Single Software Vendor Benefits for Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki management had to cope with many business challenges prior to adopting the Oracle Suite (i.e. Oracle database, Oracle real application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server and Weblogic). It had to spend more money and time to manage their data before they adopted oracle database management system. They had to use paper-based data storage and file systems to store their data.

The file system had the problem of data redundancy. Since data is stored as text in file system management system, there was no means of relating them.

This allowed similar data to be stored in multiple places. The file system could also not be simultaneously accessed by company employees at different work stations. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki had a problem in retrieving and performing operations in their database. Their earlier database management system was difficult to query. The company therefore consumed a lot of time in querying their database.

Maruti Suzuki faced communication challenges. Since their computers were not networked to a central database like they currently do with Oracle, they could not communicate effectively with their suppliers and clients.

In their current database system, same information does not need to be input at multiple locations. The information in the database can be retrieved at any location by company employees, clients, and suppliers. The company’s management reports could not be produced in a timely manner and as efficient as is done by their current Oracle’s Hyperion.

Working with Oracle as their single software vendor helps Maruti Suzuki purchase software products that are compatible with the ones they had earlier purchased.

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Most vendors produce software products that are compatible with the ones they had earlier produced. The company also benefits early incase their vendors add new features to their products. This is because they can simply upgrade their existing software since they already have the architecture in place.

Using software from the same vendor usually makes it easy to train staff. This is because software products from same vendor usually follow the same procedure in their usage. It therefore takes very little time to train users on a new platform. Time is also saved during procurement; since it is only one vendor, a lot of time which would have been spent in choosing from different vendors is saved (Telogies, 2012).

Working with Oracle as their single vendor poses risks to Maruti Suzuki in case the vendor stops producing certain software products or when it acts slowly in producing a new technology that other vendors have already released in the market. This reduces the chances of the company benefiting early from the new technology.

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