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UNIT 1 JOURNAL ENTRY First and foremost, I gained an understanding of what criminology is and have begun building the foundation of learning for this course. Criminology is defined as the study of the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior (Siegel, p. 4). A criminologist's focus is to create a consistent and effective measure of criminal behavior. This effort is conducted through formulating methods for evaluating and gathering official measures of criminal activity such as crime reports, collected…...
Criminal PsychologySocietySociological Perspective
Animal Mutations in ABC Transporters
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Within a eukaryotic cell exists ATP-binding (ABC) transporters which are and have many subfamilies of integral membrane proteins with many functions. These functions include importers and exporters. These importers and exporters move substrates including sugars, amino acids, metal ions, peptides, and proteins, and a large number of hydrophobic compounds and metabolites across extra- and intracellular membranes. An integral membrane protein is a protein molecule (or assembly of proteins) that is permanently attached or firmly anchored in the plasma membrane. The…...
Animal CrueltyAnimals
How animal testing effect on medicine
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The use of animals can be helpful for activities like transportation and as pets, sports, recreation, and companionship. In everyday life, we are all involved with animals in one way or another. Many of us have pets such as dogs and cats, others live on farms where they have cattle, horses and sheep. However, not all animals fit into these categories. There is another group of animals that we are not aware of. These are animals that are used to…...
Animal CrueltyAnimalsMedicine
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Cruelty Becomes Life or Death 
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In the novel 'Frankenstein,'by Mary Shelley, there are many different characters that go through different acts of cruelty. But one character that sticks out from everyone else is the monster himself. This creature has been through many different forms of cruelty both physical and emotional. The topic of cruelty affects the theme of the novel as a whole because it shows that being mistreated has an effect on you and can lead to becoming something you are not, like a…...
Animal CrueltyAnimalsDeath
Cruelty is natural 
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Voltaire was a French writer who popularized many of the revolutionary goals of the enlightenment. He wrote Candide in 1759, to get his philosophical points across and used optimism as the main theme of his novel. Voltaire was born Francois-Marie Arouet in 1694. Since his childhood, he was described as witty, bold and rebellious. Although Voltaire caused a lot of trouble as a child became an important person as an adult. He had an opposition to organize religion and believed…...
Animal CrueltyAnimals
“The Handmaid” by Margaret Atwood
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As seen in both literary works, and the real world, cruelty and the effect it has on a person can be an extremely motivating force. The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood takes place in a dystopian future, where females are oppressed, and forced to obey the commands of the rich and powerful. In order to ensure the submissiveness of women and those who lack power, the powerful used cruel tactics to impose consequences on those who act against their demands.…...
Animal CrueltyAnimalsMargaret Atwood
An analysis of the Electric Vehicle Industry
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Political; with the developed world becoming more aware of the impact that man has on the planet, governments around the world are seeking alternatives to fossil fuels and finite resources in order to reduce the levels of toxic gases in the air and the associated health impacts. An MIT study¹ in 2013 reported that air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the US with a major contributor being vehicle emissions. As such, governments are having a significant positive…...
Electric VehicleIndustryTechnology
Electric vehicles have been recognized as a key technology
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Electric vehicles have been recognized as being a key technology in helping reduce future emissions and the amount of energy or power used. The term electric vehicle (EV) is commonly used to refer to three main types of electric automobiles, those being the Battery Electric vehicle (BEV), Hybrid-Electric vehicle (HEV), and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle (PHEV). The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) has a 2-part drive system, a normal, conventional fuel engine and an electric drive. HEVs are a combination…...
Electric CarElectric VehicleTechnology
The Impacts of Technology
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Technology has been around for a long time. It is a scientific invention that was created to help humans increase work productivity and to make one’s life easier. Technology is everywhere around us and it is part of our daily lives. Technology has helped us improve our home, work, hobbies, and shopping lifestyle. It has helped us stay connected with each other, and has led us to have better education and medical research by bringing information needed to our fingertips.…...
Geography Determines Car Preferences
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After interviewing Damon, I knew about the fact that he restored an old car with his father and turned it into a new one. I noticed that he was interested in American Muscle cars, and so was I. Though, being interested in American Muscle cars was abnormal in my country. Most if not everyone was interested in Four Wheel Drive cars. I guess the reason for that is that geography can really determine car preferences. Meaning that depending on the…...
Electric CarGeography
The beautiful giant panda
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Is a majestic creature that has greatly improved man's way of life, and many people don’t even realize it. Giant pandas are scientifically known as the Ailuropoda melanoleuca. The bible even recognizes the greatness in all animals, even the giant panda, like in Genesis 1:24-26 where it says “And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind.” And…...
