Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Biomedical science students pursuing advance studies hardly ever worry about any intricate formulas or equations, however, they do get panic-stricken quite easily when they are asked by the admission board of a college to prepare a personal statement. Basically these statements are used to impress the admission board and increase the chances of gaining admission into the university you want. Nonetheless, there are some valuable guidelines which can help students in preparing an impressive biomedical science personal statement.

  • Get in touch with the admission department of different biomedical science universities and acquire some guidelines for writing the statement.

    Review each guideline carefully in order to determine whether you have to stick with the specified format for the personal statement or you can use your own. If they strictly order you to stick with their specified guideline, you have to adhere to their specification, otherwise the board may reject your statement. Also check the given word limit for the statement. Analyze the guidelines and understand what the admission board really wants in an applicant’s personal statement.

  • Make a list of some reasons that tell the readers why you would make an excellent PhD candidate in the field of biomedical science. Ask your parents, friends or other family members to do the same on your behalf. They will most likely include those qualities or experience that you might be unpretentious to include in the statement. Make notes of those people who have inspired you to pursue this field.
  • Create a personal statement outline keeping in view the specifications or guidelines of the university which you are applying to.

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    Remember that you have to create a new outline for each university because it is highly likely that their guidelines may differ. By having an outline you will be able to stick with the format and instructions as specified in the guideline.

  • Develop your biomedical science personal statement by mentioning the extracurricular activities which you have partaken. For instance, volunteering at a local hospital for a week or month under the supervision of a gerontologist and striving how to improve the healthcare facilities for old age people demonstrates the admission board that you are seriously dedicated to the biomedical science field and you take your responsibilities very sincerely.
  • In the next paragraph talk a little about how your academic grades relate to your interest and dedication with their field. Talk about your aspiration such as you find it very interesting to read the fascinating work of Roger Watson. Do not hesitate to talk about your schooling experience as it will prove crucial at University where patience is most needed.
  • In the subsequent paragraph talk about your other hobbies or interest. For example, you partake in different sports like tennis, football or swimming.
  • Revise the final draft of the biomedical science personal statement and submit it to the board after ensuring that it is error-free.

Keep your personal statement accurate and to the point. While revising, omit any unnecessary sentences that are not interesting or irrelevant.

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