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T.S. Eliot: Macavity the mystery cat

T.S. Eliot
Humorous poems

T.S. Eliot
More serious and complex poems

T.S. Eliot
Born in the U.S. but lived in England

T.S. Eliot
Teacher and bank clerk

T.S. Eliot
One of world’s leading poets

T.S. Eliot
Won Nobel prize in literature 1948

Briefly describe Macavity’s appearance.
He’s long, ginger, has sunken eyes, deeply lined brow, dusty, messy, tall, thin, and domed head.

Give four examples of Macavity’s misdeeds.
He cheats at cards, killed a Peke, stole milk, and stole a treaty.

Why are the police unable to charge macavity?
He’s either never at the scene or has an alibi.

Cite details to show that this poem is humorous.
He can levitate and do long division.

Why do you think Eliot keeps repeating “Macavity’s not there”?
He’s trying to make a point and also add mystery to the poem.

How might the cavity part of the name Macavity be related to the cat’s unusual behavior?
He’s always missing.

What qualities of cats might have prompted Eliot to associate them with criminal activities?
Cats knock stuff over, play with things, and are sneaky and nocturnal.

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