The following sample essay on “Field of Information Technology Management”: statement of purpose in this field.

I am very enthused in what your graduate program has to offer me in the field of Information Technology Management. As a geographer and field mapper, I have been researching curriculum of various colleges and I find yours to be the most appealing for my career and goals and will be hoping to earn admission into your graduate program. The value of a Rivier degree will last a lifetime and even better.

My current and past experience as a geographer and field mapper has provided me with adequate knowledge and experience to feel confident in applying for your program.

I worked as a field mapper and Surveyor at Ghana Cocoa Board during my national service, mapping, demarcating and exploring new and existing cocoa areas with modern innovations and technology such as GPS and GIS software. I am currently working with Meridia Ghana, one of the leading surveying companies in Ghana.

I have learnt and experienced the core essence of technology in surveying and mapping. the gradual revolution in surveying and mapping, from the use of primitive methods and gadgets such as tapes, ropes, line and pegs to accurate, precise and advanced technological gadgets and software such as drones, 3D laser scanners , satellite positioning and GIS software in surveying and mapping. Geography, surveying is digitized and advanced due to technology.

I consider Information Technology Management as a program that will enlighten and give much insight in managing geographic, mapping and surveying system with modern technology.

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Growing up, it has always been my goal and ambition to start up my own surveying firm with my senior brother who is now a Chartered Surveyor and a member of the Ghana Institute of Surveyors. I consider myself to be highly motivated and always progress through a every point of life in success, in academics and in work, making me one out of three team leaders in a group of fifteen.

I am certain to push through with dedication to accomplish my goals and get more insight and knowledge in technology.I believe that a master in Information Technology Management we will be diverse as a duo and make a great team in fulfilling our lifetime achievement.This desire I could achieve if I have more exposure to the requisite study in technology, hence my choice to pursue masters in Information Technology Management and I have selected Rivier University as my priority Institution. I find Rivier more than capable in building and empowering me to discover my purpose in life in an urban environment where education is advanced.I hope I will be offered the opportunity to help me pursue Information Technology Management to fulfill my lifetime ambitions. The purpose of living is greater than just a job.

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