Dolphin Massacre in Exchange for Self-Righteousness

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Yearly, towards the end of the summer Denmark is known for hosting an annual “grind.” which consists of the brutal massacre of innocent endangered dolphins. This annual slaughterfest is held in order to prove their manly self-righteousness. This merciless crime is done when the dolphins are driven into bay by boats and jet skis and then pulled onto the beach with a hook attached to the blowhole. The individual or several individuals cut the spinal cord of the dolphin, ending its life slowly and painfully.

These acts are violent and immoral. They should be stopped immediately, right? Wrong.

First and foremost, let’s set things straight. The location where this affair occurs is not in Denmark. It occurs on The Faroe Islands, which is south-east of Iceland, west of Norway, and north-west of Scotland. So just to be clear, none of these location sound like Denmark. The Faroe Island have been a self-governing country within the Danish Realm since 1948. Due to these circumstances, the islands are sparse in food supply and land for agricultural resources.

So they are forced to turn to alternatives in order to provide substantial amount of food for the winter months. That clears up the commotion with fact that these acts are not for empowering purposes but for survival.

Moreover, the marine mammals that are being killed are not dolphins or calderon dolphins. In fact, they are long-finned pilot whales, which are nowhere near endangerment. Also, there is not a species in existence by the name of Calderon Dolphin.

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Making the details of these posts even more invalid.

In the Faroe Islands, there are several restrictions and strict procedures that need to take place in order for these killings to occur. It is unlawful for the citizens of this country to cause any unnecessary pain and suffering to these whales while the procedure is occurring. In the end, it is guaranteed that these whales die within less than a minute.

In utter understanding, yes the killings of these whales is extremely appalling and repulsive. But what killing isn’t, whether it may be a cow, fly, or a human. But as a society who effortlessly kills an abundant number of animals for consumption each day, who are we to judge another country for doing the same. Only because they do not do their acts behind closed door, does not take away from their every right to perform these acts.

In reality media has been transforming this affair into something unreal. Not to mention all of the inaccurate facts and details. In my perspective, I believe that the general public jumped to conclusions with anger and blew it out of proportion. In addition, I feel as though animal rights associations (not PETA this time) are using to false pretenses and running with it. In all honesty, if a country would want to perform such viciously violent acts, I do not believe they would be done in matter where it would be vulnerable to such publicity. So as the saying goes, get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions.

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