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AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of
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AbstractThis research project aims to discuss the concepts of Big Data(BD) approach and framework as a very efficient platform used in many applications. One of such applications is the Recommendations Systems (RS). A lot of algorithms had been suggested to implement this application. They are different in terms of complexity and the way they are following for implementation. Next sections will show how the Big Data could be apply in RS and the advantages it gives to comparing to others…...
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without ref sample
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Abstract-Presently educational institutions compile and store huge volumes of data such as student enrolment and attendance records, as well as their examination results. Mining such data yields stimulating information that serves its handlers well. Rapid growth in educational data points to the fact that distilling massive amounts of data requires a more sophisticated set of algorithms. This issue led to the emergence of the field of Educational Data Mining (EDM). Traditional data mining algorithms cannot be directly applied to educational…...
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In today’s competitive telecommunication business reliable
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In today’s competitive telecommunication business, reliable customer retention techniques will give an extra advantage to any telecommunication company. Customer churn prediction is considered as a major instrument for customer retention(Kim et al.2014). An experiment was conducted using the data of an Iranian mobile company by applying different data mining techniques. Four different data-mining techniques were employed to compare with one another’s output to come up with a more accurate hybrid method. Decision Tree (DT), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), K-Nearest Neighbors…...
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Effective Text Mining in Twitter using Clustering Techniques
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ITS-632 Intro to Data Mining Dr. Sherri BrinsonDept. of Information Technology &School of Computer and Information SciencesUniversity of the Cumberlands Effective Text Mining in Twitter using Clustering TechniquesbyAzmath Saifuddin ShaikKarthik Kumar GajulaGautham NimmakayalaAbdul Azeem ShaikSujani Asha DamarlaDeepthi PeddiJaithrababu PeriyathambhiJithendra DuvvurAbstractText Mining is considered to be an important part in today’s life style. From the point of decision makers, this collection of text mining gives us important source of information. In this paper we are discussing about text mining on twitter using cluster…...
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11 Background of the StudyGender recognition is one of basic
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1.1 Background of the StudyGender recognition is one of basic face analysis tasks. Automatic classification of gender from frontal face images which was taken under artificial conditions has been well studied with remarkable results (Lemley et al., 2016). It is a basic task for human beings because most common functions depend on the correct gender discernment. Automatic gender classification is employed in applications like intelligent user interface, visual surveillance, aggregating demographic statistics for promotions etc. Human faces provide necessary visual…...
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Data Flow Diagram For Car Rental System
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Data Flow Diagram For Car Rental System. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Identify suitable business data, data elements, data types, and resources, based on the following interview between a database analyst and a lecturer from Sutherland University: Business Data Data Elements Data Types Resources Course Course code Course name Course start date Course end date Integer Character Date Admit…...
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Data Control Language
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The security is a very important feature of any table mainly because when there are multiple people that require access. Any of these people may only need access to a specific table to edit the information and placing limitations on this access enables the database manager to maintain better control of any of the sensitive information as well as to ensure that the data is accurate and integrity. I think a class scheduler, for example, would only need access to…...
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Master Patient Index
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Master Patient Indexi Master Patient Index Master Patient Index1 Master Patient Index (MPI) and the Primary Key are important parts of a health care organizations database. They help in the retrieval and organization of data in an organizations data base. The Master Patient Index (MPI) is an electronic medical database that holds information on every patient registered at a health care organization (TechTarget, 2011). The information that is contained in the patient record is things such as age, race, social…...
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Thesis About Barangay Problems
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Introduction Information engineering refers to the aggregation of tools that make it easier to utilize. create. manage and exchange information. One of the exciting ways in which the computing machine serve as a general service tool is in the field of information retrieval and operation. the hunt for facts which. together with the operations done on it. are stored in a cardinal storage. Computer-based information retrieval operates through the usage of package that can offer information services for an establishment.…...
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Distributed Dbms Reliability
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Introduction to Transaction Management Reliability In Dbms Date: Introduction to Transaction Management A transaction is a sequence of operations of the database that are organized in a basic unit where databases are kept reliable and consistent. A database is said to be consistent when it has the following features; it has referential integrity, it maintains entity integrity and if it remains within the constraints set by the domain values. Moreover, a database should remain consistent before the execution of a…...
