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Circulating Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Fish
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Introduction: In this paper, the authors describe the role of Insulin-like growth binding factorfactorsPs) in regulating the availability of IGFs and in growth as well. AuthorThe authorsdedescribebout the specific cells that produce IGF-1 and ccomparethe different types of IGFBPs found in mammals and fish. This paper also describes the role of hormones and envirothe nment in the regulation of circulating IGFBPs in fish. Mainly, six IGFBPs are present in mammals in circulation and the activity is modulamodulated byus ways. IGFBP-1…...
Have You Ever Heard of a Vaquita [Ve-key-ta]?
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Introduction Have you ever heard of a Vaquita [Ve-key-ta]? The majority have not. Discovered in 1958, there are only about 30 of these porpoises left in the world. Fishing operations within Mexico’s Gulf of California have drastically reduced their population, leading to their status as critically endangered. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has categorized the Vaquita as high-risk for extinction. This is just one example of a marine species that has declined rapidly; this phenomenon is widespread,…...
Encyclopedia of Paca life
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Geographical Range and Habitat The lowland pacas were originally discovered wandering around Cuba, and Algeria located in Africa. They are now mainly located in South America, while some branch off into Central America and the southeastern parts of Mexico, as well as the Lesser Antilles. These mammals generally reside in wet, humid forests. They normally burrow down below into the moist soil, particularly near rivers and water that remains from previous rainstorms. Lowland pacas will sometimes even claim other animals’…...
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The role of Protected Areas and Conservation of Protected Areas
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The role of protected areas for conservation is undeniable; however, it has been recognized that protected areas alone are not enough to ensure biodiversity conservation (Western 1989, Ferrier et al. 2004). Hence, it is increasingly important to identify and develop alternative management strategies including forest ecosystem services that sustain and fulfill human needs and at the same time can provide incentives for conservation (Daily, 1997, Perfecto & Vandermeer, 2008). One of the services is agricultural systems that incorporate well-structured, diverse,…...
Causes and Consequences of the Impact on the Ecosystem
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The decline of large mammals in an environment can cause lasting effects on the ecosystem both economically and culturally. This decline, for instance, can result in lower animal protein supplies to local human populations, a decline in tourism, as well as long-term effects on vegetation structure. Several mammal populations have been declining over the recent years throughout southern Africa due to habitat loss from the exploitation of land for business use and from the exploitation of animals for food or…...
Learn About Marine Mammals
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Did you know that marine mammal are considered endangered and highly protected?   Marine mammals are a group of mammals that have a unique characteristic that makes them stand out from other mammals. Marine mammals are not much different than the mammals that live on land except they are adapted to living in the ocean for either their whole life or part of their life. Marine mammals can stay underwater for long periods by storing oxygen in their muscles and blood.…...
One Of the Largest Aquatic Mammals On Earth
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Whales are regarded as one of the largest aquatic mammals on Earth. However, at one point in their evolutionary history, they were land-based animals. Modern-day cetaceans evolved 55 million years ago from terrestrial animals that resided near brackish estuaries. In order for this shift to occur, whales had to change every part of their anatomy. Additionally, the decline of whales has likely negatively altered the structure and function of the ocean, suggesting that whales play a prominent role in the…...
On The Intelligence Of Some Mammals
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Apparently, in these days, animals have occupied an increasingly important position in humans’ life. As human dig deeper to study their habits and nature, we have found that animals especially mammals, which we humans know quite well about, are more intelligent than we used to estimate. The following content will introduce some mammals’ intelligence except human. The intelligence of creatures mostly depends on the brain weight ratio and number of neurons. This statistic in humans is 2.344% while other mammals’…...
Dairy Farming Essay
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Pages • 7
The sample essay on Dairy Farming Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.The Big Business of Dairy Farming : Big Trouble for Cows June 11, 2007 Most people are aware that dairies in the United States bear little resemblance to the idyllic pastures of yesteryear. As with other branches of animal agriculture, such as chicken and egg production, hog farming, and beef…...
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