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The following example essay focuses on a system that is used to help all professionals in a building, whether it be a hospital, clinic, or outside the hospital, such as visiting nurses and hospice. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

You will read about the Healthcare facility, ho exactly uses the information stored in the Epic system, whom that can access the medical health information, about the system, and read about a women who shared her opinions and also, her own personal experience with the Epicure EMMER System.

Healthcare Facility The facility is the Aurora Health Care Hospital in Kenosha, Wisconsin it’s a not-for- profit organization which was formatted in 1984 and now has branched off into 15 hospitals, 185 clinics in 80 communities throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois with over 30,000 employee’s.

The Aurora hospital In Kenosha serves a city population of approximately 168,000. While there are two other hospitals in the city of Kenosha the Aurora Hospital has the only S.

A. N. E. Program and sees about 100 patients a year. This S. A. N. E. Program works on an outpatient basis with a room that is within the emergency room area. The room Is made up with pale green painted walls a nice love seat and pictures on the wall and then an exam table on the other side in the corner. The idea is to try to make the patients as comfortable as possible. Most of the Aurora hospital is working toward Magnet status and to meet all COACH standards.

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Aurora Health Care-Kenosha has their Stroke Accreditation, Who uses this medical information? The portion of the Epic system that is access for the S. A. N. E. Program is very sensitive information and is therefore made so that only a very few can access this information. Medical records can be retrieved if the patients request it in writing and if it’s subpoenaed by the court or an attorney for a trial. Any S. A. N. E. May pull up the record to add something to her own charting or to review a chart that she has to testify in court on or for peer review by another S. A. N.

E. Nurse. Admitting can only pull up the part of the EPIC chart that allows them to admit the patient and discharge hem in the system they are unable to see anything else to do with these types of patients. There is also a page in the EPIC record for billing that the billing people may pull up but like admitting they cannot open any other part of these EPIC records. The system is made with safe guards so only S. A. N. E. Nurses can open these records regularly. How is information access? All but a few consents are on the electronic EPIC system at Aurora for the S. A. N. E. Aerogram. Meanwhile the few paper consents that are still on paper are signed by the patient and then sent to medical records where they are scanned into the EPIC yester, so they can be seen along with all other records when needed. The electronic system of EPIC is on the desktop stations, handheld tablets, laptops, and on workstations on wheels (WOW). EPIC EPIC is a privately employee owned and held health care software company founded in 1979 by Judith R. Faulkner. Originally, headquartered was in Madison, Wisconsin and then EPIC moved to nearby Verona, Wisconsin in 2005.

EPIC’s market focus is the large health care organizations. EPIC offers an integrated suite of health care software databases. Their applications support functions are related to patient are, including registration and scheduling, clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and other care providers in addition, systems for lab technicians, pharmacists, and radiologist and then billing systems for insurers. The Epicure EMMER is known for being fast and physician friendly, integrated access and revenue systems to simplify administration throughout the healthcare system. The one patient, one record approach” improves care in the hospital, physician group and for the patient through access to their records via “My Chart” linking them to the same chart used by their doctor (Epic System Corporation, 2013). S. A. N. E. Exams until September of 2012 were all done on paper charts that took a great deal of time and work as they were about 16 to 18 pages long. In September 2012, Aurora’s S. A. N. E. Program went live on EPIC with electronic charting and documentation for both records and anatomical drawings. Over half of the S. A.

N. E. Nurses had never used electronic charting before and they all picked it up very fast with only a six hour class on how to use the system. The EPIC system is used to connect with the pharmacy to order medication so that they can pull them out and give them to the patients. They also connect to the lab so that they can order labs and x-rays as needed, and can connect with the admitting and billing departments so that all medical records are complete and patients are billed correctly for their support personnel with little problem to report (Order, 2013). EPIC has improved and made the exams run much smoother” stated Donna Lee Order URN BBS SANE-A SANE-P program coordinator for Aurora Health Care- Kenosha. Donna felt that it had cut their exam times by an hour and a halloo two hours due to the fact that they didn’t have to write out all of their paperwork. It has also been a great help to the law enforcement and the District Attorney to not have to try to read and figure out what the nurses written on their reports due to different hand writing skills. With EPIC print outs on the computer it is easy to read and helps the process of going to court and making it so much easier.

While Donna says there is still some problems with doing the anatomical drawings on the EPIC program they are learning the inn’s and outs and getting better every day at it. The company worked with the S. A. N. E. Program and their paper charts to set up the electronic program and anatomical drawings. They are planning on making a few changes this September 2013, for which they have found issues with but wanted to work with it for a year to find out all the little bugs first but states for the most part everyone is very pleased with the EPIC system (Order, 2013).

Conclusion Aurora Healthcare went online with EPIC in September 2012. EPIC appears to be a user friendly system used by the physicians, nurse, and ancillary staff who all seem to be very pleased with the EPIC system after simply working out a few bugs that they had come across. The strengths of the program are the patient’s health information an be accessed by any healthcare provider at any site that is within the system. Plus, patients in Aurora can access their own information by going to “my chart” online giving the patient more access to their own healthcare information.

The weaknesses they are finding is that every provider whether they are on a laptop, tablets, desktop stations or the moving work station (WOW) is that they are spending more of their time looking at screens instead of looking at the patient and making eye contact and giving them all of their attention. However, due to this issue of not being able to give attends their personal face time, some of the care providers have hired medical assistants who now follow them and do all of their dictations and typing so that they can continue to give their patients their full and up most attention and their personal face time the patients deserve.

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