The Benefits of Information Technology: The Benefits of Information Technology

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It is now common knowledge that people live in a time of technology and information. People use smartphones to read the news instead of newspapers, choose to send emails instead of writing letters, and also search keywords though browsers on computers rather than find information in books word by word. Although lots of people enjoy the achievements of information technology, some people believe that this makes their lives more complex, such as information overload and digital devices addiction. There is no gainsaying that these problems exist, but they also can be avoided, to some extent.

It is clear that information technology tends to make people’s lives simpler because it helps people gain more knowledge, it allows individuals to make more friends and, finally, relieves more pressure from busy daily life. The first reason that information technology can make people’s lives simpler is because it can help people gain more knowledge. There are several tools on The Internet that can help people study, such as audio books, distance education courses.

For example, some people like neither reading nor e-book format, and then they may enjoy audio books.

According to Drespling (2015), in “9 Benefits of Audiobooks,” audio books can make a boring reading task more interesting and also can read faster. This can be beneficial for students who have to read academic articles. What is more, information technology provides another way to study through distance education courses.

According to the article “How High Schoolers Spent Their Summer: Online, Taking More Courses,” Harris (2015) states that some students submit applications to take advanced math and business courses online.

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This gives high school students chances to learn more and not just spend their summer time playing video games.In short, information technology makes lives simpler by helping people gain more information.

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The Benefits of Information Technology: The Benefits of Information Technology
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