AnimalsRed Panda
The giant panda is one of the most endangered wild rare animals
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Tey can only be found in the southwest mountains of China. This mammal is a relative to the bears. The giant pandas are white with black ears. muzzles, legs, and shoulders. They also have black around their eyes. About 99 percent of the panda’s diet consists of bamboo shoots. stem and leaves. They find a spot surrounded by bamboo and eat for 10 to 16 hours a day, taking naps between meals. The panda’s digestive system is not very efficient.…...
AnimalsRed Panda
Advertising research is
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Advertising research is the systematic gathering and analysis of information to help develop or evaluate advertising strategies, ads and commercials, and media campaigns. Advertising is that activity by which visual or oral messages are addressed to the general public. Its purpose is to inform or influence them in order to increase the sales of the advertising. The final aim is to persuade people to buy more. Introduction Advertising is the most commonly used tool of promotion. The most common methods…...
AdvertisingResearchTelevision Advertising
Reasons why big people were popular
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For instance, many of those interviewed in “Zaire Revisited: Congolese nostalgia for the era of dictator Mobutu” talked about how Mobutu tried to better the country for his people. In one instance, a man who was once a Coca-Cola factory owner in Zaire, Jean Pumbu, discusses how Mobutu was the primary shareholder of the factory, and that he provided jobs for the people. Kumbaya Bwatshia, former education minister under Mobutu, talks about how Mobutu brought pride and unity to the…...
12 Angry MenPoliticsScience And Technology
The decade of the 1950s was not as simple and happy as people may think it was
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This decade was a period of whose culture was being defined after having gone through a depression, and a won a world war. There was an issue that hit closer to home, however, than any of the other defining moments of the time period. Not only was the constant fear of a potential communist government takeover of the United States, but we had racial issues starting to emerge through the start and development of the Civil Rights movement. The mid-’50s…...
12 Angry MenTechnology And Society
To What Extent Should Body Art Reflect Personal Identity
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A Brief History Tattoos have been around for a little over 5,000 years now. Both tattoos and body art can be dated back to when the Henna roamed and Egyptian gods were the ones who ruled. Tattoos are a form of body modification where a choice of design, that can be as simple as a star or as complex as a human face, is made on the skin by inserting ink. Tattoos can have several different meaning including cultural, religious,…...
Personal GoalsPersonal IdentityScience And Technology
For the Protection of a Nation
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Covid-19, also known as corona, has put the whole world in a state of panic, fear, and dismay, as death tolls continue to rise higher and higher each day. The United States' government has responded to the crisis by ordering a nation stay-at-home quarantine. However, due to the severity of the highly infectious disease, is this response enough? The answer is simple a no, and a nation-wide lockdown seems to be the only response to stop the spread. The need…...
NationNational IdentityNationalism
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Introduction The author is known as Serious. Callista Roy is a nurse, knowledge impactor, and scientific research expert and later became a respectable professor at the Boston College of nursing. In a successful life time which includes partnership with the prominent Dorothy Johnson, she firstly introduced the thesis as a basis curriculum in St Mary's college. Roy described in this thesis that adjustment and acclimatization occurs when medical clients positively react to natural or artificial alterations in their environs, and…...
Role ModelScience And TechnologySexual Health
Steps in Financial programming in relation to the Polak Model
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A business model can be defined using several similar statements. The key factor in a business model is that it helps organizations to create a strategic plan to abide by that will lead the company in a certain direction. A business model serves a checks and balances system to ensure that the organization is performing at its highest level of optimization. Rothaermel states that a business model describes how a firm intends to make money and stipulates how the organization…...
InformationInformation ScienceRole ModelScience And Technology
Streaming Services: Making Television Obsolete 
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Televisions are great pieces of machinery that are well built for the entertainment purposes of many people in the 1950s. They were considered a spectacular invention for being able to watch entertainment from the comfort of your couch and displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest film in a theater. Many people liked displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest…...
Reality TelevisionReality TvScience And Technology
Television has changed alot since its Golden Days 
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Television is essential to most homes and families. Many people came together to watch their favorite show and or movie. So how did it start? How did such a powerful tool become the most wanted electronic item? Well, it all started way back when, September 7, 1927, to be exact. Created by a young man in San Francisco, Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Ironically at the age of 21, Farnsworth had never even touched technology until he was 14 years of age.…...
EntertainmentReality TelevisionScience And Technology
To inform the audience on Reality TV
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Real Life or Fake Life? Introduction: Attention Getter: We the children are tomorrow’s future. Everyone in this room could possibly be tomorrow’s future athletes, politicians, musicians, teachers or maybe even the next big Reality TV Star because as you know that could make you the next president or the next hottest rapper. Speaker Credibility: Full disclosure-- I’m a reality TV junkie, I’ve been binge-watching reality TV since I was 9, and I researched even more on the topic. Thesis/Preview: I’m…...
