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The Encryption Methods in the Technological Research
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Abstract Encrypted image-based reversible data hiding (EIRDH) is a relatively popular and commonly used technique for hiding information. In encrypted image-based reversible data hiding, there are typically three common entities namely; the image provider, which is commonly referred to as the "context owner", the data hider and the data receiver. All the EIRDH have to hold a shared key in the data hiding process. Essentially, the image provider sends the entity for hiding data the encrypted image through encrypting a…...
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Use of Cryptography
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Cryptography has been in practice dating back to the Greeks of classical times and some ciphers have even been seen carved in stone in Egyptian times. These civilizations practiced cryptography with the goal of sending messages with confidentiality. Students of cryptography today learn about the “Caesar cipher”, a form of substitution cipher used by Julis Caesar to communicate with his generals. Whether through history class or movies we’ve seen the stories of the Enigma machine used by Nazi Germany during…...
Polygraphic system called Hill Cipher
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Introduction We live in a world which is changing rapidly, in the past messages were transmitted via envelopes to ensure the privacy. Now that things have changed messages are now transmitted via the internet, whether its by email or other social networks. The question which is asked the most, is the information transmitted from object A to B safe or secure from third parties. The field that deals with the study of transmitting information in a private manner is known…...
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Database Security and Encryption: Encoding Techniques
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Administrations are progressively trusting on the distributed information systems to derive productiveness and efficiency advantages, but at the same clip are going more vulnerable to security menaces. Database systems are an built-in constituent of this distributed information system and keep all the information which enables the whole system to work. A database can be defined as a shared aggregation of logically related informations and a description of this information, designed to run into the information demands of an organisation. A…...
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