, a lens to focus the light, and a way to record the image. Cameras and the human eye are both examples of optic systems. Optic systems are being used to create three-dimensional images and to send voices over long distances. Pictures are used to record information and to send messages all over the world. Microscopes use optic systems to magnify slides and study bacteria. Without these microscopes many cures would never have been discovered.

A Graphic production system is how you create a graphic message. Graphic message are found on candy bars, book covers, billboards etc. Usually the graphic message is used to influence you into buying a product or to go along with an idea. Certain graphic messages are so popular that they have become widespread slogans. Don’t drink and drive, speed kills, buckle up. All these slogans were once graphic messages used to influence a n audience of people. How a graphic message is put together depends on the illustrations, lettering, color, and the choices of words.

Audio and video systems were first created by the inventor Thomas Edison in 1880. Thomas Edison thought that the phonograph. And the microphone were of no real use and had little commercial value. Little did he know that they would all his inventions involving audio and video systems would endure and become an important part of life today. What would our lives be like without radio, records, and sound in movies or on T.V.. Audio systems allow us to make telephone calls and things like video systems bring us movies, T.V. For either system to work there has to be a transmitter(sends the message), a transmission channel(carries the message), and a receiver (receives the message).

If I were to choose a career in any one of the fields of communication technology it would be in audio and video systems. There are some many opportunities in that line of work. You could be anything from a radio announcer to a store clerk in an electronics store. My dad worked for Bell Canada for twenty years and they were never short on work. As long as people want to communicate there will be jobs in audio and video systems.

Jobs like radio programmers, D.J.’s, audio and video mechanics, splicers, telephone operators, will always be around. There is a unlimited amount of jobs in the audio and video field. Getting you degree is not that hard either. You can get it at home or through a short course at almost any college. I think that out of all the types of communication technology, audio and video systems, supply the most jobs.

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