Culture And CommunicationReality TvScience And Technology
Economy after the war has passed throughout the territory
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Japanese economic recovery post-WWII began with a few public welfare programs started by the United States. Fearful that the war torn populace of Japan would turn to communism in their time of need, giving the Soviet Union control over most major countries in the Pacific, several medical and financial assistance programs were instituted. The programs provided a foundation for Japanese society to rapidly grow into the strongest economy in the world following the United States post-WWII. Following the blow of…...
And Then There Were NoneEconomyScience And Technology
Africa’s Role on Hurricanes Hitting the Atlantic Coast
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Where do Hurricanes come from? We know that they come slamming into our coasts from the oceans, I intend to show that most of them start in the same spot and why that is. I will show that most Hurricanes that make it to the United States, start in the exact same spot. Specifically, a spot just off the coast of the African Cape Verde islands. (Macdonald, 2017). How Hurricanes Form Let’s look at what the atmospheric conditions are like…...
And Then There Were NoneScience And TechnologyWeather
A World I Don’t Want to Live In
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There are many issues in the world that humanity is too blinded by their self-absorbed selves to fix, including world violence, global warming, gender equality, bullying, etc. When growing up, we are told many lies about our 'perfect world,' which makes us question reality. A famous poet, painter, and printmaker named William Blake once said this, “A truth that's told with bad intent, beat all the lies you can invent.” Even though the world has shown major improvement in things,…...
Benjamin FranklinEducationScience And Technology
Franklin’s Kind Side Smart side
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In the evidence it says 'Give them every opportunity of displaying their own qualifications,'(Franklin) With this side he was able to gain trust from people and he was able to be patient and help others the way they would like to be helped. This side is revealed by his aspects of work by the library and the Junto. Benjamin franklin wanted to give people opportunities to show or say what they had to. He wanted to help by adding that…...
Benjamin FranklinPersonal PhilosophyScience And Technology
I Survived the Joplin Tornado Report
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This book is called I Survived the Joplin Tornado. The author of the book is Lauren Tarshis, and the genre is historical fiction. The author wrote this book because people wanted her to write about it and to inform people about the tornado. If you hadn't read this book yet, here's a summary. Dexter James an eleven-year-old kid living in Joplin almost got ran over by a car. Dr. Gage got out of the car and ran to Dex. Dr.…...
Science And TechnologyStormTornado
Child consumerism: The journey to becoming a proficient consumer
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Abstract Consumerism is a large part of children’s lives. Their parents are constantly buying goods, so they are exposed to it frequently. It is important for children to begin their relationship with consumerism as early as they can, because there is a journey that they must go through to create this relationship. Consumerism can be a part of a person’s life as soon as they are born in the form of baby-oriented consumerism, where the parents of the child make…...
Hero'S JourneyJourneyScience And Technology
The Red Badge of Courage
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Kline depicts Henry's mentality in different environments and different stages, depicting the hero's mental journey and truly reproduces the deep impression of the war on the protagonist. The biggest feature of the novel is the use of a large number of symbolic languages ​​and inner monologues to reveal the cruelty and absurdity of war. It has obvious critical significance in changing the romantic fantasy of war in previous novels. The use of symbolic language is the main reason why this…...
Hero'S JourneyJourneyScience And Technology
Is Google Making Us Stupid? “And” Thoughts on the Media “
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Traditionally, advancements are thought to be beneficial but this is not always the case. As technology’s grip on our lives tightens, it can be difficult to admit that convenience is not equivalent to the value of our brains. The internet can have both positive and negative influences but as Carr and Pinker illustrate, we determine the magnitude of influence. In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr discusses how our minds and attention spans are being altered by…...
Information TechnologyInternetIs Google Making Us StupidStem Cell Research
Nicholas Carr tries to disclose information
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He utilizes a wide extent of techniques to do this, playing on people's feelings as he utilizes records, research, and his own one-of-a-kind perceptions to attempt and incite the gathering that the Internet has been repulsive to our reasoning and learning outlines. The standard conflict that Carr is trying to make is the methods by which the Internet is starting to finish up our fundamental hotspot for information. Carr is trying to alarm moving toward ages in how the Internet…...
Educational TechnologyInformation TechnologyIs Google Making Us Stupid
Technology is advancing rapidly and changing the way we think
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Many people are slowly becoming attached to technology and relying on more of these sources because it makes their lives easier. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” the author, Nicholas Carr, argues how the use of computers negatively affects our thought process. Carr supports his argument by providing some personal experiences, examples from different time periods, and academic discussions. Nicholas Carr argues that humans are losing their ability to think deeply because of the internet. The author writes…...
