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It’s always a nice experience stepping into a dog park. Lo and behold! You sight some numerous breeds and species of dog you haven’t come across before. How many a time has a person decided to get a new dog pet as a result of deep admiration of its nature. Of course, this was a decision taken almost immediately without the intent of getting a new one.

If the above description amazes you, wait till you hear the next narrative.

It’s been severally reported at dog shops that a person could stand for several minutes and some hours. This is because they admire several pets and couldn’t stop glancing at them.

However, in all honesty, making the final decision in purchasing a dog is not as easy as it seems. Since dogs are referred to as man’s best friend, a great deal of attention is required to choose the right one.

What are the factors to note when choosing a dog pet?

Let’s go down memory lane a bit about the origin of dogs.

Dogs are originally from wolves. Nothing else domesticated them save the fact that they lived close to humans. In some corners, it is said that they are the first domesticated animals hence the tag: “man’s best friend”.

There are several conditions when choosing that cute dog pet. The following are some of what we can gather:

  • Playful
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Open-minded
  • Enjoys outdoor activities than indoor
  • Great assistance in the fields such as woolen mills
  • As protectors during traveling
  • The above factors are in terms of their behavioral patterns and tasks that they do

Some do not pay attention to any of the above but with physical determinations.

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Examples are the following:

The size: Is it a bug or a small one?

The shape: Is it a slim or a fat one?

The shedding pattern: How many times in the year does it shed its fur or it doesn’t shed at all.

Is it agile? That is, how does it respond to exercises? And the list continues.

However, the final decision lies on the would-be owner even when others think otherwise.

What are the cutest dog breeds?

We have finally arrived at the interesting part that we have been expecting. However, before we delve right into it, we highlight some of the benefits of these cute dogs. Dogs generally are discovered to lower their owner’s blood pressure during petting. Likewise, it also decreases levels of stress hormones and regulates breathing space. During the process of petting, research has shown that they release oxytocin which further increases the bonding, companionship, and affection that exists between them. This simple act can help you live a longer and healthier life.

If this is the case with all dog breeds, how would you describe the kind of lasting bond and attraction that will exist between the cutest and most attractive ones? It’s simply unimaginable.

Here are some of the cutest dog breeds that we have for you:

The Finnish Lapphund: With long-haired tails, they are both strong and fast dogs. For those who love medium-sized dogs, this is a good catch. However, they are less active in regions with a high level of temperatures. If you have a flair for various colors, you are at liberty to choose whichever one you prefer. Beautiful colors like wolf sable, cream, and black are available.

Brussels Griffon: They are very skillful in terms of hunting. They are fond of keeping rats and mice away from stables. Their origin is actually from Belgium. Nonetheless, they are cheerful, curious, and affectionate but could also be moody at times.

Chihuahua: This dog breed gained popularity from the movie and also Paris Hilton’s lifestyle program. An interesting fact about this breed is that he’s famous for being the world’s smallest dog. It appeals to both men and women alike.

Manchester Terrier: It is an intelligent and cunning dog who excels perfectly as a watchdog. Asides from his nature as a watchdog, he is also lively, faithful, and sporty.

Papillon dog: With its long hairs that hang from its ears, this breed is famous for its appearance in paintings by Rubens, Renaissance giants, and others. It is also famous for its agility and obedience and can live up to 14 years.

We could go on and on mentioning some other cute dog breeds that are available. However, our intention is not to bore you unnecessarily.

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