The Role and Importance of Information Technology within the Corporate World

Information technology is the study and use of computers and telecommunication systems to store, retrieve and send data in the context of a business. Primarily, IT has played a significant role and brought about efficiency and effectiveness within the corporate world. As a result, many companies and organization have scrambled to adapt and embrace the modern workforce, this is because the positions and trends within information technology do not only enhance the performance and productivity of the company with regard to products and service delivery but also enhances the competitive advantage of the organization.

Currently, the most trending positions and descriptions within information technology include business intelligence analyst, data scientist, system administrator, database developer, data scientist and data security administrator.

Additionally, solutions architects, quality assurance manager, UX designer, support desk technicians and network administrators are among information technology’s most trending positions and descriptions as well. Often, these positions are in high demand because of the pivotal role they play by easing various operational activities and procedures in a business set up and consequently enhancing the growth of the organization. For instance, a business intelligence analyst critically analyzes the data needs of the business after which he/she communicates the findings to the stakeholders. This position is critical and equally important because the pivot of every business need relies on harvesting and making sense of data. It In addition, the high demand for IT positions and descriptions particularly within the modern corporate world is attributed to its ability to facilitate smooth functioning of all departments within the organization.

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For instance, data scientists help business understand and communicate data patterns from a business perspective. Also, they gather, process and analyze data after which they communicate those findings to stakeholders, as well as offer appropriate recommendations to the business to help the company make informed choices. Moreover, the significant presence felt in various managerial functions within the organization as a result of information, is also another reason for high demand for such positions and descriptions in the business. For example, a database developer helps the company critically analyze various challenges the business faces and comes up with the most suitable solution. Database developer gives the company that element of problem-solving skills which is a key factor in today’s business environment. Finally, the system administrator, data security administrator, network administrator, and support desk positions are equally important, and the reason for high demand within the modern business environment.

The system administrator communicates and analyzes the technical challenges with regards to hardware and software concerns and coming up with the most suitable solutions and consequently ensuring the company stays on track, 0n the other hand, the security of data concerning the business, clients, and employees is protected by the data security administrator Security administrators are in high demand because they define network security requirements and ensures that all prerequisite security measures are up to date. Also, they implement security strategies and monitors the security practices of the company by safeguarding data from prospects of intrusion from unwanted users.

In conclusion, these positions enhance the competitive advantages of the organization and the overall information technology strategy as well as governance competencies by ensuring that the business uses its resources more efficiently resulting higher revenue growth In the long run, the stock market valuation of the company will be higher than their competitors. The use of information technology will enable the company lowers its operational costs as well as the price of the product or service. For instance, the system administrator of the manufacturing company can build and incorporate an efficient customer response system which will ensure direct linkage between consumer behavior and the distribution and manufacturing supply chain functions.

Consequently, this will lower inventory and the cost of distribution bringing that element of competitive advantage. In addition, the value web is another information system that brings about synchronization between different value chains of business partners to counteract rapid changes in supply and demand. As such, the overall performance of the business units is enhanced by promoting core competencies. Therefore, business models that are based on a network, with the help of the network administrator have the ability to strategically take competitive advantage of network economics.

Often, in these economies, the marginal costs of producing a product is almost negligible and the marginal gain in greater.  Ultimately, the use of information systems has enabled various organizations to acquire strategic significance and competitive advantage by giving companies new ways and strategies to outperform their rivals. For example, information technology has improved product differentiation enabling companies to build new products and services enhancing customer convenience in relation to the existing product and services. Consequently, this facilitates the manufacture of distinctive products using the same production resources so as to build a product as per the tailored specification of Lhe customer.

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