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Sant Ocean Hall as the Best Example of Attachment in the Museum of Natural History
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Pages • 3
The exhibit I chose at the Museum of Natural History that I felt related to attachment is known as the Sam Ocean Hall. It is known for its huge blue space and a giant whale located in the middle In this exhibit, they showed off the beauty of ocean creatures and sea mammals. I have always felt ocean life always had a unique way of communicating to each other and that they always had amazing attachment qualities. The way ocean…...
The Chaotic Transformation of the Ocean Environment Today
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Everybody loves the beach. Warm sand beneath your feet, waves calmly crashing to the ground, beautiful wildlife both in and around the water... all reasons to fall in love with the ocean. However, what if 1 told you that our oceans are undergoing extreme changes due to the amount of excess C02 we release into the air? According to the Smithsonian Institution, ocean water has become 30% more acidic in the past 200 years, which is faster than any known…...
The Three Beasts
Words • 2275
Pages • 10
The three major categories of sin in Dante’s Inferno are; lust, pride, and greed. The three beasts at the beginning of the Inferno represent these three sins. The leopard, lion, and she-wolf all are described to subtly let the reader know what they are representing. Each is similar in appearance to being fierce and dangerous but all have different characteristics to make each distinct from the other. The leopard represents lust. When Dante describes the leopard as “trim and very…...
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Words • 1553
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Humans have evolved from apes and early human species to what inhabits the planet today, homo sapiens. Bipedalism separated the first humans from apes and other four-legged animals. Large and complex brains were starting to develop when the first stone tools were found around 2.5 million years ago. The most recent human trait to be developed around 100 to 200,000 years ago, the capacity for language. These traits were achievable because the size of the skulls and brains for homo…...
Animal Rights and Animal Cruelty in Confession of a Bird Watcher and In the Grass by Deniord
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
While human life is the main priority of the general public, millions across the world value the lives of animals equally and fight daily for their protection. Deniord dives deep into animal rights, writing two pieces describing the gruesome deaths of innocent animals. Confession of a Bird Watcher, a depiction of a bird watcher's daily horror show, demonstrates the bystander's constant guilt, and how human industrialization is killing negligent birds. Whereas In the Grass portrays the witness intervening to attempt…...
Animal CrueltyPersuasionRhetoric
The Reality of Animal Cruelty in Zoos, Animal Experimentation and Poaching
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Imagine you are trapped inside a wire cage only big enough for you to crouch down on your hands and knees. There is no padding underneath, only four metal wire walls. You cannot turn around or stretch out. There isn't even enough room for you to lie down completely. You're terrified, confused, alone, and helpless. This is the reality that countless numbers of animals have faced. Although there are many people who fight for animals' rights, there are still those…...
Animal CrueltyElephantHunting
How Can America Efficiently Solve the Problems of Animal Cruelty?
Words • 953
Pages • 4
America has been considered a "safe haven” for individuals across the world. Even in Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle", citizens from Lithuania saw America as a place for prosperity. Unfortunately in our "great” nation, more than 48.1 million citizens are starving every single day. More than 15% of our nation is in poverty, and citizens are spend 10% of their income on food alone. Additionally, expenses are only increasing when looking at the price of rent, gas, and necessities increasing.…...
Animal CrueltyPovertyUnited States
The Characteristics of the Aye-Aye, an Endangered Species
Words • 724
Pages • 3
The next species I had the pleasure of observing was the Aye-Aye, also known by its scientific name, daubenlania madugascuriensis, The Aye—Aye belongs to the Promisian family. Unfortunately, the Aye-Aye is endangered due to it being thought of as a crop pest and the superstition that the creature is a bad omen. The bulk of the species spends its life exclusively in Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world found in the Indian Ocean. The Aye-Aye is spread fairly…...
