On The Intelligence Of Some Mammals

Apparently, in these days, animals have occupied an increasingly important position in humans’ life. As human dig deeper to study their habits and nature, we have found that animals especially mammals, which we humans know quite well about, are more intelligent than we used to estimate. The following content will introduce some mammals’ intelligence except human. The intelligence of creatures mostly depends on the brain weight ratio and number of neurons. This statistic in humans is 2.344% while other mammals’ ratios are far lower than it.

For instance, herbivorous dinosaur is giant compared to carnivorous dinosaur, but the former one’ s brain weight ratio is lower than the latter’s, which turns out that velociraptors can do perfect team work to hunt down giant brachiosaurus. With this fact, we will be able to learn further about mammals’ intelligence.

First one would be the sperm whale. Reaching lengths of up to 67 ft. long, the sperm whale which belongs to cetacean is the largest known whale within the toothed whale family.

The sperm whale also happens to have the largest brain and cerebrum of any known mammal in existence today. Sperm whale lives deep in the ocean, in which circumstance is quite tough for creatures to live. That requires whales to evolve more functional brain to cope with the dangerous life in the bottom of the sea. Cetacean brains, like sperm whales, have even more cortical convolutions and surface area than human brains do. Sperm whales’ average neocortex thickness is thicker than many other mammals’ and merely equal to humans’, while the number of their neocortical neurons is only 2/3 that of humans’.

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Anyhow, the sperm whale is intelligent enough to make the specie itself to continue on the earth.

Dogs are perfect company for humans. Inevitably they are quite intelligent as we believe. Dog has evolved from wolf about 50 thousand years ago. It was domesticated by human about 33 thousand years ago, in which situation it retained its clever nature of wolf and meanwhile acquired its loyalty and docility. Dogs senses include smell, vision, hearing, taste and touch. A study also indicates that dogs can recognise other dogs despite breed or size and can distinguish dogs from other animals. Dogs are relatively smart, for they have their own non-word language, clearly catch humans’ meaning, even take care of human babies. In the field of military, border collies are trained to help soldiers patrol the border, and they are smart enough to spot out any danger or suspicious objects. Guide dogs like golden retriever are so gentle and careful to help the blind go swiftly in daily life. Dogs quickly learn and adsorb manners that human teach, which makes them fabulous friends for us.

Surprisingly, pigs are also in the list of intelligent mammals! They have good long-term memories, and they can be socially manipulative with other pigs. Pigs are normally considered to represent laziness and foolishness, according to surveys, however, pigs are emotional and cognitively complex. They are easier to train than cats and dogs, which can be corroborated by animal behavior experts, satisfied pig owners, and even a YouTube video showing piglets sitting for treats. Sometimes perhaps we just ignore the intelligence of pigs because of their dirty appearance, but they actually carefully mind their sanitary condition such as separating excretion and eating places. Animals especially mammals are generally intelligent than other creatures. It might seem weird to admit their astonishing cleverness, but that’s the very truth of nature, the truth that is worth respect. Human shall not cease studying animals. Instead, we shall keep on searching and approaching to knowledge we have not learned about.


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