Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

The world hasn’t been connected ever so strongly before than today as the planet earth has turned out to be a global village and people are trying their best to go beyond and further. I want to be a part of this ever growing world and think the best way to discover more of It is through applying our knowledge Into more of Industrial process .

Essay Example on Personal Statement Chemical Engineering

My ambition to become an chemical engineer grew right from my childhood as all I heard about was new Industries being developed -My Interest In his field was further enhanced by my ability to combine chemistry and mathematics to solve many different applications whether it is simple calculation or major and complex practical projects in the laboratory.

I have also researched a lot about this field and was impressed by the very basics such as how many tests a product goes through in a laboratory. I have been an excellent student during my schooling career as my grades in reflect that.

Apart from this, my Interest in sports and extra-curricular activities form the base of my all round abilities. I was also a member of the school prosecutorial board, which constitutes of the elite students of the school, as I was elected to be the house captain of one of the four houses In my school. Honored by the prestigious position given to me, I led my house as an example to win many Inter- house events such as basketball, football and cricket.

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This surely proves my ground breaking leadership excellence.

Moreover I was selected in the inter-school football am to represent my school and won many trophies. I have also been actively involved in many social events such as ‘cries never heard’ which was organized red crescent to raise money for the people of Bosnia and Palestine. My participation in various quiz competitions and debates not only improved my public speaking aptitude but also helped me develop sound knowledge in various other fields. Last year I had to take a gap year because of some personal circumstances and I was supposed how much difference It made In me.

I took an Annihilate to travel around the country I am reselling In and came to know more about the many different aspects of the culture and language dialects that I thought never existed before-This not only enhanced my already good communication skills as I met many different people of different age backgrounds. Moreover I got a major boost in my confidence and teamwork skills as I did a part time Job in outdoor surveying. Teaching was another activity that I did during the year and it made me a more mature student in terms of honking out of the box and researching more about my subjects.

I also spent time stretching my sporting abilities through swimming, football, table tennis, tennis and many other outdoor activities which for sure kept my mind and my body healthy and strong throughout the year. With the above mentioned qualities I hope my application will be successful, as I know I have the potential to do well at higher education. I am sure that your university will help me able to nurture my talents and fulfill my future ambitions to reach ten next level In chemical engineering

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