Being Single vs being in a Relationship

Life has many tough decisions. One of the most important is whether to stay single or to be in a relationship. Life is hard enough without a relationship complicating things even more. Single people’s lives are improved in many different ways compared to married people. When you are single your financial situation improves, you gain more freedom, and you have many more career choices. These days the cost of living has gone up. When you have a family to support it gets harder to pay for all the needs, let alone the wants.

Children can also complicate matters. The emotional and financial strain of having a relationship may lead to divorces, poverty, and depression, in some cases. When you are single, life can be a lot less complicated. Sure you have to pay for everything yourself, but you also have less to pay for. You gain a freedom that people who have relationships do not get to experience. When you’re single you are not restrained by any commitments that would otherwise cause you to be overwhelmed by responsibilities that most people are not even ready for.

It is always better to stay single longer than to get into any long term relationships too early. The single life is becoming more and more attractive for anyone from the age of 20 to 50. As the cost of living grows, the idea that you do not have to pay for anyone but yourself is exciting. If you do not have to take care of a family you can live how you want.

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When you are single you have a certain freedom that is much more attractive than married life. Single people can go partying when they want.

Freedom Of Being Single

They can spend their hard earned money on anything they want. Any vacation you can go on becomes much more personal and relaxing when you don’t have to worry about your family. Many more opportunities for educational advancement are opened up for singles. They only have to worry about their financial problems when they are paying for tuition. So many more things are available to singles that staying that way doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Some people might think that you would get lonely if you were to stay single for so long, but it is just not true.

There are so many ways to meet people now that no one should ever get lonely. Anyone with a computer could go online and meet hundreds of available singles in their city or anywhere else. Singles can also go into any bars in their city and have a good time finding someone they can enjoy being with. Because they are not tied down by a long term relationship they can have quick flings with anyone that they want. Being single can also help with your physical health. When you are single you want to have fun and be with people that have the same feelings.

When you go out you tend to want to look your best. This is good motivation for singles to get to the gym or start to eat healthier. The single life can change your lifestyle for the best. More often than not families will have parents who have to work at several different places. It is hard to support a family, and it costs a lot of money. You also have to make sure that your choices when it comes to money will not be too risky. When you are single, your financial choices affect only you.

If you decide that you hate your job and you need to find a new career, you can take the risk and go back to school. If you feel that the job you have isn’t paying you what you deserve you can leave to find better prospects. If you had a family you would not be able to do all of these things because it would put your family’s life in jeopardy. The ability to pick what you want to do for the rest of your life is important; if you have to look out for a family you won’t be able to make the correct choices. Being single is a great way to live your life.

When freedom is a foremost aspect of someone’s life, they tend to be happier with everything they do. Your lifestyle will shape the way you live and when you are free to do what you want, your live becomes yours on a whole other level. Career choice and dating are only some of the things that will become easier and more fun. Many people choose the family life but we have seen over the years that the being single is overall more attractive to almost everyone. It just goes to show that single people will have more fun and will live a full life.

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Being Single vs being in a Relationship
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