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Hayao Miyazaki Essay
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Hayao Miyazaki is a very influential part of my choice of my career, having seen so many of his movies as a child and now still watching them, it has done nothing but continue to fuel my love of animation. He began to work as an animator at studio Toei Douga in 1963, grabbing everyone’s attention with his amazing art works and ideas. In 1973 after transferring to Nippon Animation, there he was able to bring about some classics such…...
AnimeSpirited Away
“Death Note. Book 1. Boredom” Review
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Pages • 4
Essay on "Death Note. Book 1. Boredom" Kono nooto ni namae o kakareta ningen wa shinu - The human whose name is written in this note shall die - A man whose name will be written in this notebook will die It's hard to write a review for the manga.. Especially on this! Irrepressible delight always a skepticism or worse, waiting for something quite incredible, and as a result a disappointment. Therefore, I try to temper their ardor and restraint…...
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