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Free essays on health care refer to academic papers on different aspects of healthcare that are available at no cost. These papers may cover healthcare policies, ethical issues, advances in medical technology, patient outcomes, public health, and other relevant topics. They can be written by students, academics, or healthcare practitioners, and serve as a useful resource for learning, research, and discussion. Free essays on health care can be accessed online and are an excellent way to expand one's knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with healthcare systems.
Enriching Communities: A Closer Look at Asian Health Services
Words • 506
Pages • 3
Healthcare is more than treating symptoms; it's about understanding the unique complexities and cultural contexts of individuals. Recognizing this critical aspect, Asian Health Services (AHS) has carved a unique niche in the sphere of community healthcare, especially in providing care for Asian and Pacific Islander communities.More than Just a ClinicAsian Health Services is not just a clinic, but rather a holistic healthcare initiative that seeks to address the unique challenges faced by Asian communities in accessing healthcare. Founded in 1974,…...
Health Care
Charting the Course: My 10-Year Plan
Words • 535
Pages • 3
Ten years might seem like a daunting expanse of time, yet the wisdom of planning is not lost on me. Crafting a roadmap not only brings a sense of order to my life but also imbues it with purpose and direction. While I acknowledge that life often has its twists and turns, a plan, at the very least, serves as a guiding star. So, without further ado, let's dive into my 10-year plan.Education and Career GoalsCurrently, I'm standing on the…...
Health Care
Lending Club Patient Solutions: Empowering Healthcare Financing
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Lending Club Patient Solutions: Empowering Healthcare Financing Introduction:Lending Club Patient Solutions has revolutionized the healthcare financing landscape, providing individuals with accessible and flexible options to manage the financial aspects of their medical treatments. As we look ahead, this essay explores the future perspective of Lending Club Patient Solutions, examining its potential advancements, challenges, and the transformative role it may play in the healthcare industry. Expanding Access to Healthcare:One of the key future prospects for Lending Club Patient Solutions is expanding…...
Health Care
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The Importance of Medical Terminology and ICD-9-CM Coding
Words • 647
Pages • 3
Medical terminology and ICD-9-CM coding go hand in hand. Without the knowledge of both someone can find themselves lost in the sea of complex numbers, words, and phrases that make up a big percentage of the medical field. Medical terminology and ICD-9-CM coding are especially important when it comes to not so common conditions such as Marfan's syndrome. Marfan's syndrome is not well known outside of the medical community it is not likely that an average day-to-day person will have…...
CodingMedicinePublic Health
An Overview of Organ Transplantation and the Moral and Ethical Principles Behind the Medical Process
Words • 1033
Pages • 5
Many people believe that organ transplants are a thing of only the present, that they used to not be a prevalent thing. But they’re wrong, it‘s been used since at least as far back as 3000 BC. We’ve discovered evidence of using skin to reconstruct body parts that far back Images if mythical monsters with various animal’s body parts suggested that they were also capable of transplant surgeries Even sources like the bible have stories of body parts being transplanted…...
AnatomyHealth CareMedicineTransplantation
An Examination Infertility of the Ethical Issues Surrounding the Technology of In-Vitro Fertilization
Words • 532
Pages • 3
ln-Vitro Fertilization has been used since the mid 705 to help millions of couples overcome reproductive boundaries, both same sex and bothrsex couples alike. The process comprises the fertilization of eggs in a lab environment and insertion of a fertilized embryo into the woman's womb in order to aid the process of pregnancy. Although it has been extremely successful In creating families, the legitimacy of its morals is still greatly contested in many nations. Arguments of both religious and scientific…...
InfertilityPublic HealthSexual Health
Topic of the Women’s Infertility and the Medical Research on the Topic of Pregnancy
Words • 529
Pages • 3
The past two decades. especially of late. have seen a panoply of new techniques and advancements in the field of infertility; today, women already in menopause and in their 50‘s are getting the chance to beat the clock and become parents again. Beyond just in vitro fertilization, the world of infertility treatments has blossomed into treatments such as cytoplasmic transfer where the cytoplasm from a healthy donor egg is injected into an advanced "older" egg to boost its quality. Another…...
