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The Classical Assignment Problem Study Goes Back in History to the Work of G. Monge
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The classical assignment problem study goes back in history to the work of G. Monge in late 18th century, although the study was based on linear programming of transportation problem (Demand and capacity equals one). To solve the assignment problem, a Hungarian method was developed by Harold Kuhn. Several other methods for solving the assignment problem are also known. Various solution methodologies for solving generalised assignment problem exist. Among them all, the work by Ross and Soland was the first…...
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21 Objective to Minimize TWTThe batch scheduling of unrelated
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2.1. Objective to Minimize TWTThe batch scheduling of unrelated parallel machine is discussed by Kim et al., (2003) and their objective is to minimize the total weighted tardiness of jobs. Liaw et al., (2003) conducted research on finding a schedule for a single machine total weighted tardiness problem with sequence dependent setup times. They conducted computational experiments on benchmark problems to check how well the proposed heuristics are working. Similarly, Lin and Ying (2007) conducted research on the same problem…...
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Working programming ? Demo working programming is viewed as the
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Working programming ? Demo working programming is viewed as the best methods for correspondence with the clients to comprehend their necessities, rather than simply relying upon documentation.Client coordinated effort ? As the necessities can't be assembled totally in the start of the task because of different components, ceaseless client communication is imperative to get legitimate item prerequisites.Reacting to change ? Agile Development is centered around snappy reactions to change and nonstop improvement of or food application.According to (Sun.W & Schdimt…...
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Pascal Programming
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This sample of an academic paper on Pascal Programming reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.Pascal Programming Arieus Green Professor Gary Smith Sam Houston State University Pascal was designed in 1968, but was no published until the 1970 by the mind of a man named Niklaus Wirth. Niklaus Wirth was born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1934 were he attended Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Where he soon earns…...
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Algorithm Flowchart
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Algorithm Flowchart. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Student Name Syed Haseeb Hashmi Registration # FA11-BCS-075 Course Title Design and Analysis of Algorithm Assignment # 1 Submitted To Sir Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui Due Date 19-03-2013 For Odd Role Number Group Q1. How does a flowchart help a programmer in a program development? Ans. Flowcharts provide the visual representation of a…...
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Gps Microcontroller
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How to interface GPS with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C51) Project Code: MC082 * Summary * Description * Circuit Diagram * Video * Code * Components Summary GPS has become an efficient tool in the field of scientific use, commerce, surveillance and tracking. This project presents a small application based on Global Positioning System. It depicts the use of GPS module/receiver to find latitude and longitude of its location. The data obtained from GPS receiver (GPGGA sentence) is processed by the microcontroller…...
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Java Final Exam
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Final Exam Study Guide Chapters from 6 to 12 Sections that you need to know from the chapters Chapter 6 6. 1Event Controlled Loops Using while 6. 2General Form for while loops 6. 4Looping Techniques (not animation) 6. 5 Type-Safe Input Using Scanner 6. 6Constructing Loop Conditions 6. 7Testing Techniques for while 6. 8Event-Controlled Loops Using do/While 6. 10Count-Controlled Loops Using for 6. 11Nested Loops (And everything else I taught you about loops) Chapter 7 7. 1Defining a Class 7.…...
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Tic Tac Toe Paper
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– Tln01nga goal ? weak methods: depth-first search (DFS), breadth-first search (BFS), constraint satisfaction (CSP) ? strong methods: use ‘heuristics’, A* search s goal nodes Tic Tac Toe Playing Strategies Two players human computer. The objective is to write a computer program in such a way that computer wins most of the time. Three approaches are presented to play this game which increase in – Complexity – Use of generalization – Clarity of their knowledge – Extensibility of their approach…...
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Python is a universally useful programming language begun by Guido
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Python is a universally useful programming language begun by Guido van Rossum, which turned out to be mainstream in brief time for the most part dueto its effortlessness and code coherence. It empowers the software engineer to express his thoughts in less lines of code without diminishing anycomprehensibility.Contrasted with different dialects like C/C++, Python is more slow. In any case, another significant component of Python is that ittends to be effectively stretched out withC/C++. This component encourages us to compose…...
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Stepping Stone Lab One – Pseudocode for Your Program
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2-2 Stepping Stone Lab One: Pseudocode for Your ProgramAlexander O. DiStefanoIT-511 Object Oriented App Developent11/4/2019Doctor NealSouthern New Hampshire UniversityThe program for the final project is a collection manager program for culinary recipes. There will need to be three primary classes in the overall program: The first one will be for storing ingredients to store what items comprise a given recipe. The second will be for the actual recipes which will draw objects from the ingredients class as well as methods…...
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In the previous sections of this article we discussed in depth the
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In the previous sections of this article, we discussed in depth the mathematical model. We will demonstrate the implementation and later the evaluation of the SVDFeature algorithm in this section. The tools to be used are Recommenderlab, Rstudio, which is an open source library of recommender system as presented in the following sections below.4.1 The infrastructure of recommenderLabThe recommenderlab is a framework package used for developing and testing the recommendation algorithms, those algorithms include: Item-based collaborative filtering, User- based collaborative…...
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A Short History of Lua Lua was developed as a lightweight
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A Short History of LuaLua was developed as a lightweight embeddable scripting language for the purpose of a small in house project for PETROBRAS (a Brazilian oil company) for a data entry program. It was designed by a committee consisting of Roberto Lerusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, and Waldemar Celes. Lua is a modified mixture of two other languages created by the same people called Sol, and DEL. Something of importance to note is the fact that Lua was "raised"…...
