9 Awesome Costumes For Your Cat

Fall is finally here! Have you got your kitty’s Halloween costume yet? We mere mortals dress up as animals on this Halloween trick or treat, so it’s only fair our Furry friend should get a costume too. Maybe your cat is sleek or spooky and look great in a witch costume or if they are funny a slice of pizza is a perfect costume. It’s fun to show off their personalities. Below are 9 of the funniest and best costumes for cats.

x Pizza Slice Pet Suit Who doesn’t love pizza? This is a great idea for pets who love to try to eat your human food.

This costume is super easy to put on, simply place over kitty’s head and they are ready to pawty the night away. Lion’s Mane Cat Costume This adorable lion mane has close to 200 five-star ratings, this is because it’s super cute! You know your cat was born to be a big cat.

It’s fun to watch your kitty transform into King of the Jungle as it saunters around the house looking for food. Hooded Cloak Witch/Wizard Halloween Holiday Costume for Small Dogs & Cats I can wear this classic witch costume several ways! Add tiny glasses and your cat is a wizard… add some layers of scarves and without much Hocus Pocus your kitty is a Sanderson sister. Add a tiny cauldron for a traditional witch look! Legendog Cat Costume Halloween Bat Wings for Small Dogs and Cats What is spookier than a witch on Halloween? A bat!

Dress your cat in a bat costume for a super spooky costume.

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If kitty ever had dreams of flying this is his chance well he will have wings at least! It comes with a pumpkin bell collar, too! Avocado Cat Costume & Toast Cat Bed A super Halloween costume so get it before it’s sold out. This toast cat bed and avocado costume is great! How funny would it be to dress up as a hipster and take selfies with your cat! Your sure to rack up “likes” on your media account.

Cowboy Costume with Hat for Cat and Small Dog Does your cat long for the freedom of the Wild West? This head to paws costume will show your entire neighborhood that your cat was meant to live in the Wild Wild West. Unicorn Costume for Cats, Horn Headdress Wig Pet Dress Up Party Looking for a costume to make your kitty social media famous? Look no further! We’ve got the best unicorn costume, this head piece with its rainbow fur and glittery ears will definitely rack up the “likes. ” NACOCO Cat Doctor Costume for Halloween What does your cat wanted to be when it grows up? A doctor! Let your kitty be the newest doctor on Grey’s Anatomy with this costume! This features a small stethoscope and medical kit! Maybe she will find our very own feline McDreamy. Fruit Tart Cat Bed This fruit-tart cat bed is as cute as pie! So people how sweet your fur baby is a Fruit Tart Cat Bed. All of the colorful fruits make a great addition to this cat bed. This is a great option for kitties who won’t play dress up with you! It’s Time to Buy the Perfect Costume Right now is a perfect time to buy costumes for your cat! All of the new costumes are out! So plan your costumes and then buy one of these 9 awesome costumes will sell out fast, so now would be the time order.

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