InfertilityMedicinePregnancyPublic Health
An Essay on Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Gonorrhea
Words • 540
Pages • 3
STls are usually spread from one individual to another when having sex There are many kinds of sexually transmissible bacteria, parasites and viruses, which cause gonorrhea, chlamydial infection, syphilis, chancroid, trichomoniasis, genital warts. HIV and hepatitis B. HIV and syphilis. can be transmitted from mother to child. Gonorrhea Gonorrhea is usually caused by bacteria. The infection can be passed from one person to another through mouth, vagina, anus and penis. Neisseria gonorrhoeae usually grow in the mmst place of ones…...
HealthPublic HealthSexual HealthSexually Transmitted Diseases
Understanding What Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are and the Consequences of ADIS
Words • 537
Pages • 3
What is an STD? An STD is an abriviation for sexually transmitted diseases what does this all really mean? STD‘s are diseases that are transmitted sexually and can attack reproductive organs, pubic hair and bends & folds in the skin. There are two in my mind that pose the greatest danger to teens: AIDS and Genital warts. Genital warts can ruin a person's social life and so can AIDS but AIDS can also kill! The transmission and symptoms of the…...
Health CareSexual HealthSexually Transmitted Diseases
A Speech on Living and Thriving with Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
Words • 578
Pages • 3
Hello everyone! My name is Hannah. Today I am going to share with you some things that make me unique and to help you get to know me better. The goal I’m currently working on is to receive a bachelor '5 degree in history. From a young age, I have found ancient civilizations to be very fascinating. Ancient Egypt is my favorite period of history to study. After college. I plan on being either an archeologist or a college professor…...
DisabilityHealthHealth CareMuscular Dystrophy
The Issue of the Usage of Antibiotics in Food Production: Economic Preservation or Possible Epidemic?
Words • 1608
Pages • 7
The production of food across the United states involves a variety of therapeutic and non-therapeutic antibiotic drug use in order to reduce costs of production by eliminating the possibility of disease and improve overall animal growth. According to Stuart Bi Levy, MiDt, “there are 15-17 million pounds of antibiotics used sub- therapeutically in the United States each year". However, in recent years there has been a growing concern in the scientific community with respect to the non» therapeutic drugs given…...
AntibioticsHealthHealth CareMedicine
The Life of Alexander Fleming and His Discovery of Penicillin, a Group of Antibiotics
Words • 546
Pages • 3
When I was five years old I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever of 104 and a sore throat that hurt so bad I couldn’t swallow, The next morning my parents took me to the doctor, and I found out I had strep throat All I needed to be cured was some Penicillin pills for 10 days, which seems easy enough, but before the 1940’s this was not the case Kids like me died from…...
AntibioticsEpidemiologyHealthHealth Care
The Development of the World Bank
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Since the establishment of the World Bank in New Hampshire in 1944, it has expanded from a single institution to five closely associated institutions. The World Bank’s mission is based on the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to bounce back from post-war development. The World Bank’s initial goal was to help rebuild European countries severely affected by World War II. The World Bank then began to focus on Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Later during the 19505 and…...
HealthHealth CarePoliticsWorld Bank
Innocence and the Loss of Innocence in Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
Words • 393
Pages • 2
Catcher in the Rye deals with several different themes, including innocence and the loss of innocence. Holden relates youth to innocence and believes that adults are responsible for helping children maintain it. I feel that children lose their “innocence" once they start to grow older..That can be at a different time for everyone Separate aspects of your life can affect when you need to grow up. For example, a boy who grows up without a father might become the man…...
Catcher In The RyeHealthHealth CareMedicine
The Health Care System in the United States
Words • 1045
Pages • 5
Over the years the average cost of national health expenditure has slowly risen from a modest $253.40 billion in 1980 to an estimated $4,600 billion in 2020; The average health care expenditure has also nearly doubled since 1980, going from 9.1% to a projected19,8% in 2020, The United States has had generally rising health expenditures per capita averaging to twice as much as other developed and industrialized countries, Oddly enough, with this statistic, we as a nation achieve less for…...
