Names : Andile Precious Mavundla

Student Number : 66738741

Module : EUP 1501

Exam type : PORTFOLIO

Unique number : 645852

Group number : EUP1501 -19 -S2 -36T


Section A

Education : Computer labs should be built in schools for learners and teachers to get access to

internet and computers. This will give skills to south African learners and also teachers will gain more

experience as they will be using the computers. Most schools in rural areas are affected by this

factor because some teachers from rural areas still cannot use computers, meaning that they are the

one who must be taught first before they teach children.

Lack of Information : People lack the information, in rural areas you find that may be 2 out of 15

people in the area can use computers. I have seen this in one of the rural areas in KZN, there were

free computer course offered by the municipality, but it was only attended by people form

townships because in rural areas they didn’t have i nformation.

Usually rural areas are far from towns

or cities, so they get information later when everyone has done that thing.

Poverty: Poverty is one of the important factors affecting digital divide. In the country we have un

employed people who have to pay for their transportation when looking for jobs, meaning it is not

easy for them to buy computers or smartphone, they may own that smart phone, but they might not

afford buying daily data bundles.


Education: We are now approaching fourth ind ustrial revolution, I think the government must make

sure that every teacher has computer skills, by doing that I’m sure every learner will gain skills.

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It will

also be a good advice to provide schools with tablets, learners will learn to do things online and they

will also learn to type instead of using pens. This will also help them when they have to apply at

tertiary levels.

Lack of Information: I think to bridge the gap people from rural areas must be taught to do things

online. This will help them as t hey are far, they might receive job posts on social media or via emails

and they will also submit forms online, saving them from paying too much for transport.

Poverty: To minimise the gap, I suggest unemployed graduates must be given an allowance which

they can use to pay for data bundles, or their transportations. This can be done as it was done on

NSFAS before, they can use the allowance while they are unemployed and pay it back with some

discount when they are employed, this will avoid those wh o like free bees.

Incorporated replies and discussions

This was a tricky assignment for me because it was my first time doing online assignment for online

module., I managed to submit in time, but I missed the replying part, I did not reply to other

stude nts discussions and I did not receive any reply in my discussion. Looking in my group I see there

are common factors like education and poverty. The poverty factor goes in line with income and cost

factors, many students discussed these factors. I liked M Mokgalush i’s solution when they said, “ The

education system should implement a programme for students to learn these computer skills at a

pre -educational level – to set everyone (hopefully) off at the same level. ” I agree with this statement

if computers could be taught in primary schools our country would grow in terms of ICTs.


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• -divide -south -africas -higher -education –

sector -public -internet -access -important -context -tert iary -education/ .


Section B



1TB 5400 rpm hard drive

Core i3 processor

Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64

15.6 -inch screen

Battery type: 4 Cell, 41 WH Li -ion

Battery must last up to 12 Hours


Smadav antivirus

Gmail application

Pic editor

Microsoft store

Microsoft office 365




Adaptability: The notebook has high processing power and the large amount of Random -Access

Memory (RAM) which will allow me to run multiple applications at once. It has HD MI port which can

be used to connect the Television for a bigger screen when watching movies or viewing photos.

Leverage : Emailing is the most used and faster way of sending letters in our days. Gmail application

will make things faster for me when I have to send letters. It is also safer to use the application

because the letter will be sent from me directly to the receiver.

Accessibility : The notebook is very convenient and portable, one can carry it everywhere they go, as

along it is safe place. It also has security features that only allows the user to unlock the notebook,

unless if they give the password to another person.

Participator y: Anti -Virus software is considerably interactive because they encourage the user to

actively scan the notebook fo r potential threats on a regular basis. When using this application, you

are also presented with reports on the status of your notebook. Scheduled scans are additional

options that are offered to the user of the software.


Transferability : The notebook comes with the latest capabilities in USB hubs or has three

ports that can be used to connect cell phone via USB cable for data transferring. I feel like these

ports are more than enough as I can connect the external mouse USB drive and c ell phone at the

same time.

Generative capacity : T he notebook come will installed Microsoft store which can be used to

download other applications, there also free applications in the store app that can be installed and

used at the same time after installa tion.

Ease of mastery : Wi -Fi network is so easy to connect, unlike the modem that some people are using.

When connecting to Wi -Fi network one just clicks search.

Affordability : Smadav antivirus is free one can use the software to scan their notebook withou t

paying any cent. Having this software will put the users information in the safe space as there will be

no virus in the computer. The notebook cost R7000 which can be payed as instalments.

Incorporated replies and discussions

this assignment was tricky also as I did not understand the questions, I was confused which topic I

would choose. Here I only got one reply from P Mbethe who only said, “great choice”. I saw that

many students chose to do section B of their assignment. There are different computer features and

applications discussed but after reading the discussion I may say most features that were

mentioned are for HP and ACER notebook, therefore I think those are the best notebook for


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Section C





Section D





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