AnimalsEndangered SpeciesZoology
The Declaration of Pandas as Animals Removed from the Endangered Species List
Words • 274
Pages • 2
An international group has declared pandas are no longer an endangered species. However, they are now considered to be vulnerable rather than endangered, This was made possible through several years of conservation China, is not too concerned with these issues, even though the panda has much symbolism to this country. These animals can reverse back to the endangered list if proper actions do not continue. Pandas face several problems, that make it difficult to keep the species preserved Amongst these…...
AnimalsEcologyEndangered Species
Half-Earth Project is Contributing to Saving Life on Earth
Words • 426
Pages • 2
Half-Earth Project has a concept that explains how half of the Earth is protected but the other half isn't. In addition, the meaning of this is if we as people prevent the wasteful or harmful use of half the land and sea, there is a possibility that 85% of all species can be kept safe from extinction when they enter the safe territory. The desired result of the Half-Earth Project is to get others to begin saving our planet, and…...
Animal ExtinctionAnimals
Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction Reflection Paper
Words • 904
Pages • 4
“Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction” is a documentary that featured and investigated about the growing threat to Earth’s life systems due to loss of biodiversity. This video is a warning: mass extinction is happening on this Earth and human behaviors are only accelerating this process. If this current trend continues, scientists predict that within a few decades at least half of all plant and animal species on Earth will disappear forever. Through interviews with various experts in different…...
Animal ExtinctionAnimals
The Role of Zoos in Biodiversity Conservation
Words • 2219
Pages • 9
The thought of another extinction sits and weighs on many of our heads today. Something as massive and horrendous as this, leading you to believe only such a horrific event could cause this, like when our planet was hit by an asteroid over 65 million years ago, wiping out almost a hundred percent of prehistoric mammoths. But as we sit here, going day to day, living out our lives, the more simplistic things to a more obvious cause, like the…...
Animal ExtinctionAnimals
De-extinction Is a Risky Ecological Experiment
Words • 1265
Pages • 6
A roar shakes the trees, awe-inspiring and titanic in its sound. From out of the foliage it strides, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is an image hundreds of thousands of movie-goers are familiar with, one captured in the famous Jurassic Park with Spielberg’s world-class talent, but did the T-rex really sound anything like that? Did it look anything like that? We can’t possibly know, because the creature has been extinct for roughly sixty-six million years. Or at least, that’s what we…...
Animal ExtinctionAnimals
Animal Extinction in Our World
Words • 1593
Pages • 7
Human activity such as fishing, hunting, and marine litters are causing a huge amount of aquatic and terrestrial animals to die. About thousands of animals go extinct every year, mostly because of human related actions or of natural causes. Animals, terrestrial or aquatic, serve many different purposes on humans everyday life. One of the main reasons animals are being killed is because they are part of the human diet. Other times they serve for entertainment purposes. This continuous abuse is…...
Animal ExtinctionHuntingWater
Wastewater Treatment Plant Effects on Foraging Ecology of Bats
Words • 480
Pages • 2
The quality of water can have effects on insects, which would therefore have an effect on the bats as well. The area of study is the Cape Fear River Basin (CFRB) in North Carolina. The creeks where study was conducted are the North and South Buffalo Creek, because this is where the CFRB headwaters are and both receive point-source nitrogen effluent from the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs). The four species of bat that are common in Buffalo Creek are: red…...
AnimalsWastewater Treatment
Long Essay: Female Artists 
Words • 686
Pages • 3
Lying with the wolf by Kiki Smith was made in 2001 c.e and it is ink and pencil on paper. Kiki Smith painted with a point of view that females have a lot of strength and that they could overpower anything and she also painted showing women's close and intimate relationship with nature and animals, primarily wolves. In the drawing it shows a nude woman holding a wolf close to her and the wolf is nuzzling against her. Usually wolves…...