Health Care
Challenges Facing the French Healthcare System
Words • 2432
Pages • 10
One of the greatest challenges facing the French healthcare system today regards its current ability to provide socially and culturally informed care for French Muslim citizens. Muslims represent a rapidly growing population in the West; France, specifically, seems to be struggling with this fact the most out of the Western world’s included regions. A multitude of differing sociocultural elements, dividing the host culture of native France between its new Muslim inhabitants, have rendered tense relations between French Muslim and non-Muslim…...
Health Care
An Examination of American Healthcare System
Words • 651
Pages • 3
It seems as Americans, we look around at our government and all we see are Caucasian, straight, rich males. How do we as women trust these lawmakers to make decisions on our bodies, our wombs, and our rights? We should not put all of our trust in these men, but rather take a stand and demand that we have control. Health care should be a right that everyone has, it should be affordable, and easily accessible, and it should focus…...
Health Care
America’s Mental Health Care System
Words • 630
Pages • 3
The United States is ranked lowest In terms of health care in the world's developed countries; even worse is the mental health care system. There is said to be a shortage of almost 100,000 hospital beds for psychiatric care, and from 2009 to 2011 there was a combined budget cut of $4 billion from states. Although many cuts are taking place in the mental health system, more Americans are being diagnosed With a mental illness. A study conducted by the…...
Health Care
The Corruption of the American Healthcare System
Words • 359
Pages • 2
From Michael Moore‘s perspective, the health care system in America is corrupt. He made many points that made sense that people would agree with. People try hard not to get sick because they aren’t insured. Health care companies are picky, kind of discriminative to people who need aid. They “suck, flat suck." Even people with insurance can‘t get the right treatment. Ten percent of people who apply for health insurance are guaranteed denial. Companies make problems worst instead of making…...
Health Care
5 Focus Areas in Health & My Reflections as Manager
Words • 376
Pages • 2
A culture of health and wellness is basically the fundamentals it takes to have a healthy community, society, etc. There are five main areas that should be of focus. The first one includes making health a shared value, For example, many people in the United States do not value their health as they should. Americans have the reputation of being lazy and eating out way too much, whereas in other parts of the world they are more aware of what…...
HealthHealth And WellnessHealth CarePatient
Women’s Healthcare Conflicts: Patient Autonomy
Words • 1252
Pages • 6
This paper explores conflicts that arise with patient autonomy ideals and implementation in women's healthcare. The main ideas presented on patient autonomy conflicts are Coercion, discrimination, and education. Highlighting the many issues involved in the ideals and actual conditions of patient autonomy performed a literature review pin pointing the issues in the paid and unpaid sector of healthcare. Furthermore, their needs to be more emphasizes on patient autonomy implementation and recognize the imperfections that need to be addressed. In Canadian…...
Health CareSocial IssuesWomen'S Health
Women’s Healthcare Challenges in Northeastern Brazil & ZIKV Epidemic
Words • 1864
Pages • 8
This paper intends to identify current obstacles and challenges to women's healthcare in Brazil specifically regarding the recent ZIKV epidemic that has plagued the nation. Research has demonstrated that the virus has taken a disproportionate toll on Brazil's northeastern region compared to its southernmost regions, which are comparatively richer and less prone to the spread of ZIKV to humans through transmitting mosquito vectors. Solutions to the spread of ZIKV and its congenital effects on neonates requires an overhaul of Brazil's…...
Health CareMedicineWomen'S Health
The Different Challenges of Evacuation Planning
Words • 836
Pages • 4
Franco (2007) argued that the occurrence of disasters calls for emergency teams to respond immediately. Disasters occurring destroys critical infrastructures including communication systems, transport systems, and predispose the public to health-related risks. Consequently, the public health and preparedness team would experience challenges that would hamper the delivery of health services to the affected people. In the United States, the department of homeland security and other stakeholders have been faced with several challenges of logistics and transportation during disasters. Given that…...