Information TechnologyIs Google Making Us StupidScience And Technology
Google as a dependency to answer our problems or Multitasking
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That’s an interesting question I know. It might seem concise as both questions seem not so better than the other. Multitasking isn’t proper because you lose time, you aren’t focused, and if you keep doing it, it changes the way you act. Using Google all the time isn’t right to because it becomes a go-to for people a bit too quickly and it’s easy to access, and it changes the way we think as people. As I learned from reading…...
Educational TechnologyInformation TechnologyIs Google Making Us Stupid
How the way data is presented on the Internet changed the way we think
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He utilizes a wide range of techniques to do this, playing on people's feelings as he utilizes accounts, research, and his own perceptions to attempt and persuade the crowd that the Internet has been unfavorable to our reasoning and learning forms. The principal argument that Carr is attempting to make is how the Internet is starting to become our primary source for information. Carr is trying to caution oncoming ages in how the Internet has influenced our capacity to read…...
Is Google Making Us StupidPhilosophy Of EducationPsychologyScience And Technology
The future is a time period of the unpredictable
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No one knows whether the future will hold a positive impact or not, but it is something everyone should be aware of. Just as an example, when smartphones came into society in a short span of time, and was quickly normalized in culture, but it was a quick change no one expected. Technology has progressed so quick that new generations growing up are unaware of rapid change being a big deal. It has helped us advance not only by technological…...
Is Google Making Us StupidScience And TechnologyTechnology In EducationWorld Economy
The New Mechanism for obtaining information is altering the thinking process
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There is a radical transformation in how society searches for information. In Carr’s article, Is Google Making us Stupid? Carr discusses the negative impacts of Internet use and the way that we obtain and process information. Carr was the former editor of the Harvard Business Review, he has written for the Atlantic, the Wall street Journal, the New York Times, MIT Technology review, and several periodicals. In 2010, Carr’s book The Shallow; what the internet is doing to our brains…...
InformationInformation ScienceIs Google Making Us StupidScience And Technology
Possibility of ending the digital age
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With the high rise of technology and the immense amount of information found on the internet, the digital age has been in full effect, and it looks like it will not stop soon. Anyone with access to the internet has a great amount of information right at their fingertips. When on the internet, you have free websites like and Google, which will provide you with almost any information needed. Even though this easy way of accessing information sounds appealing,…...
Is Google Making Us StupidScience And TechnologyTechnology In Education
Is google making us stupid
Words • 991
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First of all, Carr’s entire argument that the internet is making us stupid can simply be contradicted when focusing on the sources available for us. We have online classes, such as masters programs, library databases, countless of research websites. Its very efficient and very easy to get access. In todays society, we are so advanced that different Google-based sites and applications are being utilized for instructive purposes regular and by everybody. Be that as it may, Nicholas Carr portrays this…...
Information TechnologyIs Google Making Us StupidScience And Technology
Effects of Ebooks on Children
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The topic that I have narrowed down my research paper down to is EBooks and the effects of this digital advancement have on children. Children Growing Up in the Digital World Being a parent and also pursuing a degree in education, I’m hopeful that this topic will be beneficial for me in the future. I find it interesting that I am of a generation that has watch the digital movement evolve from the beginning, while our youngest children will grow…...
ChildChild DevelopmentInformation TechnologyNegative Effects Of TechnologyTechnologyTechnology In Education
Artificial Photosynthesis
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The EIC Pathfinder Programme is looking to fund projects like AP to promote the concept of sustainability in the near future. The EIC path finder tries to identify the innovation that could provide a market potential at European and global levels.The prizes provided by the EIC horizon creates a motivation in establishing a solution to the challenge that could be a major benefit for the society. Production of Efficient Synthetic Fuel through AP The project focuses on the production of efficient…...
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How animal testing effect on medicine
...Animal testing is very useful in developing medicine but there are many downsides to it. The information I just talked about will give a perspective on whether animals testing is useful or downright cruel. There are many benefits of using animals for...
Reasons why big people were popular
...Overall, although big men such as Mobutu oftentimes drove their countries to debt and destruction, their support from the masses can be understood when noticing how the big men framed their actions to make them seem as though they were helping the po...
To What Extent Should Body Art Reflect Personal Identity
...To see the full cultural view on tattoos, people would have to research into when the cavemen and dinosaurs roamed the earth and taken through all of the ages, where tattoos slowly turned from something cultural to something personal. This is because...
How the way data is presented on the Internet changed the way we think
...As a writer, Carr views the net as a valuable tool but fosters a hindrance in concentration. He says 'Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.' It is evident that we as a people are more famil...
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