Computer Science Personal Statement

Writing a computer science personal statement is a significant part of admission application as it can lead an applicant to the graduate school he/she desires. While the admission application show the admission committee your academic score, where you come from, what is your past academic performance and any inconsistencies in your performance, the personal statement can help you in persuading the committee from a completely different angle. It helps you in convincing the committee by outlining your personal goals, objectives and motivation.

By demonstrating your motivation for the field of computer science and what sorts of goals you want to accomplish in computer science, you can make the committee accept your application without any second thoughts. Take into consideration the following guidelines for making an attractive personal statement.

  1.  First of all, make a brief list of all the significant things like significant qualities or experiences that you wish to share with the admission committee. The list can also include the accomplishments you have made so far, internship experience, team leading experience in a software house, any award you received for a significant work, etc.

    Also make a list of personal and professional qualities the make you shine not only as a student but also as a person.

  2. Also include any particular work you have done which relates to the field that you are studying. For example, given that you are applying for a graduate course in computer science, you will want to discuss a program that you developed while doing your undergraduate course and rewarded an award from the academy.

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  3. Before writing the computer science statement, first research the subject thoroughly so that you can understand what special courses this subject caters. Also note down the names of the professors who are teaching the different subjects of computer science such as IT, database, algorithms, computer languages, etc.
  4. Once all the material is gathered and outlined, now start your personal statement with a bright, interesting and catchy opening. It is important to understand that you have to introduce the main focus of the statement right from the start. You have to avoid beating about the bush and discuss the main focus in the body of the statement. For instance, you can start with something like, “I will never forget that day when my father bought me my first laptop….” Admission committees suggest that the opening paragraph of the statement must be detailed but accurate.
  5. Now proceed to the body section of the personal statement while keeping the main focus of the statement in mind. Expand your main focus by stating your aims and objectives. Demonstrate your passion and motivation for this field and mention specific details regarding your interest.
  6. Revise the personal statement and make certain it is error-free. Keep in mind that the admission board has senior and experienced members and they can detect any sort of mistakes immediately. Therefore, proofreading is a must before you turn in the personal statement.

Follow these tips and write compelling statement. Good Luck!

Computer Science Personal Statement Example

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