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Importance of Big Data in Mobile App Development
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Pages • 5
Data is useless until it’s processed. To make it more useful and efficient, we need to extract the information from it. In the past few years, the data has also become huge in size. The scale of user input has been bigger; that’s making the analysis or interpretation more difficult to do. As data could be structured or unstructured, but after analyzing and interpreting, it can be helpful to make better decisions and changes. To handle and analyze this unstructured…...
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Project Management Software
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Pages • 3
Project Management has advanced light years beyond what experts could have predicted. At the closing of the 21 century experts would have never thought of project management and how it would be mobile. They would have never thought of being able to work from remote locates, or that you would be able to download apps that would help make the work more accessible anywhere at anytime. The role of a physical desk or office even is almost obsolescent. Meaning your files…...
Application SoftwareProject ManagementSoftware
Extratorrents Advantages Disadvantages Alternatives
Words • 800
Pages • 4
Extratorrents or shortcut ET is an online indexing website. Extratorrents is the torrents where users can easily find and download the music, videos, images, games, books, anime, mobile torrents, tutorials and unlimited software and applications. These all things are free of cost on extratorrent site, let’s read how to use and advantages and disadvantages of using extratorrent unblock proxy. How to Use Extratorrents? The site of Extratorrents are currently working offline. If you want to use and want to get…...
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P4 Submission 1 Draft 12th April
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Pages • 7
IntroductionCurrently, the digitisation of health care has produced an overwhelming amount of data. Mobile apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health are some of the leading contributors. To date, the main focus of these types of solutions has been the collection of diet and exercise information, yet they have unbelievable potential to provide a big data solution that could transform the way that health information is collected and used CITATION Har17 l 7177 (Ramesh, 2017). It was reported around 165…...
Application SoftwareDataHealth CarePatient
This Sample Essay on Wordfast TM
Words • 1711
Pages • 7
Introduction Under the fortunes of globalisation, the demand for high-quality and high- velocity interlingual renditions has been increasing worldwide. Satisfying these demands may ensue of the increasing of clip and cost for transcribers and interlingual rendition companies. Thus how heighten the quality and productiveness with low cost is one of the jobs. In order to accomplish the clip and cost economy, the computing machine assisted interlingual rendition ( CAT ) tools is playing an of import function in interlingual rendition…...
Application SoftwareLanguageTranslation
Essay Sample on History of MS Word
Words • 1631
Pages • 7
  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The first version of Microsoft Word was developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie, former Xerox programmers hired by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981. Both programmers worked on Xerox Bravo, the first Microsoft WYSIW{Gword processor. The first Word version, Word 1. 0, was released in October 1983 for Xenix and MS- DOS; it was followed by four very similar versions that were not very successful. The first Windows version was released in…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersInformation Age
Transaction Processing System Definition
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Pages • 5
This essay sample on Transaction Processing System Definition provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay. Information System has different types as mentioned above. They are Transaction treating system, Management Information Systems ( MIS ) , Office Automation Systems ( OAS ) , Document Management System ( DMS ) , Decision Support System ( DSS ) , Executive Support System (…...
Application SoftwareDataDatabase Management SystemInformation AgeInformation TechnologyManagement
Essay On School Blackboard
Words • 1281
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Essay On School Blackboard provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.This educator Is to propose the potential learning management system (ALMS) for the School District. After much pondering, this educator narrowed the ALMS choices to either Blackboard or Model. With the intent to identify, which ALMS system would best serve the needs of the faculty and students,…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationEducational TechnologyLearningSchool
Natural Physical Environment
Words • 1447
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Natural Physical Environment provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.As of November 2010, Apple operates over 300 stores relied and online shop where its products are sold. The Apples well known hardware products involve Macintosh for personal computers, the pod for media players and phone. Apple employs over 49,400 employees worldwide and Apples financial results for its…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersInformation AgePersonal Computer
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Operating System
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
This sample paper on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Operating System offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.Types of Mobile Operating System (OS) and its pros cons The Operating System (OS) is the software that communicates with the computer’s hardware, manages resources and provides a user interface. All phones use an operating system of some sort but in recent years, as mobile phone…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersIphoneSmartphones
Computer Science Personal Statement
Words • 502
Pages • 3
Writing a computer science personal statement is a significant part of admission application as it can lead an applicant to the graduate school he/she desires. While the admission application show the admission committee your academic score, where you come from, what is your past academic performance and any inconsistencies in your performance, the personal statement can help you in persuading the committee from a completely different angle. It helps you in convincing the committee by outlining your personal goals, objectives…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationComputer ScienceMotivation