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Emr Vs Epr
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According to Karim (2008), different terms are used in the literature to explain electronic patient’s healthcare data such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Computerized Patient Record (CPR), and Computerized Medical Record (CMR). These names are given from time to time in different nations and in different healthcare environments. Abdul (2008) argues that EHR is different from an EPR/EMR that is longitudinal and not site specific, in short EHR is patient centric while…...
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Is Each Of The Following An Absolute Pathname, A Relative Pathname, Or A Simple Filename?
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1.Is each of the following an absolute pathname, a relative pathname, or a simple filename? a. milk_co b. correspond/business/milk_co c. /home/max d. /home/max/literature/promo e. .. f. letter.0210 A: a= Directory File b= relative c= absolute d= absolute e= Hidden File or can be used for the relative parent directory f= Ordanary/Simple File 2. List the commands you can use to perform these operations: a. Make your home directory the working directory b. Identify the working directory A: a= cd b=…...
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21 Authors Senthil Mani Rose Catherine Vibha Singhal Sinha
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2.1 Authors: Senthil Mani, Rose Catherine, Vibha Singhal Sinha, Avinava DubeyTitle: Approach for Unsupervised Bug Report Summarization[2012]Work done on this paper was it used four unsupervised techniques (Cen-troid, MMR, Divrank, Grasshopper) and compared their efficacy with supervised approach(BRC,EC,EMC). The efficacy of the unsupervised techniques is enhanced by noise removal technique and deducting the useless code. There were few significant limitation observed that were- Observed results are particular results can’t be used for other setups and they need reconfiguration depending on…...
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Sentiment Analysis on Large Scale Amazon Product Reviews 2018-191 Architecture and Design1.1 System OverviewThe overview of the system is proposed in Figure 4. It represents the modules involved in building the system. The modules include:Figure 1: System Overview Web application - representing the User Interface Intermediateask server Sentiment classi er i.e. MultinomialNB Dataset, split into training and testing Dept. of CSE, DSCE, Bangalore 78 Page 1Sentiment Analysis on Large Scale Amazon Product Reviews 2018-191.2 Software Architecture1.2.1 System Block DiagramThe system…...
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Provide a section on the accessibility features to support a
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Provide a section on the accessibility features to support a user's needs with restricted motor skills.Motor skills are movements and actions of the bone structures. Motor skills is typically categorized into two groups. A user can have gross motor skills or a fine motor skills. Gross motor skills is the movement and coordination of a users arm, leg or other large body parts. Fine motor skill is the small movements a user makes with their wrist, or by holding objects…...
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Qualitative Objectives Sample
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This could be done on a database more easily by the use of a query to bring the two forms together, making it very easy to look at and analyse. Objectives for the new system Qualitative Objectives: Improve speed and ease of accessing, and updating the data on all the students, subjects and grades information forms. Trap user errors in data entry by providing validations for the input.Essay Example on I Am Not That Woman Kishwar Naheed Data entry should be as fast as…...
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EPRA International Journal ofPublished By :EPRA PublishingCC LicenseMultidisciplinaryResearchISSN (Online) : 2455 - 3662SJIF Impact Factor :5.148Monthly Peer Reviewed & IndexedInternational Online JournalVolume: 5 Issue: 6 June Volume: 5| I ssue: 6 | June 2 01 997 EPRA International Journal ofMultidisciplinary Research (IJMR) Peer Reviewed JournalVolume: 5 | Issue: 6 | June 2019 || SJIF Impact Factor: 5.148 ISSN (Online): 2455 - 3662TEXT CATEGORIZATION USING CLUSTERING ANDCLASSIFICATION MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMSVIA NLPPatil Kiran Sanjay 1P.G. Studen tDepartment of Comp EngineeringSharadchandra Pawar…...
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Geospatial data or geographic information refers to the data
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Geospatial data or geographic information refers to the data that contains information about geographic location in space. Our world is currently undergoing the largest wave of spatial data growth in history to make spatial information as one of the key disruptive features of the big data era (Version, Nations, & Council, 2017). Spatial data has resulted in a significant expansion in the user community in a variety of research and business fields as it provides substantial added value for decision…...