Animal Welfare and Food Safety
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
“Food integrity and humane handling whistleblowers should not have to rely on an undercover video investigation in order for USDA supervisors to take their disclosures seriously,” Dr. Wyatt told the subcommittee. “It seems almost unbelievable to me,” he said, “but I have been ignored by my own people and have suffered physically, emotionally, and financially in the process. More importantly, animal welfare and food safety have suffered as well.” Turn this situation around and being attentive to enforcement is critical,…...
Animal WelfareAnimalsFood
Mary Wollstonecraft Spoke Out Against Injustice Against Women
Words • 823
Pages • 4
During the early nineteenth century, women and slaves had few rights. From birth to their deathbeds, other people, their parents, spouses and slave owners, told them how to act, think, and even speak. Women and slaves weren’t allowed to do anything for themselves. The cruel treatment of slaves and the slave trade lasted for over 300 years and into the Romantic period in Britain. The buying and selling of slaves helped boost the economy in Britain, which became the main…...
Animal RightsMary WollstonecraftSlavery
George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”
Words • 672
Pages • 3
Reilly Cullen Moss English 6 15 November 2018 Rafael Trujillo and how he is like Napoleon in Animal Farm George Orwell’s Animal Farm was a book about rebellion and dictatorship in communist Russia. He wrote this book for other reasons too. He wrote it not just too represent Russia and their dictators, but all the dictators and rebellions in the world. He wrote it to show that all rebellions come back to what they had before and were useless. In…...
Animal FarmAnimalsDictatorship
Not All Animals Are Suitable for the Zoo
Words • 1275
Pages • 6
Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors (ARBs) are commonly observed in many species of wild animals who are forced to live in captive environments such as zoos. These behaviors are largely studied and well understood by observing these animals in their domestic habitat and comparing their behavior with the ones held in zoos. Many experiments and studies have been carried out, some said that these newly acquired behavior patterns are not useful nor do they have a function whatsoever it can be argued…...
Animal WelfareAnimals
The Ethical Aspect of Sheep Shearing
Words • 2045
Pages • 9
Ethical questions have been brought to the forefront of national debate on whether or not sheep shearing is ethical. As a knitter, I have never thought about the process of getting the wool from sheep to knitting needles and how it may affect them. While researching the topic I discovered that the process of shearing is what allows knitters to utilize wool to make their projects. The International Wool Textile Organization is largely recognized as a regulatory organization for the…...
Animal WelfareAnimalsHealth
Industrial Farms Inhuman Treatment of Animals
Words • 1022
Pages • 5
Inhumane treatment of animals, psychological consequences, and atmospheric pollution – all of these unfavorable situations have one thing in common: factory farms. Although there are many pressing environmental issues today, those that arise due to commercial farming make this industry most detrimental. As soon as any act hinders the quality of life of another living creature, it may be considered inhumane. In Jaya Bhumitra’s “Why Factory Farming Is a Broken System Where Extreme Animal Cruelty and Abuse Is the Norm”,…...
AgricultureAnimal WelfareAnimals
Animal Rights vs Medical Research
Words • 961
Pages • 4
There are many reasons why we have to test cures on animals before we use them on people. One reason why we have to is, it’s safer than immediately testing the cures on people. A different reason is that scientist don’t understand human biology and they don’t want to risk anyone dying. There are many differences between animal rights and medical research, many animal rights activist believe animals shouldn’t be tested on even if it’s to cure disease. We use…...
Animal RightsMedical Research
The Relationship Between Humans And Animals
Words • 590
Pages • 3
In the past, people kept dogs to guard houses and cats to catch mice. However, in the recent twenty years, it has been loneliness at home that is a new problem, leading to pet craze. People have kept animals in their homes for thousands of years, but the debate over pets began decades ago. On one hand, some studies suggest that feeding animals has a direct and indirect effect on people’s physical and mental health. On the other hand, a…...
