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Bamboo Bliss: The Legacy of Pandas at the San Diego Zoo
Words • 527
Pages • 3
In the rolling hills of California's sun-soaked city, the San Diego Zoo has long been a treasure trove of wildlife, offering sanctuary to an incredible diversity of creatures. Among its many attractions, one of the most iconic and beloved were the giant pandas. The story of the pandas at the San Diego Zoo is one that has captured hearts and minds, and although they have since returned to China, their legacy continues to thrive.The panda love affair began in the…...
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Organ Transplantation
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Organ transplantation became one of the major achivements of the let century. Using this method, doctors are able to save more and more lives every day. Although organ transplanting is still in a the early stage of development, many people consider it as a life saving procedure Several human organs can be transplanted from deceased people for example, hearts, lungs or pancreas. But there are also people who are alive and willing to donate an organ to someone who is…...
Similarities and Differences Between Pi from Yann Martel’s
Words • 640
Pages • 3
It takes many specific qualities to overcome obstacles and manage to survive in extreme conditions. In “Life of Pi ” by Yann Martel, Pi, the protagonist is stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, with a tiger as his only companion. While “The Story of Keesh” by Jack London is about a young boy who faces the challenge of gathering food to feed his struggling village, Fortunately, the protagonists are equipped with the necessary traits. In both…...
HuntingLife Of PiPsychologyTiger
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Animals in Life of Pi
Words • 814
Pages • 4
Piscine Molitor Patel is stranded on a lifeboat with a vicious tiger, a deadly hyena, a motherly orangutan, and a hopeless zebra. You think death would be imminent for Pi, but Pi uses his knowledge to battle these animals. Yann Martel puts the animal’s traits into Pi‘s emotions in his book Life of Pt'. The animals on the lifeboat share a greater meaning than the obstacles in his survival, each one shares different emotions that play a key part into…...
AnimalsLife Of PiPsychologyTiger
The Theme of of Conquering One’s Fears in the Book Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Words • 1091
Pages • 5
Survival is a big thing in everyday life, from just making money to feed families and live a happy life, to the struggling of having all the necessity essential for life. In the book, Life ofPi, by Yann Martel the journey that Pi experiences clearly portrays the big idea of survivali Pi’s journey out in the sea made him realize that only he can save himself so he must make wise decisions and conquer his inner fearsi In the end,…...
Life Of PiMemoryPhilosophyTiger
Film vs Novel Excerpt: Life of Pi
Words • 360
Pages • 2
In both film and novel excerpts of The Life of Pi, Pi is alone on a lifeboat with a tiger, after the ship he was on sank. Even though both film and the novel have the same general idea, they differ in some parts. One difference was that in novel, hunger was emphasized in the beginning. "I thought of sustenance for the first time". This shows that hunger was emphasized earlier in the novel excerpt. Pi thought about sustenance the…...
AnimalsLife Of PiTransport
Environmental Ethics on the Topic of Animal Testing
Words • 772
Pages • 4
Are animals moral beings? Is it morally right for a person to test products on animals? I ask my self these questions when it comes to the topic of animal testing. All Iivmg organisms are part of an ongoing cycle; from the tiny panicles in the air to plants to human beings, were all correlated in one way or another. All the things in between plants and humans need to be present for existence because one could not be present…...
Animal TestingAnimalsEnvironmental EthicsScience
A Day of Fishing and Swimming
Words • 699
Pages • 3
It was a beautiful sunny day to pack up and drive to South Padre Island Beach. As I got closer, I rolled the windows down as I crossed over the bridge of beautiful ocean water and my hair blew in the wind. At times, it appeared the bridge would never reach the other side. Once I arrive on the other side, it felt like the first time the thrill of going to eat, fish, and swim in the ocean. First,…...
Cage With Giant Rhinos
Words • 1057
Pages • 5
But you must leave us alone¨ the girl smiled and went back into the thick brush. The kids found their way home and saw that Meek lay on the ground in a pool of blood. The kids shrieked and their dad came running to them and smiled and said ¨ my children, alive once again¨ they all hugged each other and the dad said ¨I want you to meet your new mom Lacie¨ the kids cheered and hugged Lacie. They…...
The Methods to Protect the Black Rhino Populations from Poaching
Words • 1546
Pages • 7
Ecosystems can change for a multitude of reasons, and most often the cause of this change is progress for society and humanity. Farmland is upturned. forests are cut down and burned for economic means and for society's convenience Africa has experienced this to a great extent due to their abundance of natural resources. Their natural resources are sold and distributed to help support their communities however the way this is done is quite deteriorating to the ecosystem they are in.…...
