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9 Awesome Costumes For Your Cat
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Fall is finally here! Have you got your kitty’s Halloween costume yet? We mere mortals dress up as animals on this Halloween trick or treat, so it’s only fair our Furry friend should get a costume too. Maybe your cat is sleek or spooky and look great in a witch costume or if they are funny a slice of pizza is a perfect costume. It’s fun to show off their personalities. Below are 9 of the funniest and best costumes…...
The Train From Rhodesia Analysis
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Symbolism in the Train from Rhodesia What does the train symbolize in ‘The Train from Rhodesia’? The Train from Rhodesia is a short story written from a third person perspective yet she is reflecting on her life in that given moment. The train symbolizes life and the tracks symbolize the path you are on. Courage and strength is symbolized by the lion. The Train from Rhodesia is a journey of the failure of self-realization. The woman realizes that her “wonderful”…...
What lengths will people go to in order to find inner peace
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What lengths will people go to in order to find inner peace and happiness with themselves? Clarice Lispector’s short story titled The Buffalo comes from a series of short stories made in her book titled Family Ties. The main character in the story goes to the Zoological Gardens to help relieve themselves after she had just witnessed heartbreak after learning she loved a man who did not love her back. At first glance, the setting of a Zoological Garden may…...
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Lion King Essay Conclusion
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“The Lion King” is thought to be one of the most favorite childhood movies of all time. Many people tend to think about “The Lion King” as an uplifting and inspirational movie with amazing characters and a wonderful story line. However, there are many parts of the movie that include violence and racism. But because the film is an animated movie and is thought to be for children these aspects are not directly noticed when watching it. In the movie…...
Conrad Gallmeier ARH 2050
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Gallmeier 1Conrad GallmeierProfessor TurconiARH 20506 September 2019When we look at art what do we see , lines, imagery, references, details? But we if wetake a closer look at the overarching meaning of art, we can see that art is an embodiment of atime period . Certain pieces of art regardless of the time period represents what is most important .During the Paleolithic era there was one distinct feature that could be seen about all the paintingsthat were found from Europe…...
GraffitiLeopardLionPaintingStreet Art
DH Lawrence’s ‘Mountain Lion’ and ‘Snake’
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DH Lawrence (1885-1930) is one of the outstanding British authors of the early 20th century. It was obvious from an early age that Lawrence was a gifted child. Raised in a working class environment, he was the son of a Nottinghamshire miner. His mother, however, was from a middle class background. Due to the social contrast their marriage was not successful and Lawrence would often have to witness his father coming home drunk and beating his mother. Despite his background,…...
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What lengths will people go to in order to find inner peace
...The protagonists anger and bitterness really shows when she encounters the monkey exhibit. She is immediately angered by the monkey’s happiness and freedom with themselves. “…she’d kill those monkeys levitating in their cage, monkeys happy as wee...
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