The following sample essay on “Chapter 1”: describing pros and cons of living with pets, use of The Pets Planet website.

Introduction to “The Pets Planet”

In today’s world, great variety of things exist on the internet. Almost everything can be searched or browsed here. Ordering food, buying clothes and adopting pets are the common activities that are being practiced on internet. Whereas, an online business identity like a website or mobile app has become compulsory to win the anyone’s trust.

Spending cash on pets is additionally expanding all-inclusive and, in numerous areas, online business deals development in the pet category is outpacing both complete class deals development and all out web-based business development. Online sales of pets and all pet care items in Europe, including pet nourishment are growing 5 percent to 9 percent a year.

Pet is commonly kept for the delight that it can provide for its owner, particularly with cats and dogs, just as with some different creatures, this joy seems, by all accounts, to be shared.

In this way, pet keeping can be portrayed as an advantageous relationship, one that advantages the two creatures and people. As the keeping of pets has been rehearsed from ancient occasions to the present and as pets are found in about each culture and society, pet keeping evidently fulfills a profound, all-inclusive human need. Industry of pets is changing and expanding worldwide. It is because of the fact that growth of pet population and trend of having a pet at home is increasing rapidly.

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More than half of the people in the United States own a pet, almost 80 million homes! [1]

People usually enjoy the presence of pet of animals in their homes. Having a pet in their life brings the sentiment of satisfaction and bliss. Aside from this, dealing with a pet at home likewise includes various responsibilities, such as preparing, cleaning, encouraging, and ensuring that your pet is glad and solid, which thus requires legitimate time and certain costs. Man’s closest companion may be the most famous, however our preference for pets is both changed and dynamic. In any case, regardless of whether it’s a cat, dog, bird creature, fish pets need to eat. They should be kept clean and have a spot to rest. Pets are the species that need to be cared for. Getting a pet at home is not an easy decision. [2]

Especially when people have children, it tends to be hard to gauge when they are ready for a pet. Some of the problems with pets are they don’t listen, they can have a sickness, they also can have a lot more health problems. Additionally, when a purchaser/adopter enters to a conventional market, he winds up in an immense crowded condition that has untidy number of pets and their items. For a purchaser to accomplish his purpose he should attempt simultaneously, for example, finding the exact spots of the products he is scanning for, while he is attempting to convey the items that he is eager to purchase and focus on his surroundings, for example, other individuals. That is why people now a days prefer to sell or adopt a pet online rather than visiting pet’s shop physically. By considering these issues, website that is developed provides a platform for selling pets products, blogs related to pet’s nourishment services, selling various kinds of pets, etc.

The site name as “The Pets Planet” and the site contains large number of services for pets, for example, pet’s adoption and grooming. Through this system a buyer can adopt a pet and can purchase pet’s items online instead of visiting the market physically, they really don’t have to stress over proceeding to get them. The items will be brought legitimately to their post box which will spare their huge amounts of time. Besides, when buyers purchase from an online pet shop, they can spare some genuine money. Numerous sites offer huge discounts and month to month promotions. This implies more cash in your pocket which is consistently a decent arrangement.

In today’s era, most of the people are occupied in their day by day life and having a great deal of worry from their working zone. A large portion of them might want to have a pet to go with them in their everyday life and furthermore can discharge the pressure that they got. For instance, adopting a cat or dog is a decent decision for the vast majority who need to have a pet. Cat isn’t just a generally excellent sidekick; however, it likewise has profound passionate tie with individuals. Though, dogs will ensure the general population with actually setting out their lives. In this case, to facilitate people, project named ‘The Pets Planet’ is a source of interaction between sellers and the customers who can adopt a pet or pet related products. This is a platform for all those who are somehow linked to the pet animals, whether they want to buy or sell their pets or pet’s products.

Buyers or sellers of pets and their products need to register themselves first, after registration process, site allows its user to buy, sell, browse, search, select or upload any pet or their products. In this project, pets are divided into different categories such as cat, dog, birds and fishes. Variety of animal supplies and pet accessories is also the part of this project. The categories of pet’s product Include: food, treats, toys, shampoo, leashes etc.

Like any small website, The Pets Planet also have certain goals that are to sell pet animals and to match pets with owners since pets in a caring home will flourish and develop much superior to even in the best pet shops. The pets need the adoring nature of their new owner. Keeping that in mind, the site should set aside the effort to match suitable pets to individuals. Morally, making great matches is the best activity, however it additionally secures you against returns. The adopters should recognize what they are getting into and whether they can deal with the duty. For the ease of pet owner blogs are included regarding how pets are taken care and given proper training. Moreover, hygiene is an important part of pet ownership, so the blogs offering hygienic care which is cleaning the pet and also aesthetic service which includes grooming the pet is also the major topic of bloggers.

Basically, grooming is done so that the pet looks more appealing and attractive when a buyer wants to have a pet. So ‘The Pets Planet’ is a website through which their blogs play an important role in grooming and training of pets. It provides steps that are to be taken to take care of the pet animal until they find any master to look after them. This site is having all the necessary and basic things of pet. It includes the correct kind of food which pet likes and eat. It offers every possible method to keep pets protected and hygienic. Because any adopter will first see whether the pet is properly trained or is clean and hygienic.[3]

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