The Graduate Who Was Killed By The Lion
Words • 621
Pages • 3
Indiana University Graduate Killed By Lion, Dies. This was a headline on many news websites that struck the public's attention in our area. This graduate by the name of Alexandra Black, was doing what she loved to do. She was following her passion. She was an intern at the Conservators Center in Burlington in North Carolina for only two weeks before she was killed by a lion while she was cleaning his space. Because of this, the lion was put…...
The Role of the Lebanese Government and Its Citizens in Combating Animal Abuse
Words • 3061
Pages • 13
Abstract Violence against animals is a generalization of animal abuse. Animal abuse refers to the mistreatment of animals by humans (Perdue, Abigail, & Randall, 77). This mistreatment may come in different forms. For instance, inflicting pain and suffering to the victim animal, or generally neglecting the animal in terms of provision of daily needs and protection. The abuse of animals has been rampant in many countries with the governments and citizens alike turning a blind eye and a deaf ear…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
The Problem of Animal Abuse Around the World
Words • 720
Pages • 3
"The greatness of the world and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" (Gandhi). A large number of animals around the world are constantly being abused. Whether it is animal experimentation, research, or just "fun", it is illegal in some places, and must be stopped. This problem has not only created mayhem in the United States, but also in other countries, including Britain. Some researchers say that what they do to the animals is…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
The Issue of Animal Abuse of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Words • 1269
Pages • 6
Shut Down Aquariums Immediately For a long time the public has been outraged over Sea World entertainment parks and those affiliated with them. Recently, SeaWorld announced that they will no longer breed Killer Whales, but there's a twist. SeaWorld made the public believe they agreed to stop breeding to treat animals fairly, but they only agreed to stop breeding because it is now banned in the state of California (Hauser). This is just one of the few ways Sea World…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
The Duty of Humans to Stop Animal Abuse
Words • 575
Pages • 3
Humans are a threat, to each other and animals. Animals are loyal to humans yet we humans abuse them. We torture them in labs and supposable humane areas. 5 million warm blooded animals are tortured daily in labs around the world for human projects or research. There are anti cruelty laws yet people ignore them just to hurt the animals. Why do people abuse animals? We were all created to live on this planet in peace. Animals are innocent creatures…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
Politics, Human Nature, Science and Animal Abuse in The Mouse Petition, a Poem by Anna Barbauld
Words • 956
Pages • 4
Multi-perspective Petition In "The Mouse's Petition" Anna Barbauld offers a deep poem that can be interpreted many different ways, with elements of Politics, and human nature, scientific studies, and animal abuse. She focuses on writing something that can be of use for people of all ages, from all over the world. Through tone and personification, Barbauld teaches about ethics, power, and mercy. The poem is brilliant and interesting because no matter who is reading, they can all interpret it differently…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
Animal Abusers Should Be Brought to Justice
Words • 737
Pages • 3
Are Clothes to Kill For? The stance on whether to use animals for scientific experimentation has been very controversial to many people in society. Decisions are made to use unfortunate animals to experiment for the safety of humans, but a dog is a man's best friend, right? What's the point in harming or possibly killing the poor animal if all we use it for is our personal usage like makeup, handbags, coats, or hair-care products? Then why not use organic…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
An Analysis of a Documentary About Animal Abuse and Cruelty
Words • 566
Pages • 3
The animal abuse documentary was well organized. It started very happily with the loving of pets, which then lead up a good point. "Why hurt them?” It did bring up good evidence of Petco workers mistreating the animals during work, which is indeed cruel. An example of this is when the worker aggressively grabbed the dogs leg repeatedly in order to complete the task he or she was given. However, the problem was that there was footage of dogs in…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
A Persuasive Essay Against Animal Abuse
Words • 784
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Persuasive essays
This essay is called Why Should These Furry Creatures Take This? and its about animal abuse. Why should this strong issue be ignored? They have rights. A persuasive opinionated essay. Animal abuse is a strong issue that has been discussed for years. It is wrong and disgusting. We shouldn't be taking the lives of other living creatures for our liking. We shouldn't be taking advantage of them and their lives. There are many forms of animal abuse but mainly tormented…...