HuntingNatural EnvironmentPoachingRhino
Dual Soft Rain Titles
Words • 606
Pages • 3
Within seconds all is destroyed buildings, people, and animals, but nature still thrives in every way. Survivors try 0 run away but start to die from disease within a day. Rubble is blown away by the lonely wind, and animals run astray, the sun beams down with sorrow and pity at the dark, destroyed, and dead city. This is what the city looks like in the short story “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury because of…...
AnimalsBiologyLiteratureThere Will Come Soft Rains
Habituation & Relative Size in Lord of the Rings
Words • 377
Pages • 2
When it comes to sensation, our brains have a lot of data it has to pull in. The specific organs that take in these signals are called our sense organs and include the ears, eyes, nose, skin, and taste buds, Because of the sheer volumes of senses our brain is trying to process and interpret, some of the signals we receive get ignored by our brain. There are several different reasons for this One of these reasons is known as…...
BrainPsychologyThe Lord Of The RingsZoology
The Nature of Orangutan or Pongo Pygmaeus
Words • 3029
Pages • 13
Despite being one of man's closest living primate relatives, we know very little about the orangutan. Although it was once distributed throughout much of Asia in the Pleistocene, the orangutan is now only found in two places: Sumatra and Borneo (Goossens, 2009) and is the only great ape that lives exclusively on the Asian continent. The orangutan was first assigned the name Simia satyrus in the early seventeenth century, but in 1927 the name was changed to Pongo pygmaeus by…...
Why I Chose the Work of a Zoologist
Words • 801
Pages • 4
I selected this job becaue I really love animals. I think I would enjoy taking care of animals, I wouldn t do this job for the pay I would do it to learn more about animals, and because I love animals. If there is a hurt animal in the community, I might be able to help it and show others how to care for the animal. If someone wanted to know more about an animal, I can either tell them…...
An Analysis of the Study of the Field of Zoology
Words • 594
Pages • 3
Zoologists study the animals of our world, and try to understand their actions, their origin, their diseases, and just plain what they do everyday to survive. When zoologists study those animals, they aren t usually studying them in a classroom, they are out in the environment the organism lives in. For the common human-being, it is important to be able to understand the findings and observations of the zoologist. The better the zoologist communicates with us humans, the better of…...
Dr Archie Carr’s 1956 Turtle Publication
Words • 1446
Pages • 6
Originally published in 1956, The Windward Road documents Dr. Archie Carr's travels through the Caribbean in search of sea turtles. The Professor of Zoology at the University of Florida who would come to be known as the leading expert on sea turtle biology started off in search of the elusive Kemp's ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempii). The mysterious specimen with no known natural history information led him from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology through to the beaches in Florida, before…...
A Personal Recount of Volunteering at the Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Words • 947
Pages • 4
I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at the Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Ogden (minus the long drive) because I'm not only able to help these animals throughout their painful rehabilitation process, but the professionals up there are willing to teach you about the rehabilitation process and each species they work with on a daily basis. One of the most interesting cases I was able to work with was a baby golden eagle who had been in the rehabilitation center for over…...
The Traveling of the Ivory on the Black Market
Words • 449
Pages • 2
Poaching elephants for their ivory had been on the rise between the 1970s and 1980s (tvearchive, 2016). This illegal practice has substantially lessened the number of African elephants and poses a threat to ecology and nature by endangering elephants. Poaching, which is mostly a common problem in Africa, has terrorized specific regions within Africa that lacks effective wildlife protection authority. This essay will explore the uses of ivory, analyze the arguments that are for the ivory ban and that are…...
ElephantNatural EnvironmentTraveling
Top Attachment Example: Sant Ocean Hall
Words • 721
Pages • 3
The exhibit I chose at the Museum of Natural History that I felt related to attachment is known as the Sam Ocean Hall. It is known for its huge blue space and a giant whale located in the middle In this exhibit, they showed off the beauty of ocean creatures and sea mammals. I have always felt ocean life always had a unique way of communicating to each other and that they always had amazing attachment qualities. The way ocean…...
The Chaotic Transformation of the Ocean Environment Today
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Everybody loves the beach. Warm sand beneath your feet, waves calmly crashing to the ground, beautiful wildlife both in and around the water... all reasons to fall in love with the ocean. However, what if 1 told you that our oceans are undergoing extreme changes due to the amount of excess C02 we release into the air? According to the Smithsonian Institution, ocean water has become 30% more acidic in the past 200 years, which is faster than any known…...
Paradise Destruction
Words • 880
Pages • 4
Dante however is mere mortal suffering for redemption for an unspecified sin. Dante is searching for his great love and the love of God.  His journey begins when he finds himself lost in the dark forest, more symbolism, symbolic of his being lost in life and having strayed from righteousness and the path of God. Dante spots the sun shining upon a mountain, symbolism again for light, goodness, and redemption.  Dante attempts to climb it as a means to find his way…...
