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A progress report gives Information on the history of particular project over a Limited period of time. Since It Is the nature of a progress report to be partially completed Is submitted midway through the project completion or as the need rises. According to Mills and Walter (1980), a progress report is composed of “transitional” introduction and a “prophetic” conclusion. Transitional Introduction Transitional Introduction Refers to the detailed discussion regarding the completed ark given the present time frame.

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Prophetic conclusion Prophetic conclusion refers to the projected completion of a project and the circumstances surrounding Its completion.

The Preliminary Report A preliminary report Indicates the validity of a particular project. It takes Into account the basic requirements when putting up a project or the considerations the proponent needs to know. The Periodic Report A periodic report is written for the sole purpose of providing updates for the client who commissioned it. The report includes details pertinent to the project status.

It primarily uses statistical data that reflect the dealings made for the subject. Two classifications of Periodic report: Routine report Refers to a report written by an assigned employee or employees to his/her superiors. Let includes the status of the company, the employees, the materials and the like. Annual report It is a periodic report of the organization as a whole, taking note of transactions made by the company general/official regarding the organizations performance. Final report A final report is submitted after the completion of a project.

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It shows how the reports was carried out.

It Is detailed and contains relevant Illustrations. It serves as a permanent record of a project. Examination report decision-making strategies and out comes. The premise of any examination report is that it is well researched and well-written. Three general classifications of examination: 1 . Reader- may deal with readers whose in of work involves technical/scientific know how. 2. Contents- may involve groups dealing with persons, processes structure or materials. 3. Purpose- the report reflects the type of information target readers would want to know.

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Type Of Technical Report
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