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In Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth he argues the importance of the
Words • 1837
Pages • 8
In Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth, he argues the importance of the contributions made to society and stresses how the rich are morally obligated to donate most of their wealth to a variety of charities before dying in order to give back and further improve society. The basis of Carnegie’s principles and beliefs can be easily seen in his dictum, a short statement that expresses his general truth or principle. This dictum showcases his lifestyle and where his priorities lie…...
American HistoryAndrew CarnegieInventionUnited StatesUs HistoryWar
Innovative progress in the invention of optoelectronic devices
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Innovative progress in the invention of optoelectronic devices like LED and semiconductor laser was began in early 1960s. Many researchers applied spontaneous emission (SE) principle to generate red visible lights by using GaAsP alloy thereby they developed red LEDs which shows excellent application in electronic devices. During 1961, Albert Einstein applied spontaneous emission principle to explain quantum theory of radiation. In 1961, Bernard and Duraffourg concluded that the principles of spontaneous emission were highly involved in the lasing exploit of…...
Fast food as an invention of modern times
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Pages • 2
Fast food is an invention of modern times and even if it may seem now and then the best solution for dinner, a lot of disadvantages are attributed to the concept of fast food. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of fast food? Fast food can be thought as a useful invention, but also as a negative one. As any other things, this also presents strong positive aspects and disadvantages.There are a lot of discussions in order to agree…...
Bad Eating HabitsEating HabitsFast FoodFoodInventionPhilosophy
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invention of the computer chip
Words • 243
Pages • 1
To start off a little history on the computer, the computer wasfirst invented in 1942.In 1946 ENIAC used thefirst general-purpose electronic digital computer.It weighed nearly 30 tons and filled a huge room.The computer cost $500,000.It could carry out operations but had no memory so it had to be re-programmed each time it was used.Instead of transistors that are used in computers now they had vacuum tubes that had to be replaced repeatedly. The computer has in some way affected lives…...
CommunicationComputerComputersInformation AgeInventionTechnology
The Pros and Cons of Science Inventions
Words • 478
Pages • 2
We should look at both sides of the coin. So I am writing to discuss the pros and cons of science and invention. First of all, with science and invention, there will be less work for human to do. Also, it will be more effective in doing some complicated work. This makes humans' lives more enjoyable. Vacuum cleaner Is a good example, it can remove dirt and dust from the floor, and It Is very helpful for housewives.Vacuum cleaners are…...
ComputerComputer ScienceDiabetesInvention
RG LeTourneau
Words • 869
Pages • 4
Impact on this earth. R. G. Literature was born in Rockford, Vermont during the winter of 1 888, the son of Caleb and Elizabeth Literature. At the age of 14, he decided that a traditional education was not for him. At the disappointment of his parents, R. G. Literature dropped out of school, and quickly moved in to the working world. His first Job, working as an apprentice molder for East Portland Iron Works, proved to be a stepping stone…...
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