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information System 3b ASS
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centercenterInformation System 3BINDIVIDUAL ASSIGMNETYenziwe Zondi20170686900Information System 3BINDIVIDUAL ASSIGMNETYenziwe Zondi201706869Table of ContentsQuestion 1__________________________________Page 1__________________ Page1_________________Page3________________________________________ Page4_______________________________Page5_________Page5_____________________Page5___________________________________________________________Page6________________________________________________________ Page7Bibliography________________________________________________Page8Question 11.1Predictive approach SDLCUtilizes the cascade model accept the undertaking can be arranged ahead of time and that the data framework can be created by the arrangement. Also, necessities are surely known and have a low specialized hazard.Prerequisite surely knew and all around characterized.Adaptive approach SDLCUtilizes the iterative model expect the venture must be increasingly adaptable and adjust to changing needs as the task advances.…...
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History of LuaLua as a language is made with the intention of
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History of LuaLua, as a language, is made with the intention of extending other languages. It is a configuration,or extension, language that enhances the features of more static, or kernel, programs. It was firstcreated in 1993 as a fusion of two other languages, a scientific language and a language made forgeological surveys. It is still maintained to this day by a team as Pontifical Catholic University of Rio deJaneiro, and is used primary as an interface for other applications, particularly…...
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technical writing
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Date: November 1, 2018.To: Mr. Mohammed Al Halabi, Head of Coding Geeks Company.From: Ruba Abdul Ghani Kharsa.Subject: Progress report on Android App development project for Al Ghurair University.Dear Mr. Mohammed,This is my progress report on the project that has been assigned to my group. I am writing to inform you about the development of the application that our company was asked to program by Al Ghurair University last month. As you know, you have entrusted me with the project on…...
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Great innovations and solutions have come and gone but they
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Great innovations and solutions have come and gone, but they still serve as stairs to climb onto another level. Computer programming and innovation have changed the world. However, people with a taste for this are limited. We still discriminate amongst ourselves between what we can and cannot do. In her essay, “Is Coding the New Literacy?” Tasneem Raja discusses the importance of coding and computational thinking in everyone’s lives. She throws more emphasis on females of different races. However, her…...
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Proc Report Secreates
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PharmaSUG 2012 - Paper TF20-SAS PROC REPORT Unwrapped: Exploring the Secrets behind One of the Most Popular Procedures in Base SAS® Software Allison McMahill Booth, SAS Institute Inc. , Cary, NC, USA ABSTRACT Have you ever wondered why a numeric variable is referenced in different forms within a COMPUTE block? Do you know the difference between a DATA step variable and a variable that is listed in the COLUMN statement? Then, this paper is for you! Welcome to PROC REPORT…...
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Study Guide Mis 691 Chapter 2
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Study Guide MIS 691 Midterm Chapter 2 2. 2 Entity: One theme or topic; something of importance to a user that needs to be represented in a database. In the entity-relationship model, entities are restricted to things that can be represented by a single table. An example of this is in the EMPLOYEE table; data about the entity (the employee) is in the table rows and data about the entity’s attributes are in the rows. 2. List the characteristics a…...
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Java Collection Interview Questions Q:| What is the Collections API? | A:| The Collections API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operations on collections of objects. | Q:| What is the List interface? | A:| The List interface provides support for ordered collections of objects. | Q:| What is the Vector class? | A:| The Vector class provides the capability to implement a growable array of objects. | Q:| What is an Iterator interface? | A:| The…...
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Typography and Keyword End
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Exercise 1 Give a BNF grammar for each of the languages below. For example, a correct answer for "the set of all strings consisting of zero or more concatenated copies of the string ab" would be this grammar: ab I There are often many correct answers. a. The set of all strings consisting of zero or more as. b. The set of all strings consisting of an uppercase letter followed by zero or more additional characters, each of which is…...
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Programming Aptitude Test
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Pages • 12
Scientifically, computer programming aptitude test was made for working with computers. It shows your ability to solve problems, check information as quickly as you want to succeed in the IT technology. In our page, you are going to pass a hybrid or combine test. You will be checked on several main things: the ability to solve problems to think logically to recognize pattern and syntax to follow hard procedures Our computer programming test will help you find it out for…...
ComputerComputer ProgrammingKnowledge
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TASM Transputer Assembler User Guide TASM Version 91. 1 5/15/91 Copyright 1986-1991 by Logical Systems Contents 1 Introduction Overview System Requirements 2 Usage Examples Option Information Option Descriptions 3 TASM Assembly Language Syntax & Semantics TASM Assembly Language Introduction TASM Pseudo-Opcodes Sample TASM Program Assembly Language Listing Format Assembly Language & Macros Operational Statistics Using the Preprocessor with TASM Notes on Using the Preprocessor 4 Appendix A: Error Messages Types of Error Messages Error Message Descriptions 5 Appendix B: Transputer…...
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Specific experience on the robotics activities
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You are to then upload your answers on Model. Approximate words are Indicated after each topic (you can type your responses in this document, save it and then upload). Topic That is a 50 words) In class, you spent a lot of time with the robot. What is a robot? What makes it a robot and not Just any old machine? Is your robot a good example? Explain and give examples. A robot is a machine designed to execute one…...
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Parallelization of Pagerank and Hits Algorithm on Cuda
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Page Rank algorithm and HITS algorithm are widely known approaches to determine the importance and popularity of web pages. Due to large number of documents available on World Wide Web, huge amount of computations are required to determine the rank of web pages making it very time consuming. Researchers have devoted much attention In parallelizing Pageant on PC Cluster, Grids, and Multi- core processors Like Cell Broadband Engine to overcome this Issue but with little or no success. In this…...
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