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Conservation genetics
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The study of conservation genetics allows populations to be sampled and analysed to aid in the preservation of biodiversity (Allendorf, Hohenlohe, Luikart, 2010). Many populations have been isolated and fragmented due to a combination of human activity and natural barriers, this can reduce or completely halt the connectivity of species (Noss, 1991). Furthermore, when this connectivity is reduced or halted, the genetic variation between these populations can be reduced (Bailey, 2007; Peterken, 2002), when this variation is reduced they may…...
Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab Essay
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Shells and shell competition Underwater photo of a hermit crab and gastropod shell Hermit crabs fighting over a shell As hermit crabs grow they require larger shells. Since suitable intact gastropod shells are sometimes a limited resource, there is often vigorous competition among hermit crabs for shells. The availability of empty shells at any given place depends on the relative abundance of gastropods and hermit crabs, matched for size. An equally important issue is the population of organisms that prey…...
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