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An Analysis of the Advantages of Working with a Single Software Vendor in the Case of Maruti Suzuki
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Maruti Suzuki management had to cope with many business challenges prior to adopting the Oracle Suite (i.e. Oracle database, Oracle real application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server and Weblogic). It had to spend more money and time to manage their data before they adopted oracle database management system. They had to use paper-based data storage and file systems to store their data. The file system had the problem of data redundancy. Since data is stored as text in file…...
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A Comparison of PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL in Terms of Strengths
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As compared to PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL have many strengths. This includes high performance, low cost, easy to configure and learn, portability, and the source code is available. MySQL is fast. From the developer's benchmark, it is shown that MySQL to be orders of magnitude faster than competition. MySQL is available at no cost, under an open source license. If required under a commercial license, it at low cost for your application. Most modern databases use SQL…...
Database Management SystemSoftwareTechnology
The Importance of Licensing the System of a Data Management Tool
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Pages • 13
Organizations use different types of data management or information systems to manage their business process and to support their day-to-day activities. An information system is also necessary for sharing, storing, protecting, and retrieving the ever-increasing data in organizations. An information system is an important tool enables the organizations to run smoothly. Without the system, it would be difficult to manage the large quantities of data. The development of the database management system is a process that involves different areas of…...
Database Management SystemSoftwareTechnology
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Biometric Identification with Aadhaar
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The program was rolled out in 2016 with a hope to profile a digital identity of each and every Indian citizen. Given a lot of population of India is illiterate, the purpose of Aadhaar is to allow everyone access to government services by using a digital identity clubbed with thumb impression. Moreover, it was assured that it will tackle the problems like corruption, terrorism, bribery so on and so forth. In May 2018, Anmol Somanchi from The Wire published an…...
Banking FraudsSoftware
Invention Labs- Avaz App
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Pages • 2
Invention Labs is an engineering company, with its major emphasis on medical devices. It is a part of the IIT Madras Research Park. Avaz, the first product launched by Invention Labs supports people with ‘cerebral palsy’ to communicate in an independent manner. Avaz won the National Award for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities in December 2010. Presented by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. Avaz was chosen as the Best Product that improved the lives…...
Project Management Software
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Pages • 3
Project Management has advanced light years beyond what experts could have predicted. At the closing of the 21 century experts would have never thought of project management and how it would be mobile. They would have never thought of being able to work from remote locates, or that you would be able to download apps that would help make the work more accessible anywhere at anytime. The role of a physical desk or office even is almost obsolescent. Meaning your files…...
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