Romeo And Juliet Costumes

I picked this scene for my Costumes because I believe it was the main stepping stone for the rest of the story It pretty much determined the rest of their fate in the whole movie. For Romeo I chose to make Just a plain shirt because what he wore always looked simple but put together. I also dressed him In a pair of tights for the bottoms. For Juliet costume I looked at what was worn throughout both the 1968 movie and the 1996 movie.

Essay Example on Romeo And Juliet Costumes

I also looked through what was worn In the Victorian era which Is hat Romeo and Juliet Is said to have taken place In. I ended up making a dress which looks like what you would averagely seen during that era. For Gullet’s mother I did the same thing I Just used a pattern that was Just a bit different and a different material. I based her costume off what she would have worn at the party since she wasn’t present during the balcony scene which I had used for both Romeo and Gullet’s costumes.

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