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Animal Care vs Fashion World
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Should we allow the fashion industry to use animals unethically, it is a controversial topic on the internet. Using animals’ skin or fur has been utilized in different ways by many cultures and a top trend for fashion for many years. From biomedical research to testing cosmetics, people claim that animal testing is necessary to benefit people in satiating their need for certain products as well as saving lives. There is an idea that animals’ skin or fur holds value…...
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Ethics Plays an Important Role in Biotechnology
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As well as the field of science in general. Ethics inherently prevents scientist from doing whatever they want. If scientists could freely experiment with what they wanted, and with any test subject that they wanted, then many concepts and ideals that are important to science would disappear. Animal welfare and the use of human subjects, which are heavily monitored and regulated by the government, have little to no regulation compared to now. There would not be laws, mandatory training and…...
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