Animal AbuseAnimals
Diets Considered On Healthy
Words • 2501
Pages • 11
There are many diets that are considered healthy, two of these diets are the paleo and vegan diet. Both, people who follow a vegan and paleo diet, report increase in energy and strength. The “paleo” diet is short for “Paleolithic” since it is based off the diet of humans who lived in the paleolithic time period. People who follow the paleo diet follow it because the human “bodies and minds haven’t had time to adapt” from their diets in the…...
The Carnival of Animals
Words • 909
Pages • 4
I had the chance to see The Carnival of Animals by Camille Saint Sanës which was performed by the Zagreb Music Academy Chamber Orchestra in Zagreb , Croatia and was performed on January 1st 2011. This classical piece has fourteen movements and had many different kinds of instruments, from pianos, violins, violas, cellos, to double bass , clarinet , flute and xylophone . Carnival of Animals is a classical piece in which its fourteen movements portrays different kinds of animals.…...
AnimalsConcert Review
Spirit Animals Book 2 Hunted  
Words • 652
Pages • 3
The main characters of this book are four Greencloaks that are named Rollan, Abeke, Conor, and Meilin. Rollam was a main protagonist. He is a thirteen or fourteen year-old boy. He is the summoner of Essix the falcon. He is the oldest of the four with short dark brown hair or black hair with brown eyes. He refuses to trust any of his fellow Greencloaks. Abeke has brown eyes, black hair and dark brown skin. She has a ponytail of…...
The Ethical Dilemma of Whether Humans Should Conserve or Ignore Wildlife Habitats
Words • 633
Pages • 3
This ethical dilemma can also be referred to as wildlife management. Humans have always used wildlife to their advantage, whether it be for food, clothing, weapons, or any other resources they required. Wildlife management is more important in today’s time than the beginning of history when humans were using non-human animals for all their resources. This is because the affects towards nonhuman animal environments as well as the species themselves has had a major impact on humans. “Expanding human demands…...
Animal RightsAnimalsHumanity
The Rights to Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness
Words • 906
Pages • 4
The founding fathers of the United States considered the rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness to be inherent and inalienable, and although rights have a moral basis, they are upheld through the law; however, this protection of rights does not extend to non-human animals. Since the 1970s a debate has arisen about whether animals have moral rights that should be recognized and protected by human society. Many people believe that the use of animals in science, research,…...
Animal RightsHappinessLibertyRights
Blackfish:A Spotlight on Animal Rights
Words • 872
Pages • 4
In 2010, the shocking death of Dawn Brancheau was the subject of many national news headlines. As a senior orca trainer for SeaWorld Orlando, she was well known for her ability to foster lasting relationships with the animals, as well as the viewers. When the accident occurred. It was the first real public display of how far one aggravated orca could take out their actions, to the public and the trainers alike. Trainers often orchestrated relationship sessions with the orcas…...
Animal RightsAnimals
Animal Rights Rough Draft
Words • 635
Pages • 3
For years animals have been man’s best companion as well as worst enemy. The mass variety of them make it easy to differentiate and divide them into categories based on their intelligence or social behavior. The moral idea of animal protection began in December 1641. Two hundred years later, animals do not have any rights because they are subjected to humans. But what is the line that divides humans from animals and when will this line be drawn? Although animals…...
Animal RightsAnimalsExperienceHumanity
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How Can America Efficiently Solve the Problems of Animal Cruelty?
...These cats and dogs not only face depression, but have developed anxiety and fear because of the poor living circumstances they face. We wouldn't be ending their lives in a brutal and painful matter, but we will end their lives through a happy way, w...
The Graduate Who Was Killed By The Lion
...Laws have been passed to protect animals and their rights. Zoos have unnatural habitats for animals to live in. To not the right climates, to not the right foods, there’s just every category possible to why zoos have unnatural habitats. It has been...
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