Journey By Night Essay Type Questions

The story “Journey by Night” by Norah Burke, as suggested by the title, talks about the journey of a young boy called Sher Singh in order to save his little brother. It shows the courage and determination shown by him in spite of the darkness and unknown dangers that may have existed in the forest. Sher Singh was a boy of nearly twelve years of age living in Laldwani village. He showed immense courage in absence of his father to carry his younger brother to the hospital fifty miles away from his village crossing dense forest and two rivers.

He was heroic in his successful attempt to save his brother’s life. Life offers many challenges and it is only the brave ones who face those challenges with extreme dexterity and courage and emerge victorious. Sher Singh was one of them who did not care about his own pains, his tiredness, his fears and agonies and walked with the weight of his brother on his shoulders to take him to the hospital.

He did not waste even a second to decide to take the journey by night through the dark jungle with two rivers in the midway out of which one was flooded. One by one he crossed all the barriers and headed towards his destination. He had no option but to keep on striving so that his brother may be able to survive, and he made that remarkable choice. He cared a lot for his brother. He did not lose hope and kept moving forward.

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His character is a source of inspiration for many who limit themselves and suffer from hidden fears and are unable to conquer it. He was focussed and dedicated which made him live and reach his destination, which can be followed by anyone. Therefore, at the end when he is referred to as “Sher Singh Bahadur”, a title conferred to his father, the readers feel is as if not more courageous than his father, because his father’s courage was all a part of his profession and passion but Sher Singh’s courage was shown to save his brother’s life.

Journey By Night By Norah Burke

The story “India’s Heroes” f…

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Journey By Night Essay Type Questions
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