Living At Home Vs Living On Campus

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Each year freshman students flock and migrate to a location where they could finally escape the stress of parents, siblings, and their own house and neighborhood. For some, the move was a total success, an enjoyment, and a new place to call home. For some though, the move was a struggle, and very un-enjoyable event. In this essay, I will compare and contrast in the views of living in a dorm vs. living at home. Living at home versus living in a dorm has its pros and cons.

The ultimate freedom is finally upon you to a certain extent.

You still depend on your parents to supply you with the everyday necessities and the occasional baked goodies to. The best thing is that living in the dorm your parents cannot reach you as they once could. The parents have to accept that you are growing into an adult and will show support in any way they can during your tenure at college.

(College Dorm Life Vs Life, 2010) Living in a dorm is fun but it can get easily bored after the first few semester’s of staying there. It can also seem to get lonely when you are staying close by to anyone you know or grew up with.

Since you are living at the dorm now you have to handle stress that comes along to. The classes you are taking to just participating in activities on campus. You have to stay balance or you will start to mess up in class and out of class.

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One thing that draws us to living in a dorm is the freedom and experience. For example, if you have strict parents or have to abide by your parents rules at home then living in the dorm is priceless. Parents can be a huge bothersome at home when they become too intrusive in your life. Living at the dorm parents do not have the ability to pry open your life and invade your personal space. College Dorm Life Vs Life, 2010) There will be countless experience that you will see and participate on campus. You will be able to look back on your college experience and tell the famous stories you were part of. For example: the parties you went to, no curfew and no pressure from parents to study and no parental guidance. Living on your own as well will teach you how to live with yourself and survive to. You are totally on your own; so laundry calls will be in effect. You have to learn as well to balance your school work and keep your own room clean as well.

At times living in the dorm can be overwhelming but the key to manage everything is time management. You go to John’s party down the hall, then you watch a movie in the recreation room, then you do your laundry, and finally it hits you that you have an assignment due the next morning. (College Dorm Room Vs Living At Home, 2009) There will be plenty of activities, hanging with friends, homework and chores to maintain. Before you know it the semester will be over and you have survived the first round in college. Living at home will save you tons of money.

You won’t save a little bit of money; you will save a boat load of money. (College Dorm Room Vs Living At Home, 2009) You can eat and do laundry for free. You will be saving a lot in these two items alone. The distractions will be less as well compared to living in the dorm. Parents will not let you run wild if you were on your own. This will make it totally easier to focus on your school work. When your parents are 200 miles away you really don’t think too much about how they will react to that low midterm mark. Knowing your parents are just a few steps away makes you a bit more nervous about your grades. College Dorm Room Vs Living At Home, 2009) You will be more comfortable at home as well which is good and bad. When it is time for you to move from your parents house it may be hard to leave. The comfort and emotional attachment as well will be something to overcome. If financial circumstances dictate you starting college in your childhood bedroom, be sure to have friends who are dorm dwellers and have space on their floor to call your own on those late nights. (What are the advantages and disadvantages of commuting to college versus living in a dorm? 2010) At least you can still get a taste of the dorm live on campus as well.

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