Robot Pets Versus Real Pets. for and Against

Robot pets versus real pets. For and against Since thousand years human keep animals in his house. They shared him food, house and he spent his time to take care of them. In the modern age the technology entered human life. One of new invention was robot which becomes surrogate to pets. Robot does not need to special place to live and it does not need to medical care, but it cannot give people the benefits which real pets can give them to human.

The following paragraphs will discuss using robot pets as an alternative of real pets. Robot pets take the place of real pets in human life.

That carries many advantages to modern people. First of all, robot does not need much time to clean its body and its place like real pets. Secondly, real pets are main source of infection with diseases when there was not enough of medical care. Finally, robot does not perceive by the environment surrounding, but real pets become sick and die.

On the other hand using robot as pets has many negative side effects. First human cannot learn from robot pets, but real pets can teach him to take responsibility and take him unconditional love.

Second real pets playing role to assistant of persons who suffer from physical disabilities, but robot pets do that in narrow range. Lastly real pets encourage elderly to live actively because keep of animal mean new life. Although the needs of real pets food, place , health care and spend time to care by cleaning, however, that much less to offer the benefits of these animals , they learn human love, and to help him to live better life.

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I think that it could not to be replacement real pets with robot pets.

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Robot Pets Versus Real Pets. for and Against
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