A Comparison of the Cardiovascular Systems of Yellow-Eyed Penguins, Mackerel Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphins

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“Nothing is constant but change! All existence is a perpetual flux of being and Becoming!’ That is the broad lesson of the evolution of the world.” By Ernst Haeckel. All living things evolve to adapt into the environment to continue their life and they all struggle for existence to live and reproduce. Yellow-eyed penguins, Mackerel sharks and Bottlenose dolphins have similar cardiovascular systems. They all have, four chamber heart, warm bloods, and 2-loop circulate system and they also need energy to consume nutrition.

Yellow-eyed penguins, Mackerel sharks, and Bottlenose have slight different functions of organ systems of modification of swimming. These species have cardiovascular system to help them to swim and at the same time it helps them to breathe underwater and they have specialized gills or wings to swim in the water without facing difficulties. Yellow-eyed Penguins are warm-blooded like other birds.

Yellow-eyed Penguins are mostly modified by their habitats like forests unlike other penguins that live on the North and South Pole.

Yellow-eyed penguins are qualified for swimming because they have streamlined body because it allows them to reduce the friction in the water and it allows them to move faster under water and they groom their feathers with natural oil to prevent the water from coming in and at the same time it allows insulation. Yellow-eyed Penguin’s blood has hemoglobin that is specialized to circulate additional amounts of oxygen to swim and large amount of myoglobin is found in the muscles to store oxygen to breathe in the water.

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ehow.com/how-does 4567568 penguins-swim.html. Yellow-eyed penguins have paddle like flippers that helps them to swim under the water.

Their flippers are modified into flat, broad bones and their joints of elbow and wrist is fused to swim 20 km/hr. Yellow-eyes penguins have short strong back legs which allow them to change directions. While swimming it helps the penguins to walk upright and stand vertically. http://yellow-eyedpenguin.org.nz/for-kids/adaptations/. Mackerel sharks swim in the water with their powerful tails and use their fins to balance under the water. Mackerel sharks have oily liver to provide some buoyancy to float in the water and they are usually heavier than the water so they propel their tails to prevent from sinking. enchantedlearning.com/subjects/sharks/species/Greatwhite.shtml Mackerel shark has a special circulatory system which helps them to live in the cold water and allow themselves to swim fast. The Mackerel sharks’ circulatory system helps to retain the heat that is generated by muscular activity.

The arteries in the network of blood vessels carries cold oxygenated blood from the gills and in the veins carries metabolically-warmed deoxygenated blood. Arteries and veins carry blood opposite from each other and they are also very close to one another. Most of the heat is transferred from veins to arteries and its cycled back to the muscles and visceral organs that produced it originally. elasmo-research.org/education/topics/p warm body 1.htm. Mackerel sharks are also well known for warm bodied fish. Warm body can increase the speed and allows the sharks to swim in the cold water but to maintain this warm body shark has to consume much more food than the cold bodied sharks even though they are equal in size. Bottlenose dolphins are warm blooded mammals like Yellow-eyed penguin, Mackerel sharks.

Bottlenose dolphins have fats called blubber that allows them to swim smoother and faster under water. Bottlenose dolphins have special modifications for breathing when they are in the water through a blowhole on top of their head which contains complex nerves that senses when to open and close. Unlike common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins have slight difference in appearance their body is dark gray on dorsal side and its white on the ventral side but common dolphins are usually colored gray. Bottlenose dolphin’s heart beats in a slower rate under water so that it can save oxygen and this allows slower circulation of oxygen towards the brain, heart and lungs.

Also Bottlenose dolphins can save oxygen in their muscles; the muscles have proteins that are called Myoglobin which can store energy. math.utah.edu/~vplee/clement/Bottlenose Dolphins.html. Constant changes of living species occur by adapting to their environments. All species that are living in this world have different characteristics, morphology and habitats to fit their life styles into their own environment. As the population grows species will interbreed and this will lead to an endless evolution.

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