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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Network Operating Systems, Microsoft Windows NT and Unix
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Introduction The decision to utilize Microsoft Windows NT Server or one of the many Unix operating systems is the concern of many IS managers around the world today. Unix is not a single operating system; it refers to a family of operating systems which includes AIX, BSDI, Digital UNIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Pyramid, SCO, Solaris, Sunos, just to name a few. Microsoft Windows NT has a well-known reputation. But these managers have to consider whether or not…...
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An Operating System and How a Kernel Defines the Operating System
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What is an operating system? Kernel - provides a well-defined interface between programs and the hardware. It is a resource manager where the resources include memory, CPU access, input/output ports, etc. Shell - interacts with the user, accepting commands and starting user programs. Utilities - include programs required to make the system useful, such as programs to copy files, or simple text editors. Windowing system - a collection of programs that implement a graphical user interface. Although the traditional definition…...
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Pascal Programming
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This sample of an academic paper on Pascal Programming reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.Pascal Programming Arieus Green Professor Gary Smith Sam Houston State University Pascal was designed in 1968, but was no published until the 1970 by the mind of a man named Niklaus Wirth. Niklaus Wirth was born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1934 were he attended Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Where he soon earns…...
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Gps Microcontroller
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How to interface GPS with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C51) Project Code: MC082 * Summary * Description * Circuit Diagram * Video * Code * Components Summary GPS has become an efficient tool in the field of scientific use, commerce, surveillance and tracking. This project presents a small application based on Global Positioning System. It depicts the use of GPS module/receiver to find latitude and longitude of its location. The data obtained from GPS receiver (GPGGA sentence) is processed by the microcontroller…...
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Stepping Stone Lab One – Pseudocode for Your Program
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2-2 Stepping Stone Lab One: Pseudocode for Your ProgramAlexander O. DiStefanoIT-511 Object Oriented App Developent11/4/2019Doctor NealSouthern New Hampshire UniversityThe program for the final project is a collection manager program for culinary recipes. There will need to be three primary classes in the overall program: The first one will be for storing ingredients to store what items comprise a given recipe. The second will be for the actual recipes which will draw objects from the ingredients class as well as methods…...
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technical writing
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The following sample essay on technical writing about progress report. This is my progress report on the project that has been assigned to my group. I am writing to inform you about the development of the application that our company was asked to program by Al Ghurair University last month. As you know, you have entrusted me with the project on the 1st of October 2018 and requested that the finalized result should be submitted by the beginning of December…...
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Great innovations and solutions have come and gone but they
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Great innovations and solutions have come and gone, but they still serve as stairs to climb onto another level. Computer programming and innovation have changed the world. However, people with a taste for this are limited. We still discriminate amongst ourselves between what we can and cannot do. In her essay, “Is Coding the New Literacy?” Tasneem Raja discusses the importance of coding and computational thinking in everyone’s lives. She throws more emphasis on females of different races. However, her…...
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Java Collection Interview
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Java Collection Interview Questions Q:| What is the Collections API? | A:| The Collections API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operations on collections of objects. | Q:| What is the List interface? | A:| The List interface provides support for ordered collections of objects. | Q:| What is the Vector class? | A:| The Vector class provides the capability to implement a growable array of objects. | Q:| What is an Iterator interface? | A:| The…...
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Programming Aptitude Test
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Scientifically, computer programming aptitude test was made for working with computers. It shows your ability to solve problems, check information as quickly as you want to succeed in the IT technology. In our page, you are going to pass a hybrid or combine test. You will be checked on several main things: the ability to solve problems to think logically to recognize pattern and syntax to follow hard procedures Our computer programming test will help you find it out for…...
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Tasm Transputer Assembler User Guide
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TASM Transputer Assembler User Guide TASM Version 91. 1 5/15/91 Copyright 1986-1991 by Logical Systems Contents 1 Introduction Overview System Requirements 2 Usage Examples Option Information Option Descriptions 3 TASM Assembly Language Syntax & Semantics TASM Assembly Language Introduction TASM Pseudo-Opcodes Sample TASM Program Assembly Language Listing Format Assembly Language & Macros Operational Statistics Using the Preprocessor with TASM Notes on Using the Preprocessor 4 Appendix A: Error Messages Types of Error Messages Error Message Descriptions 5 Appendix B: Transputer…...
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Finagle a Bagel Marketing Mix
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Suburban stores are totally different. You really have to have an owner/ operator mentality. You have to be mature and you have to be able to run the business like it's your own business. What we always try and convey or sell to people who might join our company is, "If you want to be a franchisee but don't have the capital, if you want to own your own business, we're goanna put you in business. You don't have to…...
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Parallelization of Pagerank and Hits Algorithm on Cuda
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Page Rank algorithm and HITS algorithm are widely known approaches to determine the importance and popularity of web pages. Due to large number of documents available on World Wide Web, huge amount of computations are required to determine the rank of web pages making it very time consuming. Researchers have devoted much attention In parallelizing Pageant on PC Cluster, Grids, and Multi- core processors Like Cell Broadband Engine to overcome this Issue but with little or no success. In this…...
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An Operating System and How a Kernel Defines the Operating System
... In other operating systems (DOS, Windows, Mac, OS/2) second hard drives, partitions, CDROMS, and network drives are displayed as a separate folder at the same level as the main drive (i.e. C:, D:, E:)...
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