Geology Personal Statement

“A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories” (Andy Goldsworthy)

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We are well-aware of the fact that writing is quite a demanding task but writing an engaging personal statement is utterly complicated. Personal statements are definitely not as simple as typical essays. These particular manuscripts function as a written expression of the candidate that demonstrates to the college his/her qualities, motivation, and passion and career goals. Remember that an engaging statement is one golden ticket that can lead an applicant to the college of his/her choice.

Therefore to gain the acceptance of a college and explore the field of geology you need to put together a convincing and winning personal statement.

Majority of colleges believe that a statement of purpose – which is another name of personal statement – can further improve the candidate’s admission application. It can improve the application by expressing the qualities and skills of a potential applicant. By analyzing your perfect sentence structure, grammar and punctuation they are supposed to evaluate the applicant and identify how great of a fit the applicant will be for their college.

A geology personal statement begins with demonstrating what influenced the candidate to pursue Geology. Why not some other field? Who or what motivated the applicant? By expressing the factors behind the motivation you grab the attention of the roving eyes of the admission officer in the introduction paragraph. For example “when I was young I went to camping with my family, I was astonished and fascinated by the sheer size of the mountains and ocean.

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My uncle was a geologist I would go to his home every weekend only to learn more about geology. I was truly captivated by the structure of mountains and the vastness of the ocean.”

After expressing the elements that work behind the force that drive you to pursue this field, demonstrate how your academic subjects helped you to understand more about geology. You can tell the audience how particular subjects like Physics and Geography helped you gained in-depth understanding or knowledge of geology. Show the admission officers how you plan to use your analytical skills that you have developed through your education. Also briefly describe the list of projects or field works that you have conducted during studies.

In the next paragraph, you need to list down your extra-curricular activities or hobbies while describing each one of them in a brief manner. Majority of students don’t give much attention to these details and they either just list down all their hobbies without describing them or they don’t mention any extra-curricular activities at all.

One of the best means through which you can learn how to craft a winning Geology personal statement is through analyzing numerous geology personal statement samples. You can also check out original personal statements that have been written by students and accepted in several colleges. Reading excellent statements will kick start your creativity and help you develop excellent geology statements.

Take into account the above given critical pointers and secure a slot in the college of your choice.

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