The following sample essay on technical writing about progress report.

This is my progress report on the project that has been assigned to my group. I am writing to inform you about the development of the application that our company was asked to program by Al Ghurair University last month. As you know, you have entrusted me with the project on the 1st of October 2018 and requested that the finalized result should be submitted by the beginning of December 2018. In this report I will review the nature of the project, what is required from us to do, the work that we have completed until today, the work that we are now doing now and the work that we intended to finish by the end of this project.

In my group I supervise 5 qualified software engineers and 5 creative graphic designers, who I believe are doing a great job and trying their best to accomplish the desired results.

As the head of the IT department in Al Ghurair University stated, the application that we are developing should have a good quality in both of its front end and back end.

It was demanded that the application final result should contain the following categories: 1. University information, where all information regarding colleges, programs, scholarships, academic recognitions, fees and study plans are provided. 2. Apply Online, where students who wish to join the university can apply from the app, fill the admission form with their information and get the permission without the need of visiting the university.

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3. Student services and inquiries, where the university students can ask questions about anything regarding the university and they will be answered by a team that the university will assign. Also, they can require a specific service like official papers or letters and then retrieve it later from the registration office. 4. Online Registration. On the online registration page, the student can find the semester schedule and register for their courses, pay the fees online with a credit card, find their study program and information about their courses and academic supervisor and finally they can have access to the student transcript where the final grades and their CGPA can be found. 5. Blackboard, where the instructors can upload all the slides, assignments and projects for the student to check and students can upload their projects and assignment on the safe assignment in order to check them for plagiarism. 6. Student portal, this portal will include students’ tests, assignments, projects and final marks along with the absence percentage. 7. University Forum. Each college will have a forum with all of its instructors and students. Students may ask any question regarding any academic course and other students can answer, the instructors will have to check the answer and upload it if it is right, otherwise if the question is wrong the instructor will not allow it to appear for other students. The application should have nice graphics and animations that can attract the user. In addition to the attractive appearance, the seven mentioned categories and other options should be displayed in a clear and obvious way to facilitate the interaction of the faculty and the students with the app. The app should work smoothly and should not be slow or have errors. Lastly, the coding of the app should be fully commented and the programming should be simple and professional so it can be easy for the IT department to understand, manage, maintain and update the app in the future.

As of this time, my group has managed to complete half of the actual work. Both of the graphics and the coding teams are working together task by task. In the first week the design team has finished the basic graphics so they could send it to Al Ghurair University to get the primary approval of the logo animation, the colors combination and backgrounds. At the first time, the university requests us to change the colors and ask us to use the combination of green and purple which are same as the logo colors. Fortunately, we get the approval in the second try. After getting the primary approval, we started the work, and we have managed to finish the coding, graphics and animations of the splash screen, the main page where you can choose whether you are a faculty or a student in order to get to the suitable options and four out of the seven requested categories, which are: University information, Apply online, student services and inquiries and finally online registration. From my point of view I see that the graphics are really perfect and I think the design team has done a great job, also on the programming side, we have eliminated all the bugs and errors that we had in the beginning few weeks. Although it was a really big challenge and we have faced a very difficult time, we have finally succeeded in removing all the errors and now the app is working just fine. I have revised all the codes I received from my employees and as the IT department requested I believe the codes are really professional and every block of codes is having comments to explain it in a very simple way. I have uploaded all the information I received from the university to these four categories and then I have sent a copy to the testing group in order to check and test it. I also have sent you a copy of the work in today’s morning so you could give me your opinion and thoughts.

Right now, we have received the testing feedback and results from the testing group, they have found some flaws that we have not noticed, which can result in problems and can slow the application in the future. As the testing group said, huge amount of information will accumulate after many years of using the application and become really heavy. In a matter of fact that would cause problems for the users, so we should have considered that. But not to worry, we are now fixing these problems and fortunately they do not need much modification. We are also working on other 2 categories which are the blackboard and the student portal. Of course I think that we have gained experience after finishing the previous four sections, so I do not suppose that we will have the same trouble that we faced in the first few weeks, because now we know what kind of functions can generate errors and how to correct and remove them. Also, I am making sure that we are considering the future amount of information in order not to fall into the same problems that the testing group has mentioned. So as I hope, we will finish these two sections in almost 10 days. As the group leader I am monitoring the work directly, checking the progress every single day and try my best to solve the employees problems and help them.

I think the most difficult remaining task will the University online forum because it is something new and creative and we have not done it before for any other university. So I consider spending some time organizing our thoughts before starting the actual coding. After finishing the whole application and uploading all the previous information that we have from Al Ghurair University, we will send the application to the testing group to test the final result in every possible way and then we will modify and improve the app according to their advices and suggestions. In the last week we will write the project full report to submit it along with the project and it will have full details about the steps that we did and full explanations on how to work with the application.

The project of developing an AGU Android Application using Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) along with many other programs such as Photoshop, illustrator and oracle, is coming along well. Although we have faced many challenges and obstacles during the project, we managed to overcome them and I believe that these challenges actually give us courage and confidence and make us believe in our qualifications, abilities and skills. Currently, the work is proceeding much better than the last month and the spirits of the team are really high. I do not anticipate or foresee any more major problems in the remaining work that can keep us from submitting the project on the contract date. Please check the copy of the work that we have finished and which I sent you this morning. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.

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