Emergency ManagementPublic HealthSafety
US Healthcare Failure
Words • 1477
Pages • 6
The U.S. has failed to provide universal coverage for its population even though most other industrialized countries that do manage to provide universal coverage for their populations have been charted to spend less on health care and achieve better health outcomes. Those who are uninsured struggle the most with access to sufficient care and making medical bill payments. It may even be understandable for those who are unemployed to not have health insurance. However, the main people facing this issue…...
Health Care
The Importance of Education as a Cornerstone of a Healthy Life
Words • 1082
Pages • 5
As we age there are two things we fear the most, pain and death. Death is part of life and cannot be stopped. On the other hand, we can prevent the pain we fear will happen. I really believe aging healthy all comes back to education. If we want to age without pain, we have to start by learning how to live healthy in all aspects of life. However, living a healthy life starts right now. The fact is we…...
Health CareImportance Of EducationSocial Issues
Quality Care Nursing Homes
Words • 527
Pages • 3
Nursing Homes are charged with providing quality care to all of their residents. They are monitored by the state and federal agencies for the type of care they are giving to patients. Nursing Home standards have been raised and a tool which identifies quality indicators was developed by HCFA to monitor nursing home residents care. Quality indicators are markers that point to either the presence or absence of potentially poor care practices or outcomes. Some indicators will identify health or…...
Health CareMedicineNursing Home
The Rising Cases of Nursing Home Bankruptcy in the United States
Words • 398
Pages • 2
Caring for people takes a lot of resources. Since the government sets most of the rules that affect nursing homes, the cost of care is even higher as they try to meet all the regulations. Nearly 60% of the residents are dependent on the federal payment system called Medicaid, but Medicaid does not cover all the costs of providing the care. This all means that the nursing homes are spending more on the residents than the residents are paying to…...
Health CareMedicineNursing Home
The Rights of the Nursing Home Residents During His or Her Residence
Words • 225
Pages • 1
The article itself explains the rights that a nursing home resident has while they stay. The beginning informs the possible resident that the nursing home must explain their rights to them in a language understood by the potential resident and it must be in writing; along with the nursing homes expectations of the resident. There are many rights the resident has which include: the right to be treated with respect, to participate in activities, to be free from discrimination, to…...
Health CareNursing HomeSocial Issues
A Day in a Nursing Home as an Assisting Community
Words • 211
Pages • 1
You always want the best for your parents or grandparents. There comes a point where they need to go to an assisting living or a nursing home for extra care and attention. At my job, assisting community you always see a lot concern and different ways family members reply. Yelling, hand gesture, non-verbal and body language. However we provide with the best answer as possible to reassure we doing the best we can. An example is we had a new…...
HealthHealth CareNursing Home
The Importance of Leisure Activities on the Old Residents of the Nursing Home
Words • 582
Pages • 3
As the activities director of this nursing home, the importance of having a quality of life of our residents is one of, if not the most, important issues we must address. In old age, it is important for our residents to have the best quality care that we can provide for them. So as the activities director, I plan on implementing activities that involve our residents' favorite leisure activities as well as more of our religious based activities as well…...
NursingNursing HomeSocial Issues
The Importance of the Health Insurance in the U. S. Health Care System
Words • 477
Pages • 2
The United States is famous around the world for many things, such as a producer of culture, and the country's film industry is unrivaled in terms of revenue and influence. However, the health care system is unique among industrial countries. One important difference that makes the health care system dissimilar between countries is how people pay for it. In America, most people have health insurance that helps them pay for their medical bills. “Health insurance is a contract under which…...
HealthHealth CareHealth InsuranceMedicine
The Health Insurance Costs in United States
Words • 1205
Pages • 5
Health insurance share concerns about high costs and small benefits make no mistake insurance companies are well aware that just 20 percent of patients are responsible for 80 percent of health care costs in the United States, That's why insurers try to limit the coverage of this 20 percent, especially in the individual insurance market. Most insurance companies are more interested in money rather than helping the needy get benefits to cover their service. If you have a pre-existing condition,…...