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Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics
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Question One Differentiate between Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics. What types of tools/data are used in each of these analytics? Answer: Descriptive analytics Descriptive, that uses business intelligence and information mining to ask: What has happened?. Asking “What has happened?”, descriptive analytics mines data to produce trending data on past or current events that can offer realty, facilities and quality managers the context they have for future actions. Descriptive analytics might begin by providing a static read of the past, however…...
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Sentiment Analysis on Large Scale Amazon Product Reviews 201819
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Sentiment Analysis on Large Scale Amazon Product Reviews 2018-19 1 Introduction 1.1 Goals and Objectives The project is based on a subset of machine learning known as Sentiment Analysis. The idea is that on shopping websites like Amazon, for every product there can be thousands of reviews that can be highly contradicting in nature, so going through each and every review might not be possible and the purpose of writing reviews is defeated. Our aim is to develop an application…...
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Sentiment Analysis of Play Store App Reviews
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Sentiment analysis is a process of classifying the user opinions or sentiments expressed in the form of text. Google play store is providing several applications in their store and also a option to the user to rate particular application and write the op inion of the user in the dorm of reviews . Sentiment analysis of this user reviews will be very useful in knowing the detailed opinion the user so that accurate opinion of the users can be determined.…...
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Student Name Ronalu A. Villa MLIS-2 LIS 216 Methods of ResearchInstructor Dr. Genesis Naparan Final RequirementPhenomenon Selection of tools and resourcesTitle Selection tools and resources: School libraryReview of Related LiteratureSelection of tools and resources are reviewed here due to the necessity to fully understand its importance. In this study they will be cross analyze to determine the differences and effects to the school library program.According to Agee, (2003) selection is the heart of good library collection building. Selection defines as "the process of…...
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termpaper fromatted
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Requirement Engineering and Analytics for Health CareDealing with the missing dataSai Sindhu PallapuneediUniversity of Cincinnati,Cincinnati, United States of [email protected]— The use of analytics in health care domain is gaining importance in the recent past. Many medical centers and hospitals are realizing the need to implement analytics in order to provide better healthcare. Based on the medical data that is provided, analytics can help in drawing useful predictions. The merge of requirement engineering with analytics is evolving since it takes into…...
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Detailed Project Proposal – SECTION 1 & 2
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SECTION 11.1 Detailed Research QuestionThe project idea is designed to help companies to learn about the behaviours of their customers as well as determine their standing in the current market by analysing public’s posts from social media, in this case, tweets from Twitter. The project will be developed as an Android mobile platform for the ease of use for the users. The main functions of the app are to collect tweets based on one or more specific keywords or hashtags and…...
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Sentimental Analysis framework for Twitter Streaming
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Sentimental Analysis framework for Twitter Streaming DataMaunika Nittala Prajkta R. BhandarwarDept. of Information Technology Dept. of Information TechnologyAbstract: Twitter is an online social networking service with more than 300 million users, generating a huge amount of information every day. Twitter’s most important characteristic is its ability for users to tweet about events, situations, feelings, opinions, or even something totally new. This study focuses on analysing social activity resulting from various tweets. Social set analysis consists of a generative framework for…...
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Business Academic Skills
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Learning Outcomes: * Identify the referencing format for various genres of literature. * Compile a reference list for various genres of literature. * Summarise relevant data in a resource. * Identify and record the usefulness of resources for a given assessment task. Rationale: * Acknowledging sources is an important part of good written communication skills. At university, students who do not cite in-text or include the full bibliographical details will be investigated for academic misconduct.At work, employers are increasingly requiring…...
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Study Guide Mis 691 Chapter 2
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Study Guide MIS 691 Midterm Chapter 2 2. 2 Entity: One theme or topic; something of importance to a user that needs to be represented in a database. In the entity-relationship model, entities are restricted to things that can be represented by a single table. An example of this is in the EMPLOYEE table; data about the entity (the employee) is in the table rows and data about the entity’s attributes are in the rows. 2. List the characteristics a…...
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Medical Coding
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To come up with a reliable and proper health information system, we need to understand various sections of the information system that form its underlying pillars. These include: • Database characteristics and structure A database is an organization of data in a logical form. “Data” is a body of fact or figures, which have been collected systematically for one or more specific purposes. It can exist in the forms of linguistic expressions (e. g. name, age, address, date, ownership), symbolic…...