The Three Beasts
Words • 2275
Pages • 10
The three major categories of sin in Dante’s Inferno are; lust, pride, and greed. The three beasts at the beginning of the Inferno represent these three sins. The leopard, lion, and she-wolf all are described to subtly let the reader know what they are representing. Each is similar in appearance to being fierce and dangerous but all have different characteristics to make each distinct from the other. The leopard represents lust. When Dante describes the leopard as “trim and very…...
Words • 1553
Pages • 7
Humans have evolved from apes and early human species to what inhabits the planet today, homo sapiens. Bipedalism separated the first humans from apes and other four-legged animals. Large and complex brains were starting to develop when the first stone tools were found around 2.5 million years ago. The most recent human trait to be developed around 100 to 200,000 years ago, the capacity for language. These traits were achievable because the size of the skulls and brains for homo…...
Everything You Need to Know about Traveling to Antarctica
Words • 1130
Pages • 5
Climate Before you begin to plan a trip to Antarctica you must be fully aware of the challenging climate you’ll be living in. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, and harshest continent. The cold climate is caused by multiple factors. Antarctica has high latitude, this causes the sunlight to hit its surface at a low angle of incidence. For this reason, Antarctica has austral winters and summers. During austral summer, there is sunlight 20-22 hours a day from September 21st to…...
Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Pigs
Words • 1607
Pages • 7
For the prevention and control of infectious diseases, it is imperative to know the transmission dynamics of the causative agents. Studies from other endemic states of India reveal that the majority of the human JE cases appear during monsoon and post-monsoon season (Kulkarni et al., 2018). And there are reports of the occurrence of human JE cases in epidemic proportion in certain geographical areas where previously very few human JE cases were reported which warrants an in-depth study on the…...
Where the Money Is?
Words • 1393
Pages • 6
The agricultural industry is an intricate and vital fragment of our daily lives. Yet, the same industry that is feeding us every day, is causing obstructive impacts on people directly affected by it and the environment. The meat industry, specifically the pork industry, is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation such as water quality in certain areas which affects in turn has hurt people near these industrial hog farms. In Barry Estabrook’s’ “Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for…...
Passion for Pig Farming
Words • 836
Pages • 4
I was first introduced to the Swine Industry the summer going into my freshman year. I knew little then about how market hogs and the process but now I can say I know more than I did when I started. All in all, pigs are very complex and I have fallen in love with raising them. There are many different aspects to this industry and I am here to give a brief overview of the swine industry, swine production, and…...
Conflicts are Ways in Which People Grow
Words • 586
Pages • 3
Good authors usually incorporate conflict into their stories. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses conflicts to develop the characterization of Jack throughout the story. Golding illustrates Jack through both internal and external conflicts. Jack is defined through internal conflicts that he experiences. Jack and two other boys from the island had just encountered their first pig, “The three boys rushed forward and Jack drew his knife again with a flourish. He raised his arm in the air. There…...
LP on the Border
Words • 1026
Pages • 5
Man, it's weird on the border of the forest and desert. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself my name is little pig, but people call me LP for short which stands for little pig. I am a farmer's pig and so are my mom and dad. Are farmer is mean and sometimes whips daddy and mommy because they aren't going fast enough. The worst part of this is that we don't get fed enough, so we can't go fast…...
Animal Rights in Deniord’s Work
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
While human life is the main priority of the general public, millions across the world value the lives of animals equally and fight daily for their protection. Deniord dives deep into animal rights, writing two pieces describing the gruesome deaths of innocent animals. Confession of a Bird Watcher, a depiction of a bird watcher's daily horror show, demonstrates the bystander's constant guilt, and how human industrialization is killing negligent birds. Whereas In the Grass portrays the witness intervening to attempt…...
Animal CrueltyPersuasionRhetoric
The Reality of Animal Cruelty in Zoos, Animal Experimentation and Poaching
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Imagine you are trapped inside a wire cage only big enough for you to crouch down on your hands and knees. There is no padding underneath, only four metal wire walls. You cannot turn around or stretch out. There isn't even enough room for you to lie down completely. You're terrified, confused, alone, and helpless. This is the reality that countless numbers of animals have faced. Although there are many people who fight for animals' rights, there are still those…...
Animal CrueltyElephantHunting
The Characteristics of the Aye-Aye, an Endangered Species
Words • 724
Pages • 3
The next species I had the pleasure of observing was the Aye-Aye, also known by its scientific name, daubenlania madugascuriensis, The Aye—Aye belongs to the Promisian family. Unfortunately, the Aye-Aye is endangered due to it being thought of as a crop pest and the superstition that the creature is a bad omen. The bulk of the species spends its life exclusively in Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world found in the Indian Ocean. The Aye-Aye is spread fairly…...