Eclipse Android Emulator
Words • 610
Pages • 3
Download and install Java Development Kit (JDK) Download and unzip Eclipse IDE – go to http://www. eclipse. org/downloads/. – Download either Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers or Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Download and unzip Android SDK – go to http://developer. android. com/index. html – Select SDK tab, download SDK of your platform. Install ADT plug-in into Eclipse IDE 3. 4. Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that is designed to give you a…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersSoftware Engineering
Sleeper Curve
Words • 436
Pages • 2
“Sleeper Curve” until reading this excerpt, hadn’t ever really considered the idea that modern media was more than just idle entertainment. I too unintentionally looked down on video ‘gamers’ and those that watch reality TV, only seeing laziness in interests of that nature. However now I would say I agree with what Johnson was trying to promote with the “sleeper curve” idea. While baseball statistics and video games aren’t my cup of tea, there are plenty of there things in…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationHuman BodyHuman NatureSleepSocial Media
Personal Navigation Devices In Life
Words • 454
Pages • 2
The following sample essay on Personal Navigation Devices In Life tells about multifunctional and portable device. What technologies are required to facilitate the success of PND? Personal navigation devices can become the next must-have gadgets. They add more comfort in the busy life in the sense that they give you an ability to concentrate on one thing less. PND like, say, GPS are starting to win over customers, from weekend hikers or bikers to people who are just tired of…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationInformation AgeInformation Technology
Productivity in the Workplace
Words • 1304
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on Productivity in the Workplace tells about our IT team. Our company is called Globex corporation it's an multinational company. Our company hires only experts in IT security, information system and IT business. Thus, the company's main goal is to help secure networks for banks, big successful companies, police departments, and the state security. The company's goal is to provide strong and secure, and hard-to-decode networks.StaffThe company has over 100 experts with different degrees in information…...
Application SoftwareEmploymentNoiseTeamTime Management
Paper on Conclusion Of a Software Project
Words • 278
Pages • 2
Conclusion On overall, the project has achieved its objectives. The project has provided a client/server application for food ordering system and was successfully built using Visual Basic 6. 0 software. It provides a more convenient and accurate method for staff in the restaurant since orders are transferred to server in the kitchen immediately and displayed to the chefs for further process. In view of time saving, less time consuming by waiting and transferring order by staff in restaurant. In other…...
Application SoftwareInformation AgeInformation TechnologyInternetLearningPersonal Computer
The Social Media for Farmers Community
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on "The Social Media for Farmers Community" talks about developing a mobile based Android application that is user friendly that will motivate farmers to sell their production using e-commerce. Smartphones and social media have made the world shrink to communicate with people from all around the globe. In the recent years, mobile phones have become more smarter. Android based smartphones are the most popular one as many applications are freely available to users. The use of…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationInternetSocial MediaSocial Network
technical writing
Words • 1430
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on technical writing about progress report. This is my progress report on the project that has been assigned to my group. I am writing to inform you about the development of the application that our company was asked to program by Al Ghurair University last month. As you know, you have entrusted me with the project on the 1st of October 2018 and requested that the finalized result should be submitted by the beginning of December…...
Application SoftwareCommunicationComputer ProgrammingInformation Age
Architecture for Obfuscated Mobile Malware Detection
Words • 1558
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Common App essays
APKs collected from google play store are filtered using VIRUSTOTAL to obtain only benign APKs. VIRUSTOTAL aggregates many antivirus products and online scan engines to check for viruses that the user’s own antivirus may have missed or to verify against any false positives. Drebin dataset include Malicious android APKs and PRAGuard includes Obfuscated malicious APKs. After all the dataset collection, the features that may be necessary are extracted which include static and dynamic features. Feature Reduction phase includes the reduction…...
Application SoftwareArchitectureComputer ScienceInformation AgeInformation Technology
Completed portfolio
Words • 1076
Pages • 5
Names : Andile Precious MavundlaStudent Number : 66738741Module : EUP 1501Exam type : PORTFOLIOUnique number : 645852Group number : EUP1501 -19 -S2 -36T1Section AEducation : Computer labs should be built in schools for learners and teachers to get access tointernet and computers. This will give skills to south African learners and also teachers will gain moreexperience as they will be using the computers. Most schools in rural areas are affected by thisfactor because some teachers from rural areas still cannot…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputer VirusInformation AgeLearning
What Is Artificial Intelligence and Its Abilities
Words • 1744
Pages • 7
What is an expert system? The most recent addition to the circle of information systems is the expert system. Expert systems are associated with an area of research known as artificial intelligence. We introduced expert systems and artificial intelligence in the World of computers. ” Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to reason, to learn, to strive for self-improvement, and to simulate human sensory capabilities. Like the DSS, expert systems are computer-based systems that help managers resolve problems…...