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Computerization of the Medical Records
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CHAPTER I Introduction Computer-based patient records is a system in which its function are becoming an essential technology for health care in part because the information management challenges were being faced by health care professionals that are increasing daily. The system stores data regarding additional medical information records in a relational database. Most published studies to date have been in the area of keeping the records safety. The database is a general setting of compiling not only the records of…...
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Data Models of Accounting Information Systems
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In Accounting Information Systems, the object is the economic entrepreneur and the information store which is needed in a structural way so the data may be consistent and integrated. Reality modeling of the components around the economic unit is very important for building an obedient system which stores the information ABA the economic unit. In the beginning of Accounting Information Systems modeling of the data was made by materializing the processes of the economic unit into process which the computer…...
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Academic degree
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Therefore the relationship will be M:N legislations. However, the we can use the multivolume attribute to combine all the degrees in to one entity, for instance, we can name the entity as DEGREE and put PhD, Master, and Bachelor in it. One problem we need to consider is that it will be very difficult to count them as all the information are gathered within the same entity. Bert Reply Quote Message unread Set Flag Rave Koran Mallard "An employee may…...
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Documents in a Business Environment
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A high quality printer is a must for quality print outs, also a high quality photocopier so you get a neat clear print. A scanner is also very useful so you scan comments to their original form. To make the documents look good quality you can add pictures to the document to give it a friendly look e. G. Adding your company logo. You should also use a simple layout for a near look using a font size that everyone…...
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Database Security for Organizations
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- 1 - Database Security *) GUNTHER PERNUL Institut fur Angewandte Informatik und Informationssysteme Abteilung fur Information Engineering Universitat Wien Vienna, Austria 1. Introduction 1. 1 The Relational Data Model Revisited 1. 2 The Vocabulary of Security and Major DB Security Threats 2. Database Security Models 2. 1 Discretionary Security Models 2. 2 Mandatory Security Models 2. 3 Adapted Mandatory Access Control Model 2. 4 Personal Knowledge Approach 2. 5 Clark and Wilson Model 2. 6 A Final Note on…...
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Database project proposal
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The Queue is a company that provides service to customers by helping them buy products. Customers can order not only hot products that spent much time to queue, but also simple products for helping customers save their times. For example: Concert tickets, Garrett popcorn, Cataracts' buy one free one promotion, or Jams books at the national book fair. Customers can contact with our company by using our websites to ask for the information and order products. Customers must register as…...
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Introduction To Oman Oil Marketing Company Information Technology Essay
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Database can be considered as a bank of informations. Its an indispensable manner for informations aggregation, storage and retrieval ; facilitates the transmutation of informations into information and the direction of both informations and information. I will be depicting Database System used Oman Oil Marketing Company S.A.O.G ( OOMCO ) .Introduction to Oman Oil Marketing CompanyOman Oil foremost established in 1957 as British Petroleum ( BP ) . In August 1998 BP floated and was registered as an Omani public…...
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Database Design P1, M1 & D1
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Database is a topographic point to hive away tonss of informations. conceive of it as a elephantine practical filling cabinet that can be organized in many ways. There’s package called ( DBMS ) which stands for database direction system which allows the user to pull off informations in database such as ; create. delete or update.EntitiesEntities are objects with important mass and intent. in database entities are tabular arraies. Every tabular array contains many fields/attributes. The user must make a…...
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Data Verification and Validation
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These are some of the useful characteristics, which make using a database program much more efficient than such programs as desktop publisher or Microsoft excel. Databases are much more malleable than other afore-mentioned programs, they can either be a single file containing a large number of records or a collection of related files. Most modern databases are relational, this word describes the way in which the data is organised within the database. A relational database stores data in tables that…...
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History and Usages of Digital Library
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Digital Library An electronic library ( conversationally referred to as a digital library ) is a library in which aggregations are stored in electronic media formats ( as opposed to publish. microform. or other media ) and accessible via computing machines. [ 1 ] Wikipedia: VerifiabilityThe electronic content may be stored locally. or accessed remotely via computing machine webs. An electronic library is a type of information retrieval system. In the context of the DELOS [ 2 ] . a…...
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