Animal Care vs Fashion World

Should we allow the fashion industry to use animals unethically, it is a controversial topic on the internet. Using animals’ skin or fur has been utilized in different ways by many cultures and a top trend for fashion for many years. From biomedical research to testing cosmetics, people claim that animal testing is necessary to benefit people in satiating their need for certain products as well as saving lives. There is an idea that animals’ skin or fur holds value to the economy and fashion world, but the treatment of animals is concerning due to the barbaric process causing pain and suffering; violating animals’ rights.

As this subject gets more and more attention from the media, the public feels more towards animals living free in the world as we do. The fashion world should not rely on animals for clothing or cosmetic. Instead, we should use alternative fashion methods and work toward making different lifestyle choices.

The avail oneself of animals plays an important role in our life, connected to our lifestyles such as for food, clothing, and medication.

For instants, people who live in cold environments will need the proper clothing that can protect them from harsh weather. An appropriate winter wardrobe will consist of fur, leather, or other animal products. In fact, the popular yet similar animal material that’s sustainable is wool, cashmere, and down which are viable alternatives when it comes to winter coats. Winter garments will usually combine fur, wool, but, since it comes from our beloved furry creatures, the animals’ rights activates, are against those.

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They rely on fake fur and fake leather jackets; which, more probable, will be at the disposal area for a few years longer than the real items. Environmentalists could agree on buying sustainable products that go through a production process which does not cause any harm to the environment, long-lasting, and are biodegradable. (Which is what animal skins are) Under the perspective of style, the artificial product is not long-lasting. Meaning real leather and fur can last for decades, but the bogus alternative (fake fur and fake leather) do not. Not only does it worms out quicker, keeps waterproof qualities, it also doesn’t maintain warmth. Another important fact of dealing with sustainable products, it coins zero synthetic fiber; material made by humans through chemical synthesis. The material is in its natural state reducing bleaches and dyes. Therefore, how could utilizing animals for clothing be wrong?

Mesmerize by a fur coat on a store window or perhaps in online shopping, people don’t apprehend the cruel truth of how it was made. Animals were perhaps skinned alive, brutally beaten, or even electrocuted for an overprized jacket. Did you ever anticipate the horrific atrocity people do for the name of fashion? According to PETA studies, “Eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living in captivity on fur factory farms.” It has been reported factory farms can contain up to thousands of animals and like other absolute labor animal farms, the methods practiced to maximize profits are at the expense of the animals. Animals live their lives in tiny cages driving them insane from the concentrated incarceration, commencing to cannibalism. Fur farm is mostly known for using unethical gruesome methods of killing causing animals to suffer; tactics such as decompression, electrocution, gassing, neck-breaking, and suffocation are common, painful methods of slaughter on fur factory farms.

In further research, China, the world’s largest fur exporter, does not penalties people who conduct animal abuse in fur farms. Millions of dogs and cats are victims of animal cruelty for their fur every year in China. Their fur is often transported to unsuspecting buyers around the world. ”…LCA’s investigation reveals numerous incidents of animal suffering and neglect, among the 40,000 mink that live, and die, on the farm. According to LCA Founder and President Chris DeRose, who narrates the video expose, the footage shows ‘a blatant disregard for the animals’ health… and their endless suffering.'(Last Chance for Animals Undercover Investigation) Additionally, the article also says, “… incidents of animal suffering, the evidence shows animals with open, untreated wounds and infections, and documents a lack of adequate and sanitary mink shelters and food. During the course of the investigation, LCA’s investigator never saw a veterinarian on site.” PETA, the world’s largest animals’ right organization, orchestrated an investigation against Chinese’ s fur industry

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