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Marine Biology and Octopus
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Coleoid cephalopods are shell-less molluscs such as octopuses, cuttlefish and squids (Amodio et. al., 2018). There are about 700 cephalopod species currently in existence and they can be found in oceans throughout the world; in all climates and various depths of water (Ikeda, 2009). The loss of the external mollusc shell is seemingly linked with an increase in brain size and as a result, increased cognitive abilities (Kuba, Byrne, Meisel, & Mather, 2006). In fact, cephalopods are considered among the…...
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Importance of Accountability Marines
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Within the Marine Corps, everything is set for you on paper. Where to be, when to be, and how to be at the designated location is something that is passed to you by your superiors, and in most case, requires your presence. Whether it’s for something as simple such as passing word, or something serious such as making sure everyone is accounted for during a time of confusion and dismay, accountability is something which is stressed especially for the Marine…...
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Marine Debris Is One Of The Biggest Problems
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It’s somewhat of a controversial topic, some people say that the trash in the ocean has been there for so long that it has created its own ecosystem and is now sustaining life all by its self. Other people argue that we need to do everything we can to restore the oceans to how they were before all of the trash. I personally agree with the latter opinion; I don’t think the trash in the ocean is helping. It’s killing…...
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