Application SoftwareArtificial IntelligenceIntelligenceKnowledge
Visual Basic Programming Language Review
Words • 350
Pages • 2
Visual Basic is a programming language and development environment created by Microsoft. It is an extension of the BASIC programming language that combines BASIC functions and commands with visual controls. Visual Basic provides a graphical user interface GUI that allows the developer to drag and drop objects into the program as well as manually write program code. Visual Basic, also referred to as "VB," is designed to make software development easy and efficient, while still being powerful enough to create…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersInformation AgeLanguage
Online Grading System
Words • 2293
Pages • 10
The Development of an Online Grading System by Mary Jane Santos Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of BS Information Technology Integrated College of Business and Technology December 2010 CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction In essence, grading is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of instructors. It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on students' achievement or performance over a specified period of time, such as nine weeks, an…...
Application SoftwareInformation AgeInternetWorld Wide Web
Open Source Erp Pros and Cons
Words • 4877
Pages • 20
Introduction Commercial and Open Source ERP Software Open Source ERP Solution Pros Open Source ERP Solution Cons Open Source ERP Success Story Company Overview Issue At Hand The Solution Results The Bottom Line Top Open Source ERP Applications to Look Out for Goodness of Open Source ERP Packages Open Source ERP Packages Java-Based Open Source Finance Apps Latest Developments GnuCash: The Ultimate Free Open Source Accounting Software Introduction Open source ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system whose source…...
Application SoftwareInformation TechnologyWorld Wide Web
Macbook Evaluation
Words • 554
Pages • 3
tion Kristen Dunn ENG 101 Mr. Thaxton September 23, 2012 “Are you a Mac or PC? ” Are you a Mac or PC? That is the question. I’m a Mac, all the way! I will stick by my Mac till death do us part. Out of the thousands of laptops produced by today’s technology companies, I have yet to come across a laptop that even comes close to competing with the Mac book Pro that is generated by Apple. The…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceComputersInformation AgePersonal Computer
Apple External Environment Analysis
Words • 2651
Pages • 11
Apple Industry Analysis It became successful in the personal company industry because of its incredible innovative products and business strategy. Small computer was the costumer- friendly product that has a clear future vision. Steve Jobs found this market and believe the demand for this market was big. Apple was the most successful initial public offering after Ford Motor Company in 1980. Apple also was the fast company that hit the Fortune 500 in the history. However, Apple nearly goes into…...
AppleApplication SoftwareCompetitionCorporationEconomyEnvironment
The 4 Market Position and an Example of a Product
Words • 2416
Pages • 10
Market Leader A market leader is a brand, product, or a firm that has the largest percentage of total sales in terms of revenue (the market share) of a market. A market leader often dominates all his competitors in areas such as: customer loyalty, distribution coverage, image, perceived value, price, profit, and promotional spending. To be the leader in the market, the company needs to be innovative, agile, revolutionary, obsessive and supportive. Market leader objectives are to continue expanding their…...
Application SoftwareIphoneSteve Jobs
Restaurant Automation Software Requirements Specification
Words • 2674
Pages • 11
Purpose goal for this reject is to introduce automation in privately-owned restaurants, that is, small- to medium-sized establishments. Typical problems restaurant personnel are facing include: ; Coordination of their work activities ; Anticipating and handling periods of low/high patron traffic ; Recognizing trends early enough to take advantage of bestsellers or abandon the flops ; Lowering operating costs, and increasing efficiency/productivity and profits Scope aim of this project is to develop a software system that would eliminate the need of…...
Application SoftwareComputer ScienceHobbyRestaurantTravelingWorld Wide Web
Ibm Case Studies
Words • 5730
Pages • 23
IBM Global Business Services White Paper Strategy and Change Business Strategy for Cloud Providers The Case for Potential Cloud Services Providers 2 Business Strategy for Cloud Providers This is one paper of a two paper series on cloud strategy from IBM Global Business Services Abstract Cloud computing has the potential to be the next major driver of business innovation, as it promises to enable new business models and services across almost all industries, especially telecommunications, healthcare and government. For some…...
Application SoftwareEconomyManagementWorld Wide Web
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What Is Artificial Intelligence and Its Abilities
...Attorneys will hold mock trials with expert system to “pre-try” their cases Doctors routinely will asked a second opinion. Architects will “discuss” the structural designed of a building with an expert system. Military officers will “talk...
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