AnimalsEndangered SpeciesZoology
Save Wolves on Endangered List
Words • 614
Pages • 3
Some see them as a threat to humanity Others think they are the epitome of evilr They are feared for their cunning, disguised as grandmothers to devour helpless little girls. They are notorious for their ferocity, able to blow down houses of straw or sticks in a single breath. They are wolves. Prejudices against wolves have built up for centuries. In ancient cultures they were known as “hell-hounds." And yet even in a nation with people as open-minded as in…...
The Declaration of Pandas as Animals Removed from the Endangered Species List
Words • 274
Pages • 2
An international group has declared pandas are no longer an endangered species. However, they are now considered to be vulnerable rather than endangered, This was made possible through several years of conservation China, is not too concerned with these issues, even though the panda has much symbolism to this country. These animals can reverse back to the endangered list if proper actions do not continue. Pandas face several problems, that make it difficult to keep the species preserved Amongst these…...
AnimalsEcologyEndangered Species
A Personal Account of the Importance of Patience While Fishing for Marlin
Words • 1079
Pages • 5
Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the water is the color of an emerald in the sun and as warm as a hot bath When you head out to deeper water, you see darker patches of seal Mysterious murky patches of colder water that loom beneath each vessel awaiting its demise While floating above one of these dark patches, I learned that patience is not only a virtue but a necessity when fishing for marlini The story begins…...
Canine Epilespy
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
Epilepsy in canines is a neurological disorder where they experience more than two seizures by any type of cause. Seizures can be divided into two types generalized or focal. Generalized is when both sides of the brain are involved. This is when movements in the bilateral muscles in the brain either abnormal increase or decrease. These muscles in the brain are involuntary. To know if the patient is going into a generalized seizure instead of a focal seizure both sides…...
Dog Breeds
Artificial Selection
Words • 624
Pages • 3
Gray and Green Treefrogs are alike in many aspects, they both eat insects, live on foliage, and lay their eggs in pools of water. Their habitats can overlap but one is not suited for both areas. The Gray Treefrog is better suited for the dark tree bark in the woods, which is farther north, where they are harder to see, and they favor short-term pools of water. The Green Treefrog is better suited to the green grasses in the wetlands,…...
Dog Breeds
Divergence of Wolves and Dogs
Words • 949
Pages • 4
The divergence between wolves and dogs was caused because of artificial selection. Throughout many generations, dogs have developed obedience and temper. These two qualities were strengthened by a population bottleneck. Although there are countless physical and behavioral differences between dogs and wolves, these two animals still have analogous genomes. The main difference between the wolf and the dog is that genes in each animal are expressed in different ways due to artificial selection. If we were to perform a phylogenetic…...
Dog Breeds
The Dominance of a Dogs’ Paw 
Words • 404
Pages • 2
Hello and Welcome To Ella’s Science Fair Research Paper!!!!! This background research paper is about how dogs could have a dominant paw. In this paper, you will learn about dogs, how they use their paws, and if they tend to use their left or right paw the most. Some say most female dogs are mostly right-pawed, while male dogs are mostly left-pawed. Ella will try to answer why people say that in this presentation. Ella will also be finding out…...
Dog Breeds
Does Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) do More Harm than Good? 
Words • 661
Pages • 3
Introduction: The National Canine Research Council (NCRC) defines breed-specific legislation as any law that prohibits or restricts the keeping of specific dog breeds, or mixes of breeds. Over 700 cities throughout the U.S. alone, have implemented BSL to improve the quality of life among community residents (ASPCA, 2018). However, there’s no scientific evidence that supports the idea that these laws make cities safer. BSL most commonly targets American Pit Bull Terriers but also targets a large variety of dog breeds…...
Dog Breeds
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Why I Chose the Work of a Zoologist
...By 2006 12,000 animal caretakers are projected to be employed with 2,830 openings due to separations and 1680 due to growth over the ten year period 1996-2006. You may be able to fine work in zoos, pet shops, verterniary hospitals, animal research ce...
Where the Money Is?
...The benefits that the shareholders reap are a result of the economic system that the pork industry follows. The pork industry follows a system of vertical integration, meaning that every step of their production process is controlled by the same comp...
Conflicts are Ways in Which People Grow
...In conclusion, Jack is defined by his internal conflicts, the pig, and his thirst for power. At the beginning of the book, Jack was civilized, but throughout the story, the enormity of slaughtering a pig and the embarrassment of his actions led to hi...
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