Pink Floyd is an Internationally Acclaimed British Rock Band

Pink Floyd is an internationally acclaimed British rock band with progressive psychedelic music that originated in London in 1965. With its philosophical lyrics, sound experiments, long work, and sophisticated live performances, they are among the most commercially successful and influential groups in rock and pop music history. A band was formed in 1965 when a group of companions (Roger Waters, Rick Wright, and Scratch Artisan) decided to cover melodies and called themselves Sigma 6. They played under numerous names, such as the T-Set, The Meggadeaths, The Structural Abdabs, The Shouting Abdabs, Leonard’s Lodgers, and the Spectrum Five, before settling on the Tea Set.

Later that year Waters, thinking they needed a new sound, brought in a friend “Syd Barrett” from High School. Syd Barret named the band “Pink Floyd” after two American Blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The Floyd developed an underground following exceptionally quickly. Syd Barrett began showing in lyrics his inventive genius. While playing in the London club underground scene, it was not too special to see The Floyd with Jimi Hendrix’s likes.

They released their first single ‘Arnold Layne’ and flew the chart up quickly. The band showed their new popularity. However, Syd Barrett was drawing apart from the band all this time. He lost himself regularly on LSD daydreams and at about the same time began to develop some mental health problems. Towards the end of his stay with Pink Floyd, he was known to stand on stage struggling with a single chord while looking into the lights, or just dissolving his guitar while playing.

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It is also said that at the end of a concert, the band should take him off stage and wipe the drool out of his mouth. This became too much for the rest of the band quickly. Syd had to leave. The search for a new guitarist was something the band thought would take the popularity, but it finally fell to the band, David Gilmour, a long-time friend, and folk-blues guitarist. Syd Barrett left the band reluctantly and was checked in a sanitary building shortly afterward. The band released ‘ Meddle ‘ after making a few soundtracks for foreign films. It was precisely this album that began to develop the well-known sounds of Pink Floyd. In the early 1970s, the band gained a larger and larger foreign audience, especially in the USA. In 1973, their fame started with the release of ‘ The Moon’s Dark Side. ‘ This was a different presentation of the band in this new project. All the band members had matured artistically since they played together almost a decade earlier. Then the band began recording the classic ‘ Wish You were here. ‘ It was published in 1975. In 1976, ‘ Dark Side of the Moon, ‘ almost three years after its release, entered the Billboards Top 200. And certainly, nobody expected it to remain on the charts for 13 years in a row until 1989. The 1977 version of ‘ Animals ‘ met with respectful popularity. They started working on ‘ The Wall ‘ in 1978. Gilmour talked to Waters early in the recording of this album and presented a complete instrumental song that the rest of the band had already heard from him.

After hearing it, Waters said he hated it and did not want it on his album –he thought the music was ‘ childlike and simplistic. ‘ The rest of the band stood up for this song and asked that it be included, or they would walk away from the band. Waters accepted unwillingly. He put the lyrics together in less than half an hour. That song was the most popular hit ‘ Comfortably Numb’. Richard Wright was fired by waters and the band was left with three people only after this fiasco. The band published ‘ The Wall ‘ in 1979. This album had been successful worldwide and so did the film production with the identical name. In 1983 Pink Floyd released ‘ The Final Cut ‘ during the rumors of turmoil in the band. The title of the album so amusingly branded the status and situation of the band. Some people, including the rest of the band, considered it Waters ‘ solo album. The other band member was not a part of writing any song on this album. The emotion and sound that represented and stimulated the band together seemed absent. Roger Waters left the band around the end of 1985. Instantly after leaving, he sued the remaining band members for exclusive rights to all of Pink Floyd’s works, including the band’s name. After a long and messy legal battle, it was decided in 1977 that Waters had left the band of his own free will, and other band members were never completely broken from the band, the rights to most of the material belonged to the band left. Waters was, however, granted the right to receive royalties for what he had done. Pink Floyd (Gilmour and Mason) and Wright as paid musicians released ‘ Momentary Lapse of Reason ‘ in September 1987. Some fans accepted this new album and said that the band’s spirit was still alive. Conversely, some fans were disappointed with this new project by Pink Floyd. However, a very successful tour followed, and the band seemed to be more popular than ever.

Roger Waters also had success. His first solo album “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” was released in 1984 and followed by Radio K.A.O.S. in 1987. He published “Amused to Death” in 1992. The albums sold well, and tours were very successful. And when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Waters organized a star-studded ‘ The Wall ‘ performance in a now unified Germany. The performers of this gala event included Bryan Adams, Thomas Dolby, Cyndi Lauper, and the infamous Vera Lynn’s very special appearance. Floyd released ‘ The Division Bell’ in 1994 and went on to No. 1 on the US charts. And through this profound and winding history, many things are still unknown. The last Pink Floyd studio album “The Endless River “was released in 2014 and based almost entirely on unreleased material.


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