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Continuing with digital data, it is the data collected through interaction between the audience and the company. As deep as my knowledge goes I am not aware of the fact whether the restaurant is making this process or not. However, a good data collection which is also possible is from TripAdvisor, to write a review people need to have a profile where they sometimes mention their age range and if they are from the area or not. It is not the most efficient, but it could be a start towards data collection.

Another relevant contributor to data could be the survey collection. I have written down, information about them that could be helpful for analysing the type of customers we really get. However, the owner makes every rule within the company, and without further knowledge about the audience the branch in Aalborg gets, it can be misleading to make collection.

In the case of digital technology, it connects to data collecting, it is the technology companies use to have an interactive experience.

The only technology that could be possible is when customers order online, from our website. That order goes through a system called YOYO where we can get information about the customers. If they were set up a business Instagram or Facebook account, they might have got more valid data.

To analyse the South Indians social media influence, in this section I will take a look at the Facebook business and the operation behind advertisements and mention possible changes for the restaurant while using the SMART framework.

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Businesses on social media, can set up specific goals, for example having a big number of followers and participants, is a possible first step for working towards achievement. Having a large number of followers can boost the companys popularity and have the possibility to enlarge its audience and reach as many people as possible. To make it unified one person should make most of the posts, however I think, as the company has so many branches scattered around the country, the managers should also make some posts about the city they work in or pictures of the personnel.

People might be more interested in the company if they can see the people behind the hard work. That could make it more human, to see faces not just the type of food they offer. As it is a joined page, not separated by location, all the managers could work together to make it more attainable for customers. (Facebook, n.d.) A great first step for business ads is deciding whether it should advertise a campaign, ad sets with different target groups or ads for a specific market segment. (Stec, 2019) With over two billion users, Facebook has made an algorithm that can emphasise the right content and make genuine connection. In the article written by Arens, we can see different time phases with different mission background, such as for educational purposes or for non-profit. (Arens, 2019)

Business Facebook has the opportunity to track measurable movements. While setting up a business site, there is the opportunity to choose an objective for the advertisement (Facebook, n.d.) Second step towards success includes several objectives, it can be brand awareness, engagement or simply to bring more traffic to the site, of course there can be more ads specified if it is more sets of ads. (Stec, 2019) There are options such as setting up campaigns that can be customized to the companys needs, in the lowest cost conversion. One important aspect is to know when the goals are accomplished. For starter, it can be just as simple as reaching 1000 followers and likes on the Facebook site. Goals can be set into different phases.

People do not have to be marketing gurus to achieve social networking. There are many options where business associates, for example to owner of the restaurant, can go to test and learn page where there are multiple information and account tests to see what the best option is to expand the business to the audience. (Facebook, n.d.) Looking at the facts that the owner must have some business experience to run a business he could easily get the hang of marketing with a little help and time efficiency. One of the most important factors is choosing the target audience. We can see by the conduction of survey and interviews, main target segment is ageing between 30 and 50, also we can see in the persona made for this purpose. (Persona appendix)

Objectifying the target audience will hep Facebook get a better idea about your business. This segment includes everything demographics can include. (Stec, 2019) In the case of the South Indian, it would the persona I have created as a good example. Located in Aalborg, a woman in the early years of her forties, speaking Danish and English, with a great husband and children. Financially stable, with middle disposable income, a great work place and a nice social life. (Persona appendix)

We can see how rapidly the internet is taking over with social media on the front. Relevant goals need to be ensured and need to align with the skills and time you have. While analysing the market and the social environment, South Indian have the relevant data and support that is in the way to achieve goals. Moreover, relevant posts and pictures on Facebook can help boost the life of the community. As we can see there are likes and few comments under posts, but they look more as a picture taken by the customer instead of the business responsible. (Facebook, n.d.)

Additionally, setting up a budget plan to ensure the reasonable goals allow the company to gather the valid data. On Facebook business there are the chances of choosing between daily and lifetime budget. Choosing the daily budget will get daily data with the minimum spending of 1 USD with two times of cost per click system. For the restaurant lifetime budget might be a better idea for the first time where they can set up a period such as 1 month, to examine if it is a well-organized method. (Stec, 2019)

Considering time, after a set period of time, there are attainable reports on the ads performance. There is a personal setting where the business can see which posts are more popular. (Stec, 2019) For instance, the owner of South Indian can see which branch is having a better social media performance, if they let the managers post about their branch, or whether people are really interested in the people serving them. It would be a great start to examine how business Facebook looks and what other possibilities it holds for a better social media insight. If up to six months, there are no positive changes and it only costs financial loss, it might be another perspective that the company needs to elaborate more.

Marketing expert, Philip Kotler said the following: Hospitality marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with other (Kotler, 2006). This summarises why SMART goals can be useful and efficient. Working as a team with different aspects of the different location branches can work towards success and achieve a good sense of diversity. Social networking could help the restaurant towards a meaningful connection and relationship with the audience. Customers like to see significant posts that would catch their attention and make them visit the restaurant.

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