HealthHealth CareHealth InsuranceInsurance
Healthcare Information and the Control of Administrative Costs
Words • 632
Pages • 3
The Healthcare field presents so many scenarios in which a simple decision can result in unethical or unlawful actions. Many of the situations in which healthcare workers or providers find themselves conducting unethical or unlawful actions are because of a lack of knowledge of the law and not intentional actions. Staying up to date with your HlPPA certifications and striving to respect patient confidentiality will greatly reduce those unwanted outcomes. In order to understand the following scenario HIPPA must be…...
Health CareHealth InsuranceMedicinePsychology
The Success of a Pilot Program in the American Health Insurance Plan
Words • 327
Pages • 2
A pilot program is a feasibility study that is conducted in the short run to help a firm or an organization to predict how a new program might work when it is fully operational in the organization. Pilot programs help companies to test the logistics of operations and deficiencies that might arise before the full-scale implementation of a project. Healthcare systems are prone to many errors and flaws in their operation; this has resulted to the invention of various pilot…...
BusinessHealth CareHealth InsuranceTechnology
Medical Marijuana for Children in Pediatric Care
Words • 287
Pages • 2
Marijuana is an ever-growing topic. In Colorado alone, marijuana has been decriminalized, made available for medicinal purposes, and legalized for recreational use. All of these advances in the Marijuana industry bring fonh controversy on a wide spectrum of supporters, users, and nay-Sayers, Amongst the vastly growing areas of controversy, is a little—known advancement in medical marijuana. There are currently more than one hundred and eighty children in Colorado who are treated with non-psychoactive strains of marijuana. Despite the fact that…...
Health CareMedicineNursingPediatric Nursing
The Problem of Physical and Verbal Abuse in Different Nursing Homes
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
Physical and verbal abuse has become a major problem in different nursing homes. Today's elderly people depends on their workers to take care of them and treat them with equality. Adults, who are older than 60 and who lives at home are in risk of these critical conditions. Nurses or the workers should be aware of everyone's physical and mental health in these different nursing homes, however they tend to neglect their patients due to their disabilities. Nurses should be…...
Nursing Home
Falls and Dementia in Nursing Homes
Words • 1182
Pages • 5
Serious Injuries and Death from fall among Elderly residents with dementia living in nursing homes. Introduction Injuries from falls are a serious problem for elderly people in nursing homes (NH) that can cause permanent debilitation or even death. The problem is especially severe with the elderly who are mentally impaired and who unable to assess their surroundings (Ref_). The prevalence of falls among older adults living with dementia is two to three times higher than among those who are cognitively…...
Nursing Home
Best Place for Elderly: Nursing Homes?
Words • 1194
Pages • 5
A nursing home is an institution, public or private, which is used for specialized care for the chronically ill or elderly individuals who can no longer take care of their selves. Aged people develop body and mental complications which might make the person not suitable to stay in a hospital or at home due to the complexity of the ailment. These ailments associated with old age includes memory loss, mobility difficulties, Alzheimer's among others. The above psychological and physical conditions,…...
Nursing Home
Nursing Homes and Elder Abuse
Words • 1670
Pages • 7
Growing old is an inescapable part of life that has been interpreted and anticipated differently by everyone through the ages. Nursing homes in this day and age are a prominent part of the aging process, and are accepted and embraced as a perfect way of dealing with elderly loved one. However, attitudes toward the aging population are progressively getting worse in our youth focused society. Rather than taking care of the aging, we neglect and abandon them in nursing homes,…...
Nursing Home
An Overview of the Healthcare Facility, Nursing Homes
Words • 951
Pages • 4
Nursing Homes Nursing home is a care facility that provides for a critically ill care recipient. It offers 24 hours nursing care, supervision, rehabilitation programs, and social activities (Horan, 2008 p. 310). The level of health care offered in nursing home health care facility can either be nte ermediat skilled. Skilled care is given to those patients who need a 24-hour care supervision, skilled nursing and rehabilitation to seriously mentally distorted patients (Horan, 2008 p. 312). On the hand, intermediate…...
Nursing Home
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Understanding What Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are and the Consequences of ADIS
...In conclusion, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are spread through sexual contact. Many STDs have no symptoms, and if left untreated, they can have serious consequences. These consequences can include infertility, ectopic preg...
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