Why Anime Became Popular Internationally

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The first topic I would be interested to learn about is anime. Specifically, I ponder about the intent and purpose for the creation of anime and why it has grown in popularity internationally. I know that anime was made during World War II, however, I’m still puzzled as to why a form of art would be created during a time of war. Anime displays a unique style of art and animation that stands out from regular forms of cartoons yet, still remains broad enough to include a wide range of genres including horror and romance.

Anime has helped spark an interest in art and writing amongst many as well. Having exposure to a form of art that’s generally regarded to having vivid imagery and depth has helped sparked the artistic side of many. Along with the rise of the internet and improvement in technology, this helped fuel a modern movement of independent artists and animators that devote their time to creating art pieces of their own to develop their skill and share with others.

What I find compelling about this topic is that anime has become popular throughout the world and has proven to wield influence amongst younger generations abroad, including the United States. Even I am fascinated by the genre.

Much like many western cartoons, Anime has been able to create a diverse set of worlds and scenarios that expands and intrigues our imaginations, ranging from slice of life to dystopian or fantasy. These worlds also include a wide range of characters, some larger than life, but all including grounded characters that many can relate to.

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Even if these characters are capable of incredible, impossible feats, their general demeanor and actual character remains human. Although this trait in story telling is also shared in Western animations, it provides people incentive to remain interested on the very story, creating a more loyal fanbase within anime. It has gained so much popularity from Japan and abroad that its industry generates millions and includes a variety of animated shows and movies to watch. Most animes were made to be suitable for all ages to enjoy and it has become a cultural phenomenon internationally that serves as a gateway for the world into modern Japanese culture.

Many who start off with watching Anime would soon yearn to dive into learning the Japanese language, which only serves to spark interest in the country itself. Anime itself has made way to form its own culture within itself as many people find themselves devoted to the genre. These people generally refer to themselves as ‘Otakus’, and despite some may be overly devoted than others, most generally share an interest in Anime and sharing it with others.

All in all, perhaps all that’s stated about could prove why Anime has such a large fanbase and an active community, but the very reason why it grew in popularity to begin with still intrigues me. Although Japan has been westernizing it’s culture still stands out compared to the culture of the United States and the West. However, despite the differences of the two, Anime still serves as a long-lasting connection between these two worlds.

The second topic I am interested to learn more about is if dogs dream. What has me captivated about this topic is that dogs often behave in a manner that indicates dreaming due to the twitching, barking, growling, and so on during their sleeping. I have found my dogs to be doing these things but have always wondered if it is dreaming or not.

What I do know is that dogs have similar brains to humans structurally. Humans are aware that we dream about what has happened during our day and even dreamed up of abstract scenarios. If dogs have a brain similar to ours, perhaps they can dream. Furthermore, dogs have shown to have exceptional intelligence. There was even a compelling experiment conducted that suggested that the intelligence of dogs may even extend to being capable of establishing a telepathic connection to their owners. If dogs are capable of being highly intelligent creatures, perhaps their brain may have the potential to produce dreams.

In humans, dreams stem from REM sleep. This is believed to help rebuild cells in the brain, as well as to create scenarios in the subconscious to help with survival. This evolutionary trait is potentially shared with dogs since the brain of a human shares many characteristics with that of dogs. Even so, I would like to know more about evidence showing if dogs dream or not because I do not know for certain whether or not they dream like us; despite having a brain structure similar to us, it’s uncertain if it’s capable of producing the same kind of dreams as we do, if any.

The concept of the personification of our pets such as dogs has been engrained in almost every culture, dating back to ancient and prehistoric times. Dogs have been man’s best friend since the start of humanity itself, and it was likely that dogs were seen by humans as their equal as they were vital for survival. Although our love for them has only grown, our perspective on them has changed. With this, it’s perhaps possible that we have lost touch with the connection that we once had with dogs. This may explain why dogs have such a strong understanding of us whilst it’s harder to understand them. This inspires many to try and view life from the perspective of a dog. We ponder how they interpret our emotions, how they interpret themselves, what they try to contribute, and what their thoughts are like. It’s common amongst many to ponder what the dreams of a dog is like, how the dogs interpret the dreams, and what they put the dreams in use for. It’s rather difficult to interpret the world from the lens of anything that isn’t human. It’s not to the fault of anything but the fact that our minds are limited to how our minds are wired and what we have experienced. Without having the brain of a dog, we would never truly know what a dog dreams of or if it even dreams at all. Regardless, it is quite fun to ponder upon.

Lastly, what I am interested in is why college is so expensive. This interests me because currently, I am a full-time college student and am working part-time to pay off my college. I have noticed that college here in the U.S. is extremely expensive and many people find it unaffordable to seek higher education. College in most other developed countries such as Canada and Germany offer universal college, meaning that students accepted into their campuses don’t pay tuition. Some colleges in the U.S. and abroad even pay some students to attend, depending on scholarships and merit. However, since we don’t share a system of universal college as other developed nations, I find that there are many people still in student debt even years after they have graduated. The situation has grown into a crisis and up to $2 trillion in college debt nationally. An estimated two-third of all graduating college students in the U.S. graduate with debt. Many simply don’t have the funding to pay off what they owe to colleges.

If my family wasn’t kind enough to pay for half of my college, I would already be in debt. Unfortunately, many others aren’t as lucky. Ironically enough, despite our economic growth since the recession in 2008, more and more Americans struggle to get by as inflation and prices increases whilst wages stagnate and employment opportunities decrease. This is reflected in how modern college is viewed by many Americans today as college tuition continues to rise whilst the financial status of potential students remains the same. I wonder what is it about college here in the United States that makes it extremely expensive compared to campuses in other nations. Generally, it would be quite expensive to run a college due to wages and expenses. However, that remains true for every campus on Earth. For colleges in Canada and Germany, most amenities are paid for by public tax dollars. Certainly, taxes in these countries are not worth the same as the tuition in America. However, these colleges still function properly and can provide quality education that properly prepares students for their careers and remain competitive.

Despite the fact that American college education has the image of being world class and are indeed competitive, most American college students end up spending far more money than their Canadian counterparts and run a higher risk of acquiring a job that doesn’t closely match with their intended major. It’s baffling why we must pay such high tuitions if these colleges do not guarantee a sustainable and fulfilling career of our choice. Unfortunately, the American system of college education is just a normal part of our society as it only reflects American society as a whole.

Our healthcare is similar to our colleges as we pay out of pocket for health coverage and assistance rather than our taxes paying for the system itself. Of course, implementing a universal college system alike Canada would be rather complicated and time consuming as it would require private colleges to be able to adapt to the new changes. Despite this, it would prove beneficial to us to adopt a universal college system as it would allow us to invest in our education without running the risk of living in debt for the rest of our lives.

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